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The Wayback Machine will show this site is an investigation of Subliminal Distraction begun in 2002.

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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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It is the conclusion of a 16 year project about visual subliminal distraction,

discovered to cause still-believed-harmless mental breaks

for knowledge workers in business offices 1964.



So little is thought of the problem it is not in text books.

It is communicated in design lectures, and first semester psychology lectures

on how peripheral vision reflexes are created in the mind below thought, reason, and consciousness.

That process, and Subliminal Distraction are UNDETECTABLE.



Although there is a multi billion dollar industry to prevent these mental events

using cubicles, and Systems Furniture in open plan offices,

the public, mental heath services, and research are unaware

the problem of everyone's physiology of sight exists.


Most of those I write cannot seem to grasp the significance

of a problem everyone has, which can cause an episode to be confused with mental illness.


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Unlike the various theories of mental illness causation,

Subliminal Distraction happens when a set of "special circumstances"

are created to require the consciously forced suppression of the vision startle reflex.


That means those circumstances can be experimentally created to show

the "mental break causing design mistake," over several days exposure,

does cause psychiatric symptoms beginning with anxiety, then depressive ideation.

The full explanation begins here.



It would apply to you if you have a computer at home, frequently text on a phone,

and do not use 'peripheral vision blocking protection.'


The generic problem can be caused with or without a computer or smart phone, 

by spending long hours of deep mental investment

while there is repeating distracting movement in peripheral vision.


Discovered in 1964,engineers have used the information

to prevent "office worker" mental breaks for almost fifty years.


This project explores the "mental break causing design mistake" as the long sought cause of college suicides.



This site, and 15 year project is about a simple problem everyone  has

that will cause a still-believed-harmless episode of psychotic-like confusion.

It will  be mistaken for mental illness if the episode is chronic.


When design engineers were told the previously undiscovered mental breaks they found in 1964

were caused by the long term consciously forced suppression of the vision startle reflex,

they stopped it with the office cubicle to block peripheral vision

for concentrating knowledge workers by 1968.


This is not a theory, speculation, or hoax.

It is a fact of life design engineers have successfully prevented for fifty years.


Although a multi billion dollar industry exists world wide to  prevent the "office worker" mental event

using cubicles, and Systems Furniture in open plan offices,

the public, mental health services, and research are unaware the problem exists.



You have seen video of people walking into traffic, or falling into mall fountains while texting.

That level of mental investment, unaware of anything happening around you,

is achieved every time you concentrate, engage full mental investment,

using a computer, or other digital view-screen device.


When you engage that level of concentration 

a subliminally functioning brain system will

detect threat-movement in peripheral vision,

trigger a concentration breaking startle, and head turn

to look at the source of that detected movement.

It's the human vision startle reflex.


If that movement is safe, without effort or knowledge of the action,

your brain will attach a zero level of attention to the movement.

Movement in peripheral vision will vanish from your conscious mind.

But you can't stop subliminally seeing it when it repeats.

Experience this with a demonstration of

the habituation of conscious sight in peripheral vision.



This process is explained, and defined as a visual subliminal distraction

in first semester psychology lectures on how peripheral vision reflexes are created.


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