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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Investigation Methodology

My Experience  With Subliminal Distraction_Panic Attacks

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Letters to Authorities


Bottom Line _ What you should understand from this page.


Text on this page has been used in letters to the Ontario Minister of Health, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech,

and the U.S. Department of Labor.


It is a simple presentation of the unrealized history of Subliminal Distraction mental breaks.

There are slight variations in wording since the letters were condensed to a single typed page for each issue.


This site is about a little known problem believed to be a harmless nuisance in the design of crowded offices.

The cubicle was designed to deal with the vision startle reflex to solve the problem by 1968.

The basic facts of physiology involved are explained in first semester psychology classes.


Other than a this single historical reference in psychology class

the discovery is  unknown by anyone in mental health services.

"Subliminal Sight caused a problem in the early days of modern office design."



If you begin to have symptoms you believe are related to mental illness your first recourse should be to a full medical checkup.    There are medical problems that will cause symptoms that resemble the behaviors of mental illness.     Some of these medical problems are potentially fatal if not treated.    Micro strokes, reduced blood flow to the brain from plaques in blood vessels, or COPD reducing oxygen content of blood are examples.

While you are having that medical check up your search for Subliminal Distraction exposure will not interfere with any medical investigation or mental heath treatment.

One of the most difficult to understand and believe facets of Subliminal Distraction exposure is that because of the way your brain deals with the vision startle reflex and detected threat-movement in peripheral vision subliminally, exposure cannot be consciously experienced.

If you did not sit in the psychology lecture on peripheral vision reflexes and subliminal sight this whole thing sounds impossible.





Investigation Methodology

Read this section carefully.

It is the key to understanding Subliminal Distraction.


QiGong, and Kundalini Yoga group exercises model mental illness, and are engines for Subliminal Distraction exposure.

It has been known for years, 3000 for Kundalini Yoga, and 2400 for QiGong, that these two exercises produce mental breaks.

Although QiGong psychotic deviation is included in the DSM causation is unknown. No one has investigated these mental breaks.

Both exercises require eyes-open meditation while performing katas,

slow motion martial arts movements, or moving Yoga poses, in small groups.

Would you believe it has not occurred to anyone in mental health services to wonder

why waving your arms and legs in unison in a group causes a mental break?

Engineers solved the problem within four years when it appeared in offices.

Doctors have not solved the problem of mental breaks in hospital ICU's in fifty years.

The mental break from Subliminal Distraction is the only psychiatric complaint

that has ever been correctly evaluated then PREVENTED,

but by engineers not doctors.


My first investigation was for activities that have mental breaks associated with them. That activity was examined for a source of Subliminal Distraction exposure to explain the mental events.  Both QiGong and Kundalini yoga have multi thousand year histories of causing mental problems. There have been previous unsuccessful investigations to find our why these exercises do this.  Investigations always end with nonsense psychosocial psychobabble explanations. None of the investigators have known that Subliminal Distraction exposure exists.  Nor have investigators realized that both exercises use the same modality,  repeating detectable movement in peripheral vision while maintaining a mental state of deep concentration.    Those are the "special circumstances" for  Subliminal Distraction.

QiGong Execise


These almost identical activities are two sources from different countries with different belief systems

to show that Subliminal Distraction causes mental breaks.

That should be convincing to anyone. The moving meditating participants replicate the 1960’s defective office workstations.

This is hard to see and understand on first examination.



Kundalini Yoga

When these exercise participants use eyes-open meditation or focus completely on the correct performance of the movements they dissociate knowledge of those around them. In that concentrating mental state a primitive brain feature will subliminally detect the movement of those other group members and it will cause an attempt to startle. When you realize the threat-movement is harmless, without thought or effort you ignore it, and the startle will stop. While you can learn to consciously ignore movement around you it is not possible to stop seeing anything in your vision field. When you ignore movement in peripheral vision, you assign a zero level of attention to it but you don't stop seeing it  There is no voluntary control  to turn off the primitive brain function that subliminally detects movement. Nor can you prevent your brain's reaction to attempt a startle every time movement is so detected.  Those two events are a Subliminal Distraction.

