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The Wayback Machine will show this site is an investigation of Subliminal Distraction begun in 2002.

If you wish to help in this project, send the Home page URL to your email list and encourage everyone to do the same.    

Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.

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Begun in 2002 VisionAndPychosis.Net is an investigation of a little known problem discovered in 1964,

and solved by engineers and designers by 1968.

The phenomenon has been known to produce a believed-harmless psychotic-like episode of confusion. for more than 52 years. 


After extensive searches by volunteers there are no papers, or studies about visual subliminal distraction.

The phenomenon appeared in a segment of 20/20 Downtown in the 1990's. 

Neither the Network or the show has replied to emails, and letters for the name of the repository for those show episodes.


The current investigation is to locate subjects who have experienced verifiable Subliminal Distraction episodes.

Then interview them initially by email.


To be able to use these cases for publication the medical records of diagnosis must be provided.

Names and locations can be kept private.


It is not enough to say you have been diagnosed as Bipolar or Schizophrenic. There must be records to show that.


Those diagnosed with PTSD are also of interest.


Email Researcher --- use  the ham radio 'call sign' kc4iai (at) the domain of Hotmail dot com.


If you have a question visit the Wayback Machine and search for VisionAndPsychosis.Net before Oct. 2013.

That earlier site has more information, and links to sources.

Due to health issues the full site is still not up to date in July 2017.