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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Michael Brown Ferguson Riots


Brown was a video game player.



This explanation says that although he attacked Wilson, Brown was not at fault because of ongoing mental event. 

It is the same mental event causing college student, youth, military suicides, and mass shooting suicides.

If you make the "mental break causing design mistake" on this site it can happen to anyone.

Remember this mental event is a known problem in design for 50  years.

Psychiatrists do not know engineers discovered or solved it.




This page reveals that Brown was having a rage episode from a little known problem everyone has.   Brown's behavior was undiagnosed sudden episodes of belligerence, and violent attacks that are just beginning to be recognized in mental health services although psychiatrists do not know what causes them. 


Discovered to cause believed-harmless mental breaks for office workers, computers allow the "mental break causing design mistake" on this site, to be made by home computer users spending long hours on social media and playing video games, while there is detectable movement nearby in peripheral vision.   The physiology involved, explained in first semester psychology lectures about how peripheral vision reflexes are created, begins with this second site page.   Here


Bizarre and difficult to believe for most who hear it for the first time, you can experience the onset of exposure safely by performing my demonstration of subliminal sight and habituation in peripheral vision to witness movement in your peripheral vanish from sight.   That's how exposure happens subliminally, thus is UNDETECTABLE  Most are convinced by the demonstration.    Demonstration


Revealed in FBI interviews of witness testimony Brown played video games with friends in more than one location. Two friends said he played with them in different apartments.  But what is needed is a sketch of those two locations. (FBI Witness #35)





It is unlikely I will be able to get the information necessary

to prove Subliminal Distraction causation for the events leading to the shooting.


But occasionally someone reads a page and emails me information.


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The incident is examined  in three parts plus an explanation of why the riots happened last.


Finally excerpts from FBI interviews are quoted.


Introduction   What did Brown do?   What is the Evidence?  Why did Brown react?   Why riots happened.   FBI interviews.






There were disputes from the first reporting of the Michael Brown shooting that  what Brown did made no sense.   In part, that formed the basis for the belief that Wilson had exceeded his authority in shooting Brown because what he said Brown did was not something an 18 year old, even a street tough want-a-be, would do.   Something was wrong with the story of what happened.



I am going to tell you what caused Brown's aggressive belligerent behavior.  It may have been neither person's fault but a failure of computer and video game manufactures to warn game players of a simple preventable problem, Subliminal Distraction.  



Over the now 13 years of this project I have written Microsoft, Apple, and government agencies.  None responded.   The college suicides, youth suicides believed from bullying on social media, video game player suicides, and mass shooting suicides continue.



Family said it was out of character for Brown. They portrayed him as a gentle giant.   They may have been correct. But he was a video game player.



Long hours playing video games on a computer while there is detectable movement in peripheral vision would have created the "mental break causing design mistake" on this site.   Over 13 years investigation I have evidence from around the world and through history to show what Subliminal Distraction can do.   The site methodology is explained on a summary page, Site Outline.   This is the only site about Subliminal Distraction in the world.






So what did Brown do?


In a video he is shown increasing shoplifting to 'theft by force' when he pushed a shopkeeper, then intimidated him by threat.   For it to have been just shoplifting Brown should have dropped the cigars or ran with the cigars without pushing and threatening the shopkeeper.


Next he is walking down the center of a street blocking traffic with the proceeds of the strong arm petty robbery plainly in his hand. 


Wilson was sent to the scene.   When he told Brown and Johnson to get out of traffic and onto the side walk, Brown smart mouthed profanity at Wilson refusing to leave the street.




Stop here and think.      Brown knew he had just stolen the cigars in his hand.   Why did he not just move aside to stop the confrontation with police that might lead to his being recognized as the store thief?   All he had to do was get away and out of sight.




Subliminal Distraction, the subliminal appreciation of threat from a massive number of FAILED attempts to startle, explains the aggressive attitude and belligerent behavior. 


To prove this would require getting a description of where Brown played video games, with sources of detectable movement in the room included.   The FBI interview of witness #35 showed he did play video games long hours with a group of friends. Of course with the ongoing legal and political cases that is very unlikely.    No one involved will want to investigate that the shooting was from psychiatric symptoms that are not recognized by mental health services. (Remember Subliminal Distraction is a known problem in design since 1964, but unknown by psychiatrists and psychologists.)  


Witness #35 FBI interview



Witnesses sitting in cars stopped in the street behind the police SUV, who saw it all close up, said Brown pushed the officer back into his car.  Who in his right mind, in an encounter with a policeman shoves him?  There is nothing in an account to show Wilson did anything but be there as a Policeman, and tell Brown and Johnson to get out of the street.


Understand at that point Brown had not engaged a fist fight or struck Wilson. That happened seconds later. So the question is not about the level of force Brown used.  Instead it's what possessed Brown to engage Wilson at all?  His act was sudden, and according to his mother, out of character.   