Happening in the brain below thought, reason, and consciousness it is not detectable by the victim.

This information is basic first semester psychology, the physiology of sight, subliminal sight, and peripheral vision reflexes.

But if the mental break is mentioned in lectures on peripheral vision reflexes, it is treated as something that happened only once, long ago.

My instructor said, "Subliminal Sight caused a problem in the early days of modern office design."

Engineers did not cause the problem when they discovered it in 1964. Instead, they accidentally created a set of "special circumstances" which revealed the problem existed.

It's part of everyone's physiology of sight. Normal everyday exposure is harmless.

It causes psychiatric symptoms when someone creates massive exposure in a compact time frame.

It would have begun to cause behaviors and symptoms we today understand as mental illness

when early humans stopped roosting in trees and began to build too-small singe-room shelters or crowded around camp fires in caves.

Concentration to make or repair clothing, create ceremonial objects, fashion tools or weapon is the same level of mental investment to use a computer or work in a business office.

When those activities are done where group or tribal members can move in peripheral vision all the "special circumstances" are complete.

The model for this is that sudden intense short-term exposure causes an apparently harmless temporary episode that remits with no treatment.  Just stop the exercise and that stops exposure. Low-level long-term exposure causes permanent altered mental states. Typical victims believe they have superhuman strength or supernatural powers Yogins believe they can levitate and overcome gravity through the will of their mind. QiGong experts think they can dematerialize at will, walk through solid objects unharmed, or read your mind, control your actions through mental telepathy. It’s psychotic but not recognized as such. These people function normally in their daily lives except for these bizarre beliefs.

 Why would waving your arms and legs around in unison with others in a small group summon powerful supernatural forces?

Of course it can't. But when performers of these exercises begin to have bizarre symptoms

such as hearing voices or hallucinating they are persuaded the exercise has supernatural powers.


Pilates ClassPilates class does not usually involve eyes open meditation.  That means it alone is not likely to cause mental problems. But exposure is possible.   Therefore Pilates exercise classes are a low potential source of exposure.

That missing element, deep mental investment, meditation, is the reason Subliminal Distraction usually does not happen.

But exposure is cumulative so that if usually harmless mild exposure happens within the time frame of exposure in other locations, it can add up to a problematic total exposure.  Cumulative Exposure

In QiGong and Kundalini Yoga  exercises acolytes ignorantly seek enlightenment called opening the third eye in QiGong and the Awakening of Kundalini in Yoga. There is no magic about these exercises so that any similar group activity such as Pilates or Karate class will also cause Subliminal Distraction exposure if your eyes remain open and you daydream or think of other things while you perform them. Daydreaming would substitute for the full mental investment used in QiGong and Kundalini Yoga.     As you concentrate on your own performance you will dissociate conscious knowledge of the movement of others near you. Then their movement will be detected in subliminal sight. That’s Subliminal Distraction exposure. Again, low exposure levels are normal for everyone and harmless. 


Karate ClassInstead of the beliefs of supernatural powers you may begin to believe someone is plotting against you. This is capable of causing constant arguments with friends or family members. Another problem when someone has this exposure is they have an answer for their symptoms they believe and no argument or proof will suffice to dissuade them.

Professionals consulted blame their favorite explanation for first psychotic episodes. This exposure can be shown to cause trouble sleeping, memory loss, racing hearts, nausea, which can be viewed as stress. Any of these outcomes can be seized upon by professionals as the source of the mental event.


If you examine college classrooms they are a sea of movement. But only a small portion would be detectable by any one student. Evaluating the lecture and condensing it into class notes fulfills the requirement for concentration to full mental investment.




Ontario Elementaru SchoolThe incident in 14 Ontario, Canada elementary schools where about 50 students have bizarre symptoms, racing hearts, headaches, dizziness, nausea, memory loss, skin sensations, and psychosomatic medical complaints, after Wi-Fi was installed so laptop computers could be used anywhere in classrooms, shows what intermittent low-level but persistent SD exposure can do. Those symptoms stop on weekends and school vacations. (Google Wi-Fi illness Ontario.)

