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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Subliminal Distraction is Cumulative

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to understand what it is and how it happens. start with that page,  What is Visual Subliminal Distraction.

To safely experience how this problem begins, perform my demonstration of

the habituation of conscious sight in peripheral vision. Demo


Everyone who  ever lived has a subliminally functioning brain system that triggers the reflex

to turn and look at sudden movement in far peripheral vision

while you concentrate to the level that you are unaware of things happening around you.


You might say this system evolved to prevent early humans being a meal for a predator.

We all have this system. It has always been a part of the human physiology of sight.


This is a warn first evaluate second system that functions in the brain below thought reason, and consciousness.

You cannot stop the brain system's function, it is hard wired into your physiology of sight.


But humans can stop, prevent, the concentration breaking interruption of the vision startle reflex.


You can consider this problem as arising from a conflict in the physiology of sight.

While you can ignore threat-movement, and stop the vision startle reflex,

humans cannot stop subliminally seeing threat-movement which triggers the reflex.

Your brain will continue to attempt the reflex as long as you suppress it

where there is movement nearby to create visual subliminal distraction.




When movement detected in peripheral vision is evaluated as no threat to you,

without effort or knowledge of the action, your brain attaches a zero level of attention to it.


The surprise startle from detecting threat-movement in peripheral vision will stop.


Experience this action by performing the demonstration,

'the habituation of conscious sight in peripheral vision.'



This is a normal brain function everyone has.


Important, ...  you do not stop seeing the movement.

You can't stop seeing anything in your vision field.

(First semester psychology, the physiology of human sight.)


As you continue in the same situation,

every time movement is detected subliminally,

your brain attempts but fails to complete the blocked, suppressed, startle.


That is explained as a 'visual subliminal distraction' in

psychology lectures on how peripheral vision reflexes are created.


Exposure is cumulative because once you stop turning to look at the detected movement

your brain cannot identify, separate, the different sources of that movement.


After you suppress the startle reflex, to your conscious mind, nothing happened.



The triggering signal to cause the startle, neural impulses on your optic nerve,

is movement and position information, without color or shape.


This arrangement of your physiology means that stationary objects in peripheral vision are invisible.

When reflected light from movement in far peripheral vision strikes your retina, it does so against a bank field of sight.

The area of the retina for far peripheral vision is mostly rods, without cones.

Rods generate signals for movement, cones generate color thus define shape.

The area of the retina where electromagnetic waves strike, indicates position.

Movement/position is all that can be seen in that area of sight.

Without the clutter of stationary objects, movement instantly grabs attention to trigger the reflex.


All movement to trigger the startle becomes the same because color, and shape are not a part of the trigger signal.


     That means when you force the suppression of the reflex,                            

               you not only ignore the movement which caused that initial startle, 

                                    you actually ignore all future distracting movement in peripheral vision.


Without color or shape information that is gathered when you turn and look with full conscious sight,

your brain cannot determine there is a new, different, movement in peripheral vision.


That makes all threat-movement after you suppress the startle reflex, identically the same to your brain.


That is why Subliminal Distraction cumulative.