A witness from her second story apartment window on the passenger side of the SUV said Wilson grabbed Brown and tried to pull  him into the truck.      Your mind interprets what your eyes see.    In all the movies and TV cop shows or even news accounts of police traffic and crime stops,   I do not remember any occasion where  an officer tried to pull someone into his driver side window.    I am not saying the witness lied.   Her mind interpreted what her eyes and brain saw.      This confabulation not lying.     We can all do it.


Psychology instructors for years have staged incidents suddenly before their unprepared classes then had each student write down what just happened.    Keep in mind the staged event happens inside a classroom where each student has an unobstructed view.   When video taken of the incident is viewed by the class each student corrects and counts their observation mistakes  Reviewing the student written accounts would reveal no two are the same.


Some get hair color, shape, and length wrong.   Rolled up newspapers held in the hands of the actors are reported as knives or clubs.   It is a lesson on the unreliability of eyewitness testimony. The effect is so well known that it is used in plots of TV police shows.


Even if your eyes correctly see something your mind will record, remember, its interpretation of what happened. Your memory is not a video playback of the actual scene.

Today Dec 14, 2014 there are news reports that Johnson recanted the story that Wilson shot Brown from behind while running way.



Activists and even US Congress persons have seized on the difference in the witness accounts of the Brown shooting as a reason to demand an indictment and a jury trial. One person said Wilson ran up behind Brown and shot him in the back.   Another said Wilson stood over Brown after he was down and shot him as he lay there.   But released information reported about Grand Jury testimony said seven witnesses gave essentially the same story supporting Wilson.  Some witnesses of the shooting changed their account when interviewed by the FBI    Showing off for neighbors, or the press is different from committing a crime by lying to the FBI.      Written interviews have agents repeating a question of a different story to verify the new version is not a mistake. Those witnesses said Brown rushed Wilson. 


Witnesses fearing reprisal  would not have come forward for an open trial.   One of the Grand Jury witnesses has been shot and killed in his car and set on fire.








What is the evidence?


A sound recording captured on a video message being created nearby had the sound of ten shots in seven seconds.  Six shots, a three second pause, then four shots.   The shots all happened in two roughly  2 second groups.  Seven seconds minus the 3 second pause leaves 4 seconds for ten shots. (If they had been evenly spaced that would be .4 or four tenths of a second per shot.  6x.4 is 2.4 seconds and 4x.4 is 1.6 seconds. The cyclical fire rate for the gun, battery to battery,  is the lower limit of spacing between shots.) 


Cyclical rate of fire is a term for machine guns describing how fast they can fire if the trigger is held down. Semi autos do not have a true rate of fire because the trigger must be pulled every time to fire the shot.   But the rate at which the firearm action can fire, recoil, reload ready to fire again approximates the term for machine guns.     


The gun shot experts said all the shots were fired within a three foot or one meter radius location.


Wilson could not have started firing when he exited the car and fired at Brown running away. All wounds were on brown's front side  (See autopsy below, single shot questioned.)



This is the key piece of information to begin to put it all together.   



Johnson, the co-participant at the convience store theft said Brown was shot once from behind, stiffened up, turned around with his hands up and was shot down.


The sound recording does not have a single first shot.      The grouping of the shots did not have spacing (about four tenths of a second per shot) so that Brown could have turned around during the first six shots. The first two autopsies agreed as to placement of wounds.       With one exception the wounds are definitely all from the front.     The arm wound in question was from the back of the forearm to the front   But if Brown had been shot once from behind then turned, the timing of the shots means the wounds would have occurred as he turned, spreading them around his body.


The how and why that one arm wound is so placed, cannot otherwise be determined. It is possible that with the single back to front wound, a through and through, the bullet also created a body wound.   The back of Brown's arm would have been toward Wilson but the arm in a position so that the wound allowed a straight line to a body wound.  


The blood from the hand wound inside the car shows that Brown was shot in the car.   The dripping blood from that wound shows where Brown went. It says he ran about 35 feet away before charging Wilson.  


That 35 feet is two hash lines past the ten yard cross field marks on a football field.   That means every thing happened in that small distance.









Now that we understand the event, why did Brown react that way?  




When you charge unarmed toward an officer who has already shot you, is still holding his gun on you, shouting, 'Stop, stop, stop,' there is something seriously wrong with your perception of what is happening.


Regardless of what you think of it, seven witnesses said he did just that.


That is the reason I believe Brown was having a rage episode from Subliminal Distraction, created where he played video games.   (This is not mental illness. Subliminal Distraction requires a location and activity with full mental investment for hours while there is detectable movement nearby in peripheral vision.)



As a video game player Brown would not have known about Subliminal Distraction or that long hours concentration to play games requires peripheral vision blocking protection.


It is also information you would not learn until you reach psychology classes in college or take engineering design classes.  Even people who take those courses are not told the problem is of physiology not crowded office design.


Subliminal Distraction happens around the world when people live in too small arrangements.  This is particularly true of single-room arrangements.  In times of inclement weather or seasonal change entire families spend days crowded together in a small single room. That allows subliminal Distraction when one family member engages an activity requiring full mental investment. They will subliminally detect the movements of others in the room.


