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Linnea Lomax


Linnea's parents came for a visit, and found her having a severe mental event while studying. They took her to the hospital.   A week later she was released for outpatient treatment.

She came to the treatment center in the morning but vanished when she left for lunch.

A month later her mother working with a search team found her in a river bank clearing earlier searchers had missed.

Before she was found, while she was missing, I sent an email to UC Davis, the dean of student's office. They replied that they had no interest in anything I had to say or offer.

After she was found I sent a letter to their church requesting that his pastor contact him about a contact to get information since they had been in her room while the mental event was ongoing.    There was no reply.    

The family owned a Christian Camp for children. Linea had worked there before leaving for college.

The problem with attempting to investigate suicides is that there is little way to approach family with a request for information.   

But in this case they already knew she had a mental event.  

The request made was for information which would help stop college suicides. Her parents had spoken on that issue.

There would be no point in follow up attempts if there is no reply to the first attempt.  


What should you take from this case?

Those trained in suicide prevention had this student in hospital for a week, but failed to prevent her death.

Although certainly, this is a single case, it shows those having a Subliminal Distraction event cannot be counseled out of the psychotic-like episode.  The assumption is that the event which started with her study location, was Subliminal Distraction.

There is no treatment for it.  You can view the episode as an outcome of subliminal operant conditioning. Drugs formulated to perturb brain chemistry cannot possibly effect it.