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Joe Grozelle

A 21 year old third year honor Royal Military College cadet, he was last seen by his girlfriend sitting in his room on the computer.  He walked out into a storm that night, and vanished.


His girlfriend fell asleep at 1:30 am, and when she awoke at 5:30 that morning he was gone. His body was removed three weeks later from Lake Ontario, near the college.


The pair studying together in a dorm room is the same situation as the Brian Shaffer disappearance.  

Grozelle functioned normally writing an essay until something happened.  One account in a forum said he stopped mid sentence. What ever happened did so during the 4 hour span until his girlfriend woke up.


When he missed basketball practice 6 pm October 22 the school realized he was missing. They contacted his family believing some emergency had called him home.

His father phoned back the next day to say he had not come home.

One day before he disappeared, he went to see his organizational behavior professor and told her he'd be back the next day to talk to her about something. But like the Ron Tammen disappearance in 1953 he did not say what the problem was.

A postal letter to the school Commandant of Cadets was unanswered.



He was a Business Administration major