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WWI living and fighting situations provided opportunities for

Subliminal Distraction


The psychiatric symptoms arising from trench warfare during WWI are unique in that they have not been seen since.

The remission of symptoms within 30 minutes  using "treatment and suggestion" says Shell Shock was Subliminal Distraction episodes. 


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Fighting positions in trenches guaranteed that soldiers would stand in each other's peripheral vision.

Long hours spent waiting, or watching meant that there would be Subliminal Distraction created for anyone who entered a mental state of full concentration long enough to subliminally detect threat-movement from others nearby.

Each person's experience with this exposure would be different.  

Random wide spread exposure for the average soldier would not be enough to cause psychiatric symptoms. 

But exposure is cumulative. This means that those who have heavy accumulated  exposer from habits such as reading, or daydreaming would be effected

If you have not done so perform the demonstration of subliminal sight and the habituation of conscious sight in peripheral vision, Here.   _  This demo tests the ability to suppress the vision startle reflex, necessary to have Subliminal Distraction.






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The thesis is that all activities in WWI battle situations would have been in too-crowded too-close living arrangements.

From time to time a soldier would have sufficient exposure from the sum of all their activities to cause the psychiatric outcome of "Shell Shock."

Unaware Subliminal Distraction, discovered in 1964, existed these psychiatric problems were blamed on explosive concussion.




Hospital in Underground

Treatment for the wounded near the front lines was underground


Those seated waiting for treatment, or resting after could engage mental states to allow Subliminal Distraction.

Daydreaming is enough.








Duty station

Planning was done without peripheral vision blocking protection.

You cannot subliminally detect movement that is constantly in your conscious sight.

Thus working together would not cause Subliminal Distraction.

Subliminal Distraction can only happen when you are so deep in thought that you are unaware of everything around you.






Playing cards

The length of deep mental investment while playing cards is short limiting the opportunity to detect threat-movement in peripheral vision.

But playing Dungeons & Dragons, or Mahjong does require such periods of mental investment.

There were 23 cases of Mahjong epilepsy in Hong Kong at a tournament.

Mahjong play had not caused seizures before nor has it since.

This suggests it was the unique situation for those players at that one tournament.

The other possibility is that those 23 people had jobs or activates causing low level Subliminal Distraction before the tournament.





Tremch Living

Without construction materials, and in an effort to hide them from enemy artillery spotters,

living arrangements were tunnels, bunkers, dug out of the trench side.

In this picture chairs were dug out of the trench side.







Canadian Trench


The file name for this picture said these are Australian troops.

The bunker entrance is on the left.







Troop Transport 40-8

Transportation for WWI soldiers was by train cattle cars.

In the 1950's a WWI  veterans organization was named the "40 & 8" after the capacity of these cars.

They held 40 soldiers or 8 horses.





French Reserve Troops

French reserve troops in transport train.








Indian Soldiers in train catte cars


These turban wearing soldiers are Indian.

But the same transport train cattle cars are used for all.

The picture is identified only as in France.









No matter the country of origin the situation was the same for all WWI soldiers.








Germqn Hussars behind cover


These German hussars  are using the same side by side type of entrenched position.







German Machine Gun

German soldiers had the same exposure.  (The helmets say WW II  but the German Stahlhelm M16 Helmet was produced during WWI.)

Stahlhelm translates as "steel helmet."  The number designation is for the year it was introduced. M16 means 1916.

Occasional concentration while sighting, searching, and engaging  the enemy would not be enough to cause psychiatric symptoms from Subliminal Distraction.

But it would  add to the total exposure from all activities to create a problematic level of Subliminal Distraction.

Many long days of such exposure would create the 1000 yard blank expression stare seen in troops coming off the line.



French begin hasty  entrenchment


The first thing to do was dig a trench.

The picture is unidentified but the helmets appear to be French.





German Fighting Line


Temporary fighting trenches were quickly dug for anticipated engagements.

Ravines or dry stream beds could also be used.

But the side by side arrangement was created in most cases to present a solid front to engage the enemy.

This presented the maximum firepower in a field of fire  toward the expected enemy encounter.

The helmets are the Pickelhaube style with  the point or pikel on top.    The translation from German is head gear with pickaxe top.

Not identified in the picture the troops would be Austro-Hungarian German forces.






German Permenant Trench


Long occupied positions were enhanced with log walls to allow higher earthen works

This emplacement appears to be two tiered.

The helmets show it is German.




Austrian Fieldworks










Trench Shooting Position





Firing Line


This picture was titled as French.

The caps suggest the men are from the Foreign Legion.










Reading in Trench Allowed Subliminal Distraction

Reading requires full mental investment, and would allow Subliminal Distraction if there were movement nearby in peripheral vision.

But the soldier reading over the shoulder is too close;

You can't subliminally detect something in conscious sight, or that you are aware is there.

















Luna Park Hospital

Crowded hospital conditions put the wounded in close proximity, and maintained that relationship for the hospital stay.

Today one in three who spend five days in an ICU has a mental break.  

Because hospital treatment staff are unaware of visual subliminal distraction, the cause of ICU Psychosis is unknown.




Rifle Pit


Rifle pits were dug for squad engagement rather than the foxholes which were used in WW II,

This created the side by side positioning to allow Subliminal Distraction if all the "special circumstances" were  there.