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Ophelie Bretnacher

A  22 year old French Erasmus (EU exchange) student at Budapest's Corvinus University, spent the evening with friends in Portside de Cuba, a bar on "Dohany utca."

She left at 2:30 am presumably to go home. Video cameras recorded her trip. She was alone and no one approached her. A book bag identified as hers was found by a friend, who was traveling the same path later, near the Chain Bridge across the Danube River. She was seen by video walking on the bridge. She never arrived at her apartment.

In February 2009 her body was recovered down river.

There were no wounds. The body showed the effects of being in the water about two months.  DNA was used to identify her.

Friends questioned said nothing appeared wrong during that evening. She appeared normal to them. Family said there were no issues that would have caused her suicide.

She was studying for a masters in Finance. A site was set up to find her.  I sent emails to the address on the site seeking information or to find someone who would be aware of how she studied or used a computer.  Emails were sent to police authorities in Budapest and France.   No one replied.

This is another case where the person appeared normal minutes before vanishing apparently committing  suicide. Other American cases that are still missing who vanished under similar circumstances are Josh Guimond, Michael Negrete, and Justin Gains. (Others are being added.)


Nothing is known about how she got into the Danube.