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Josh Guimond vanished on a 3 minute walk across campus.

He left a gathering at a friend's residence after midnight  Nov. 10, 2002 .

There was no evidence of an altercation found.



According to friends, Josh Guimond was not inebriated when he left a friend's apartment for a three minute walk back to his room across campus at St. John's University on November 10, 2002.   The disappearance caught national attention because two other students vanished the same night in the Midwest.

He never arrived back at his room, and has not been seen since.

A tracking dog was reported to follow his scent to the edge of a lake. Eventually a search team using sonar equipment searched several nearby lakes but found nothing. The sheriff's department dragged that lake but found nothing. National Guard troops performed a foot search across swampy areas but found no trace of Guimond. 

Over the years there have been many theories put forth. One included the fact that the gun point abduction of a 10 year boy was connected to the Guimond disappearance because it was learned the boy had rented a video from a business where Guimond had worked.

Another theory is that he was a victim of the Smiley Face Killers gang. Two New York detectives posited the theory that a gang of serial killers were going to colleges and pushing male college students in to cold water to drown them. This was based on their observation that smiley face graffiti was at, or near sites where the water entry was postulated to have occurred.

Guimond's computer revealed that a search he made was “st. john’s abbey statute of limitations conspiracy.” 


Repeated emails to the Find Josh contact page email address seeking information brought no response.


So far no school mates have contacted me with information either.