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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Subliminal Distraction is Cumulative

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When you ignore movement in peripheral vision    to stop the concentration breaking startle reflex,    you not only ignore the movement which caused that startle,   you actually ignore all distracting movement in  peripheral vision.  


This makes Subliminal Distraction cumulative.



Subliminal Distraction is cumulative because you do not identify the moving object after you first ignore distracting movement to create visual subliminal distraction, thus cannot separate different moving objects in several locations if you do not complete the reflex by turning, and looking at each object to identify it.

Subliminal  Distraction happens when you consciously force the suppression of the vision startle reflex.

Once you consciously ignore that initial distracting movement,   as the neural impulses continue from additional subliminally detected threats,  your brain cannot discover additional failed attempts to startle are  caused  by different moving objects.


The triggering movement for the human vision startle reflex happens in far peripheral vision.  That area of your vision field returns only movement, and position information to your brain.  You do not,  cannot,  identify the source of movement unless you turn, and look it with full conscious sight .

This means all movement in far peripheral vision,   being just movement and position information,   is THE SAME as it is reported to your brain on the optic nerve.


Another feature of this system is that stationary objects in this area of your vision field are invisible.


The demo of habituation of conscious sight in peripheral vision, here, shows that as you begin to perform the it.   While you can see a brief flash of movement as you perform the demo you cannot see that flash when the moving object positioned in your peripheral vision stops.

The invisibility of stationary objects means that movement in this area of vision happens against a blank background.  There is no competition for attention from any stationary object.

If you create the situation of long hours of concentration while there is distracting movement nearby in peripheral vision, your brain WILL DETECT THAT MOVEMENT.   





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