These pictures were  used by Canadian newspapers to illustrate the "Wi-Fi illness" incident.  Additional pictures

On the classroom floor there are examples of normal reflexes and subliminal distraction happening. The two girls cooperating cannot have SD exposure. You can't subliminally detect movement that is in your conscious sight.  Over their heads one boy raises his hand and another, red shirt, shows a normal reflex. The boy, yellow shirt on the right, and the girl in the pink shirt on the left, do not react to that movement. Her long hair might block peripheral vision. That can't be seen from behind.


By examining the situation for Landmark Education mental breaks (below), it is apparent that only a very few students are effected when classroom exposure reaches the 30 hour level within three consecutive days, ten hours each day for three days.


All of that combined suggests that believed cases of mental illness, depression, and suicides on college campuses might be Subliminal Distraction exposure.

Simple FREE precautions would prevent Subliminal Distraction for college students.

Schools contacted politely reply. But nothing has been done to stop the disappearances, and deaths.


If true it is all preventable without treatment.

If you suggest this solution for behaviors that appear to be mental illness to "experts' such as psychologists and psychiatrists there will be endless arguments debating it. The answer is to tell students the problem exists, explain it, then allow them to exercise judgment to avoid Subliminal Distraction.

Searching your daily activities for locations where you engage full mental investment while there is detectable movement around you does not require treatment of any kind. It will not interfere with any treatment you now have.

Make small changes so that Subliminal Distraction is no longer possible in that location or with that activity. This usually involves moving or turning a desk. In worst case scenarios you can use a pair of safety glasses with wide temple arms blacked out to block peripheral vision.

This cannot be done outside because you must have notice of objects approaching in peripheral vision.





I have personal experience with ADD and Panic Attacks.


In college I reached a point that I could not read a page and remember what I had read. My thoughts jumped away from the text on the page to other things so that I could not study. The problem appeared again when I took junior college courses in the 1990's. There was no problem if I had one or two courses. But if I increased that to four or five the problem reappeared.

Although I did not understand them at the time my panic attacks stopped when I bought an early model notebook sized computer. It allowed me to move to a reclining chair in the corner of the room to reduce back pain from fusion surgery. Weeks later I noticed the panic attacks were gone but thought nothing of it. The old desktop computer was located at the end of a room divider so the entire family walked by me, my wife and two children, while I used it  thus creating Subliminal Distraction exposure. The new location provided Cubicle Level Protection. It happened so long ago that I was well into this project before I remembered I once had panic attacks and realized what stopped them.

When my wife had this mental break she believed that the University of Alabama had tapped her phone. My brother works in that campus department but I could not convince her Vernon would have called me if someone tapped her phone. When anyone with these delusions is confronted with absolute irrefutable proof they just incorporate it into the delusion. It doesn’t have to make sense. It’s psychotic.

In McDonough Ga. Connie would take her plate from the table then stand in the hallway to eat. She said someone was aiming a gun at her through the windows across the room from the dining table.  Any number of outcomes are possible involving paranoia and fear acting to shape the understanding of contemporaneous events and situations. One frequent accusation from a spouse is infidelity. Sometimes the accusation is ‘out of the blue’ but every day activities can be misinterpreted too.

Couples start out with loving relationships but months or years later they are at each other’s throats without an explanation of the change. Why does it happen? Accidental Subliminal Distraction from living together with out knowledge to prevent it is the explanation.


The mental problem disappears once exposure is discovered and stopped. I find cases that have remitted within a few days but another episode I found had not resolved after eight months.  Eventually the manic or psychotic-like elements in an episode will fade with no treatment. But the installed beliefs may be permanent. Barney and Betty Hill believed they had been abducted by aliens for the remainder of their lives.

Google Kundalni or QiGong problems.  …You will find many sites that mention these mental breaks.  They all blame supernatural forces for the mental events, Chee or Prana. Some claim a spontaneous Kundalini awakening is the cause of behaviors believed to be mental illness. Qigong psychotic reaction is included in the DSM, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of    Mental Illness of the American Psychiatric Association, the Bible of Mental Illness, but not the Awakening of Kundalini. No one else has solved the cause of these mental problems.





