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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Munich Shooter Ali Sonboly

Neighbors have identified the Munich shooter as an 18 year old mentally troubled, obsessed video game player.

Why is that important?

Playing video games engages the level of mental investment to allow Subliminal Distraction.

The fact that he is known to have psychiatric symptoms, together with his video game obsession,  suggests he was having a Subliminal Distraction episode.

There is no current information  that he created the "mental break causing design mistake" explained on this site.

 While my investigation is being done take a few minutes to learn what this is all about.

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Anyone with a computer at home or a child in school should learn why the office cubicle was created, then take simple free precautions to avoid Subliminal Distraction.

Although the computer is featured as the likely cause of hours of deep mental investment with detectable movement nearby to cause a massive number of subliminal, undetectable, FAILED attempts to execute the suppressed vision startle reflex, the problem was discovered and solved before they existed.

Every computer, tablet, video game, and other software ever sold should have carried a Subliminal Distraction warning.


If this is your first visit to this site, go to the Home page and begin the explanation of visual subliminal distraction and the believed-harmless mental break it has been known to cause since engineers discovered the problem in 1964.

Four mass shooters, Virginia Tech, Redlake tribal school, Jokela culinary school, and Atlanta day trader shooters. have evidence in news reports that they created the problem.

All the other shooters were students, home computer users, video game players, and workers with jobs which required, but did not have peripheral vision blocking protection, aka Cubicle Level Protection.

The vast majority of these mass murder events can be stopped without legislation about firearms.