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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Jeff Renaud

Jeff did not have a Subliminal Distraction episode to cause his disappearance.

He is the only missing engineering student in Canada to be found alive.

But he should be aware that Subliminal Distraction may have caused his academic trouble in school.

Why is that important? Learning to deal with Subliminal Distraction would allow his return and success.

It would also prevent future episodes from computer use in unprotected workspace at home.


How do I know that?  When I was an engineering student in the 1960's I began to have trouble maintaining concentration. When sitting in class reading formulas on the blackboard, I would lose my place and train of thought then have to start over from the top of the text.

When reading class assignments in any subject,  I could not maintain concentration to read. My mind jumped from the page to other thoughts.   If I forced my eyes to follow the text word for word, when I reached the bottom of the page I could not remember what I had read.   

 I could not study.

I was on a Veteran's Dependants Aid Scholarship in Alabama. A full paid tuition for four years, but it did not allow stopping then returning.  I switched from engineering to the business school. My grades improved with the lighter class schedule, but my scholarship timed out.

My study sessions were at open library tables in the Amelia Gayle Gorgas Library at Alabama.

When I returned to school classes at Shelton State Junior College after a spinal fusion operation in the 1990's I did fine if I took one or two trimester courses. But if I increased that to four or more the attention problem returned.


My experience is why I believe ADD and ADHD are outcomes of Subliminal Distraction exposure.

For me just sitting in class taking notes is enough to cause exposure.


That sensitivity allowed me to discover that I can produce depression with a physical experiment which copies the situation engineers discovered in 1964. That's when Subliminal Distraction was found to cause believed-harmless psychotic-like episodes of confusion for office workers.


Jeff may have the same sensitivity I have.


From newspaper accounts Jeff's QOA probably dropped until he was put on suspension.  News accounts are not that detailed. 

 Jeff continued to attend classes and take notes pretending he was still enrolled.   He finally took a road trip to Texas and phoned home from a Walmart in