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Ahmad Arain disappeared, recovered, and returned from Mexico.



I phoned  his family tip line while he was missing leaving my URL and the information that he would probably return.

Arain, a computer science major on full scholarship, had moved back home from an apartment to save money. When called to a meeting at UCLA his brother dropped him off at a bus stop for the trip. He vanished from the bus.

Video from security cameras on the bus showed him standing at the front with a blank facial expression, flat affect.  The video showed he left the bus in the Fairfax district of Los Angeles.

He eventually revealed he had walked to Mexico, drinking water from hoses in front yards and at service stations in Tijuana to survive, losing 30 pounds during the episode.

Several weeks into the experience a non English speaking family found him along the side of the road and took him in.  

Six weeks after he vanished he recovered enough to remember his email address and sent a message for family to come and get him.

Family admitted he had a mental break.    He would have completely recovered and returned to UCLA.

What actually happened is that Arain had a Subliminal Distraction episode not mental illness.

The choices for exposure sources are that he changed the design of his computer workstation when he moved back home and had family moving in peripheral vision or that a change in computers had a bright blinking LED on the computer CPU incorrectly placed where he could detect it with a head turn as movement in peripheral vision.


This is not the only case of a missing student returning or being found. But in most cases when the student is found in an altered mental state family do not want a mental break to be associated with the disappearance.   


One student rode his motor cycle to central America but was stopped when he tried to reenter Mexico.

A Presbyterian College student missing three months was recovered when he tried to enter Canada without a passport or any papers.

Two students borrowed a roommate's car even both of them had cars, and vanished. When found the girl convinced her roommates that she had escaped danger unspecified. Her roommates were convinced and some of them moved out of the residence they had shared.