Bizarre behavior and impossible beliefs

Dim Mak  -  Death Touch

Dilman Karate Dim MakYouTube search George Dillman and watch the National Geographic Channel video clip from the program, “Is It Real,” Dillman is a successful business man who teaches Karate including Dim Mak, or death touch. This is fascinating. He has convinced students he has the power to throw Chee energy from his finger tips to knock down opponents without touching them. It’s psychotic but he doesn’t have mental illness.  What causes the brain disturbance and change that allows someone to believe they have the power to alter Newtonian physics, gravity, and normal reality through the will of their mind? For thirty years he has instructed students while others moved around them in peripheral vision in his Karate Dojo. That’s Subliminal Distraction exposure. There is no evidence he ever had the full mental break it can cause. Rather, low-level long-term exposure gradually changed his brain to reach this point. This is modeled by QiGong and Kundalini Yoga group exercises. Long term users begin to believe they have superhuman strength and supernatural powers.

Is he faking? No one can open the box, look inside, and determine that. But the mental events of QiGong, Kundalini Yoga, and Landmark Education happen without dispute. The bizarre beliefs and claims occur where Subliminal Distraction appears. That argues there is enough mental disturbance and altered mental state to explain the beliefs.  The leader of the Falun Gong movement in China, Li Hongzhi, lives in New York and has used QiGong since he was six. In a Time Asia interview he said the major problem facing us today is that extraterrestrial aliens are cloning humans to take over the world. He has claimed to be God.  (Google this.)


These bizarre beliefs have been known and observed for thousands of years. But no one has understood why it happens until now.


Yogic Flying

“Apparently the ability to fly has been largely lost in the modern age. “


Yogic FlyingYogic Flying Is a Hindu meditation technique. It is also featured on the National Geographic Channel program, “Is It Real.” Google “Yogic Flying” or  "Is It Real" to find the YouTube video. Same question: What happens to someone’s mind so that they believe they can will away gravity and Newtonian physics with meditation? They must keep their eyes open during early meditations so they do not “fly” off the cushions and break a leg. Eyes-open meditation meets the requirement for mental investment while group flying provides repeating detectable movement in peripheral vision for Subliminal Distraction. It is not necessary for the alteration of your mind to happen during this exercise. Subliminal Distraction could have happened previously to alter your ability to critically think and reason. But there is video showing “flying in a circle.”   That requires open eyes. Transcendental Meditation proposes if one percent of the population were to practice Yogic Flying it would bring world peace. The beginning basic course costs $1,500.00.

Flying will be achieved in three stages, Stage one is the cross leg hopping while meditating. In stage two the performer will hover without support. Finally in stage three reaching the highest state of awareness and bliss true flying will be possible.

If you tried to write this in a story or movie no one would believe you. It would have to be proposed as Science Fiction.


Karate and other group exercises

Karate ClassAny activity that has eyes-open mental investment while there is repeating detectable movement in peripheral vision has the possibility for Subliminal Distraction exposure and the mental alteration it can cause.     ___   Since massive short term, or chronic long term exposure is needed for the sudden mental break it is unlikely to happen in most exercise situations.  ___    Karate students, for instance, won’t have that level of exposure. But exposure can happen anywhere. Since the moving object is never identified, exposure is cumulative. Think of a perfect storm of different exposure locations adding up to a problem.  Karate or Pilates would add its small contribution to that total for someone with a defective computer workstation where they played video games to cause massive exposure.  An instructor at the Dojo all day might have a severe level of exposure. In practice very few do. Most don’t have that number of students. Where the instructor stands and their habits for individual instruction would also influence exposure. Do they take students off to one side for individual attention or stand in the middle of a moving class? The instructor might only have episodes of panic, fear, or depression but never realize the cause.





Landmark Education Mental Breaks

LGATS mental breaks

(Large Group Awareness Training Seminar)

Why are these mental breaks important?

They happen where people are held in a classroom type situation for ten hours per day for three or four days.



This set of mental problems show that classroom situations can cause Subliminal Distraction exposure.

 While verifying links I discovered that the "legal notices" page has been removed from the Landmark site.

The Wayback machine has been blocked for the site.

