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Palesa Madiba


South African news sources have reported unidentified skeletal remains found buried in a back yard near where she vanished.

Subsequent reports confirm it is Madiba.


Palesa Madiba vanished August 12, 2013 while on her way to classes at the University of Johannesburg, Soweto. Surveillance cameras do not show her arriving or on campus at any time of the day she disappeared.

After a year, in 2014, there is no information about what happened.  A Google alert I have for missing students returned the story. Emails to the newspaper with the story are unanswered. 

Her Facebook page tells of rallies and searches for her but there is no discussion of any one that might have abducted her.

She had spent the weekend at a friend's house. Her friend had to leave early to go to work. When she phoned back to check on Palesa there was no answer.  

Palesa's boy friend said he had gotten a text from her wishing him luck on a test that Monday. But when he tried to send messages after he finished the exam there was no answer.  He checked to see when her student card had been used and found it was swiped when she left campus the last Thursday.

Police claim extensive interviews with any one related to her including everyone in the friend's house.

Family and friends went door to door from the school to the friend's house. They also went to houses on the route back to Palesa's home.. No one had information.

She was a business major. 

There has been no information to move this case forward.