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Craig Frear



On June 27, 2004 Craig Frear drove his car to visit a friend. When he left he walked past his car and entered the woods. He has not been seen since.  Information on the family site says the path he took walking away from the friend's apartment was the direction to go home.

Repeated searches then and as recent as April 23, 2014 found nothing. Dogs were used to find a site holding remains. New York State Troopers have taken over the case and  believe he was killed.

On the day he vanished his mother went to his job to see him and discovered he had not been showing up to work at the grocery store.  When she called him he said they would talk about it later.   But he went to a girl friend's house instead of going home. He left the friend's house at 2pm. Two children saw him walking to the woods. He put his finger to his mouth as if to tell them not to tell anyone they had seen him.

He did not have a wallet, ID, or money when he vanished. Since he disappeared his Social Security account has no income reported.

There is little information about any hobbies, or if he had a computer.  One picture on line shows his room but there is not enough of a view to determine any possible sources of movement in peripheral vision.


Emails to the address on the family site are unanswered.