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Iraena Asher


Vanished Oct. 11, 2004, a training teacher and model, Iraena Asher  was declared dead by a coroner's hearing July 17, 2012.  It was believed she drowned at a West Auckland beach. But scent dogs in 2004 did not track her to the beach.  


Friends said she began dancing naked then called police worried about her safety. A taxi was sent to pick her up not a police car. The taxi went to the wrong address on the opposite side of the city.

Found wandering the streets by the owners of a lodge, the couple took her in for about four hours. She became agitated and left. The family called the police. She had become upset at the suggestion that the police should be called before she vanished.

The last person to see her alive said she was standing in the street, naked in the rain, saluting a street light.

Psychiatrists at the coroner's inquest could not decide if she were having a manic psychotic episode.

Two hundred statements were taken and 750 homes visited in the search for her.

Significant exposure sessions of Subliminal Distraction exposure spaced widely in time would produce separate spontaneously remitting episodes that would be diagnosed as Bipolar Disorder.

There was no information found in Google searches that would hint that she had a behavior to cause Subliminal Distraction exposure.  As a training teacher she must have been taking college level courses.

The case is bizarre so there are numerous sites that mention it.