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Bryan Braumberger


Crime Stoppers aired a program about Bryan Braumberger's June 2007 disappearance in July 2014.


The last time he was seen he was driving his car in Coquitlam.   In a few hours his car was found with the keys in it and the lights on, parked in a seniors complex where his grandfather lived.

The car was towed and the RCMP left a message for the registered owner of the car, his parents.   They learned of his disappearance from that phone message when the returned from a vacation trip.

They learned he had gone to play video games with friends. There was no place to park at the house so he parked in a church lot next door.  When he left at 12:15 am he told the friend he had to work the next day.

Sitting together playing video games would have caused Subliminal Distraction. But a single session is not problematic. Hours of exposure over many days would be required to cause a disappearance from Subliminal Distraction.

When the RCMP investigated there were no strange fingerprints on the car nor any indication of a struggle. He could not have visited his grandfather at 9 pm, the time the car  would have been parked at the senior complex.

The fact of the car being left as if he suddenly walked away without taking the keys or turning off the light, says Subliminal Distraction.

Stories from missing person's sites in Canada mention there have been as many as 12 similar disappearances in the region.