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The Wayback Machine will show this site is an investigation of Subliminal Distraction begun in 2002.

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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Deanne Hastings

Were her mental events caused by visual subliminal distraction?

Did you know Deanne?

Can you supply information about her social media use?

What digital device did she use, where, and for how long?

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Deanne Hastings was the featured case on "Disappeared" aired on June 25, 2017. The cable TV show interviewed family, friends, and police. Those who had seen her, or interacted with her in the days before she completely vanished were in video segments, and "dramatic recreations" of incidents.  Episodes are available on-line if you don't have access to the show on cable, or satellite. 

There is a long list of these cases. Most are college students. It sounds like a Subliminal Distraction episode. She could be anywhere she could travel without a passport These missing people have been recovered alive thousands of miles away, some in foreign countries. One college student missing three months was stopped when he tried to enter Canada. Canadian engineering student Aju Chukwudiebere Iroaga vanished from a remote summer tree planting job 60 km from a paved road.


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This site is a psychology investigation of a problem design engineers discovered in 1964 when it caused mental breaks for office workers.  Project Home page


Although 'visual subliminal distraction' is a normal feature of everyone's physiology of sight, explained in first semester psychology, with a multi billion dollar industry around the world to sell cubicles, and Systems Furniture to prevent what is seen as a harmless temporary episode of psychotic-like confusion, it is unknown by the public, mental health services, or research.

Today computers and other digital view-screen devices require the same mental investment office workers use.  Their use has allowed the "mental break causing design mistake" engineers discovered and solved fifty years ago to migrate, be made in homes, dorm rooms, and student apartments.

Longer sessions of Subliminal Distraction when roommates, family, pets, mirror reflections, or large glass surface reflections, fans or ceiling fan blade shadows on walls are subliminally detected, and mistaken for threat-movement in peripheral vision, create severe outcomes rather than the "office worker" mental event,

The explanation of Subliminal Distraction as it is taught in psychology classes is too long to repeat on every site page. It begins and covers five short sequential pages here.