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Justin Gains



In March 2014 police in Gwinnett County Georgia dug up an abandoned well following a tip searching for Justin Gains' body. I lived in McDonough Georgia when he disappeared.  Massive searches by friends were organized.  The National Guard was called out to search for him. There were repeated TV news stories about him.

Although this project had begun then, I was occupied with my wife's mental health issues, and unable to spend the time investigating. I had not focused on disappearances and suicides then.

Justin vanished while waiting for a ride outside Wild Bill's night club after if closed 2 am on November 1, 2007.  His phone died at about that time.

There is no clue to explain what happened to him. A $50,000 reward has not produced viable clues.

An 18 year old freshman at Gainesville State College, he carried two false ID's to be able  to get in at the night club. Different accounts report him drinking and having trouble walking, sweating, and having to lie down.  But he showed no impairment walking out of frame in the club security video after closing. He had called a friend to come get him but the friend could not come.   At 2:30 he told a parking attendant he had found a ride. No one saw him get into a car.


There was little detail about his school life reported in news accounts. Emails to authorities at the time brought no response.   Friend's had mentioned that he drank and would sleep it off almost anywhere including dumpsters.

There is no solid information that would connect him to Subliminal Distraction.     From time to time friends or schoolmates find a page about someone and email me with critical information. That happened in the case of Joe Morse, and Matthew Wilson.

What is needed are facts about how, and where he studied, or used a computer. Was he a video game player?