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Morgan D. Harrington


Morgan Harrington vanished after a strange series of events at a Metallica concert at the John Paul Jones arena on October 17, 2009.

Her body was found in a farm field in Albemarle County miles from the concert venue.

Eventually forensic evidence linked her death to Hannah Graham's murderer, Jesse Matthew .



The events at the concert raise the possibility that she had a Subliminal Distraction event in which she wandered out of the concert building.  Security for the concert would not allow reentry.  Her friends inside the concert spoke with her by phone.  


Someone having a Subliminal Distraction event is in an altered mental state, and would not react to strangers with normal caution.


While inside Harrington had a fall on her way to the restrooms.  An account published at the time said she was seen, identified by a cut on her face, crying in the restroom.



After leaving the restroom she went outside and could not get back into the concert.   Her bag with a disassembled phone, battery removed was found situated as if she just put it down, and walked away.  (It is a common occurrence  for phones to be abandoned, or the battery removed in other cases of  sudden unexplained student disappearances. )



Although the accounts in news reports were not specific witnesses in the parking lot said she acted strangely.



There  was an encounter with basket ball players leaving a practice. Then she was seen hitch hiking nearby.


No other sightings were reported. But a shirt she was wearing, confirmed to belong to her, was found outside an apartment building.


The story stops there until a farmer checking fences discovered her body in his farm field in Albemarle County three months after she disappeared.


Access to the field by auto was not possible.   The only access from a road was a path that crossed a ravine, then the farm fence.




Police recovered Matthew after a check of his license plate when he was found sleeping on the beach in in Gilchrist, Texas on the Bolivar Peninsula.



Matthew took a plea deal for both the Harrington and Graham murders.