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Brian Shaffer



Twenty seven year old OSU medical  student vanished from the Ugly Tuna while celebrating the beginning of spring break, April 1, 2006.




He was seen on video at the top of the escalator in the bar talking to two women. After that encounter he walked out of the frame, and vanished. He has not been seen since.


The entertainment area of bars and restaurants catered to Ohio State students, and had many video cameras. He managed to evade all of them.


The two women were identified, and interviewed as well as a man who walked by at the time. But no information was obtained.


He had phoned his girlfriend to discuss a vacation trip they planned on Monday.    She did not notice anything in the call that said he was having a problem.



Friends, and family have made repeated efforts to raise awareness of his disappearance to find him.    In 2016  it has been ten years. Nothing has worked. He is still missing with no trace.


Significant in this case, no one noticed any change is his demeanor.  There was no sign of an abduction, or struggle where he vanished from those celebrating the beginning of spring break.  He was a strong physically fit,  athletic, twenty-seven year old male.    So what happened?


He had to walk away, and make an effort to select a path without cameras.    What would cause him to do that?


The only hint is that he and his girl friend studied together in his room.    That suggests they created Subliminal Distraction for him but not her because of the seating arrangement where they studied.   


To prove that would require a sketch of that study location like the one supplied by Joe Morse's roommate from Georgia Tech. Here


Repeated contact attempts were made to her at the time of the disappearance. She may have married since.    There was never a response.