Some of these mental events, called Culture Bound Syndromes, include attacks on people and things.  Currently those in mental health services do not understand Culture Bound Syndromes or what causes them,  and attempt to define them with the disorders of the DSM.    CBS  DSM


Two Culture Bound Syndromes that involve attacks on people are "Amok" from Malaysia, as in running Amok, and "Going Postal" for the United States.


One most people remember is "Cabin Fever" among fur trappers in 1830's Rocky Mountain small over wintering cabins.   It reached a point that Mountain Men would over winter alone risking accident or disease rather than over winter with a cabin mate.   One of the cabin mates would have a berserk episode and attempt to kill the other. Cabin Fever is not remembered or listed as a Culture Bound Syndrome except on this site. Today the American Psychiatric Association has defined sudden incidents of rage as a psychiatric disorder without understanding what causes them. 


The content of this site is original work in psychology unavailable anywhere else.  









What caused the riots?   


It actually takes a small number of loud activists to excite a crowd into action. 


If you study this site you will learn that Subliminal Distraction is so simple that anyone can create exposure.


Too small or single room living arrangements promote Subliminal Distraction.  One or several residents in small quarters will concentrate to execute some activity.  If they reach a mental state of full investment so they are no longer aware of things happening around them the small space will allow the movement of others to be subliminally detected for visual subliminal distraction


While few will accumulate enough exposure to have recognizable psychiatric symptoms, chronic exposure will happen for college students, home computer users, and video game players who take no precaution for texting or computer use in a busy location with movement around them. 


Paranoia, and suspicion as a chronic mental state is an outcome of Subliminal Distraction. 


That will reinforce beliefs of persecution by authorities for those so effected.




Mental breaks that happen during or just after a "Large Group Awareness Training Seminars," LGATS, shows that classroom situations create Subliminal Distraction. Site Outline Page.   A large component of college students in demonstration crowds will contain students with Subliminal Distraction exposure.


Low income limits the size of living arrangements.  Too small spaces for extended family groups allows the "special circumstances" for those in this situation.  So low income participants will also be a suggestible, lightly paranoid leaning component for demonstration crowds.


While this won't be the case for every protester there will be a percentage of group members with enough chronic exposure to make them easily believe sinister interpretations for officials' actions, or Grand Jury decisions.


With a percentage of the makeup of such groups always having this background paranoid ideation they become a tinder box for flare-ups with very little provocation.


Subliminal Distraction is the basis for easily excited, suggestible, and paranoid ideation in demonstration crowds.


Again, ... repeating for emphasis ...  this is not the case for every crowd member, or even a large percentage of the crowd.


You can form your own opinion about how many effected people in a group would lead to serious and violent actions by the group.


The members of crowds at these demonstrations are social media users and often have phones they use to text before and during such demonstrations.  Contemporaneous Subliminal Distraction would not enter the calculation for that situaton. Problematic exposure is accumulated over time.









Quotes from FBI interviews identified by witness number not names.


Scroll  all the way through the testimony of witness #35.  I put text in between the images to point to specific lines.



Dorian Johnson interview NPR St Louis    73 pages  too long to summarize here    Johnson Interview  off site link to NPR.


First release of documents from Investigations and text of Gran Jury Testimony.   Document Release   off site link to NPR.



Witness 48

Saw incident with father, mother, and sister sitting in van stopped in street blocked by incident. The adobe PDF is of separate page images that must be copied as whole without editing. They are on the NPR radio site in St. Louis.   You can down load all the files currently released.



The first text image about where the witness was seated in the family minivan is cropped.




The next two images are how the pages are formatted.   The remainder of images have been cropped to eliminate border shown here.     











































Witness    40

A investigation by "The Smoking Gun" says that this witness was not at the scene and made up her testimony from published accounts.




































































Witness 35
Keep in mind that this person played video games with Brown in apartment living rooms and would have taken no precaution for 'peripheral vision blocking protection' to prevent the subliminal detection of threat-movement from others playing the games in the room.
He had the same exposure but possibly at a different level than Brown.
Without a diagram of the video game playing situation, who sat where, there can be no accurate estimate of which player had the heaviest exposure.
Witness #35 can't distinguish between hearing the shots as he ran down the stairs and seeing the shooting.
He admits hearing the shots but then returns to claiming he saw them.
The agent can't make him understand the difference but does not realize this is potentially light psychosis.
Long time friend of Brown, they played video games over night before Brown left going to the store for the cigarillos.
He said he saw Brown on his knees shot with his hands up. This segment shows he only heard the shots.

























































































































































































































































Here Witness #35 goes back to saying he saw Brown with his hands up begging Wilson not to shoot. (Line 13)

Witness #48 verified Wilson's account that Brown was shot running toward him with his head lowered.

It's a crime to lie to the FBI.  Witness #35 had to know others were interviewed who actually saw the whole shooting event.

But he is in a mental state that prevents him giving a true account.