This legal, and warning information is no longer on the Landmark site.

6. From time to time, during or shortly after participating in the Program, a very small number of people who have no personal or family history of mental illness or drug abuse have reported experiencing brief, temporary episodes of emotional upset ranging from heightened activity, irregular or diminished sleep, to mild psychotic-like behavior. An even smaller number of people have reported more serious symptoms ranging from mild psychotic behavior to psychosis occasionally requiring medical care and hospitalization.

 In less than 1/1000 of 1% of participants, there have been reports of unexplained suicide or other destructive behavior.

While we know of no independent studies to suggest that people who are physically, emotionally and mentally healthy are at risk in the Program, certain persons have claimed that the Program has caused or triggered in them a psychosis or psychotic event.”


Suicide from taking a seminar? ... I didn’t find one to begin with but there was a murder.

(There have been three psychotic breaks ending in suicide from taking the Turning Point seminar in Australia. Google Rebekah Lawrence)


Jason Weed took the seminar, had a psychotic break, walked out of his apartment, and killed a mail carrier.


When evaluated two psychiatrists discounted the seminar as the cause and substituted their own fictional explanation of what happened.

This is the usual pattern when experts encounter something they don’t understand. They throw it out and use their own psychosocial explanation.

Surely, this could be Bipolar Disorder, unmasked by the stress and possible sleep deprivation of Weed’s “participation in an exhaustive self-awareness program the week prior to the shooting. . . . Alternatively, it seems at least plausible that “Weed’s previous steroid use,” was not all that “previous” (389 F.3d at 1064).”    The Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, full text available on line.

You can't have "hidden" or undisclosed Bipolar.

Someone must exhibit the behavior then be diagnosed as Bipolar. It doesn't happen the other way around.

Bipolar is not a disease but a name given to a behavior.

Sleep deprivation is not a part of Landmark’s presentation. But trouble sleeping is one  symptom from the seminar. Psychiatrists don’t know what causes "Bipolar Disorder." They explain “disorder behaviors” with psychosocial psychobabble.


Dr. Pope, Harvard, government expert, with no evidence blamed this murder on a ‘complex partial seizure’ deep in the brain. Harvard had unsuccessful research attempting to prove psychotic episodes are caused by ‘complex partial seizures’ in the brain.

This seizure theory had not been and was not ultimately proven. But Dr Pope went into court and testified to it as truth and established fact. In Australia there have been three psychotic break suicides connected to LGATS the last one called Turning Point. There psychiatrists testified that the mental break was caused by incompetently trained seminar lecturers and childhood regression exercises.

Subliminal Distraction episodes remit with rest from exposure.    If a subject has an activity with enough visual subliminal distraction to cause an episode it would stop when the activity stops.  When the occasional activity is engaged again the episode would repeat, then remit.   Those repeating-remitting episodes would be mistaken for Bipolar Disorder.

 The DSM    (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illness)    was created so that diagnosis and treatment would be the same regardless of where you lived or which doctor you visited. In fact that does not happen. Psychiatrists give weight to the subject's history according to pet theories discarding anything they don't want to use in diagnosis. This is presented as skill in diagnosis.

Using written notes I gave each psychiatrist identically the same information in my wife's case. Each had a different diagnosis. No two were the same.

Landmark Education LGATS

When seminar participants are crowded together for up to ten hours they create the “special circumstances” for Subliminal Distraction by engaging a level of dissociation for the movement or others around them.

Each person will have a different experience depending on their level of engagement with the speaker and suspension of disbelief, as well as the amount of detectable movement in their peripheral vision.

Just daydreaming while sitting in the audience would allow exposure.

Religious groups such as Hutterites have several group church services during the week   Hutterites, a communal branch of Anabaptists, similar to Amish, have a Culture Bound Syndrome, anfechtung.     Long hours sitting in congregational situations would allow Subliminal Distraction.  That is the same situation as LGATS mental breaks.   

LGATS have mental breaks.These pictures are frame grabs from a documentary posted on YouTube by Landmark. They show what happens in the seminar.

I have written Landmark years ago telling them what their problem is.  But changing the presentation method, turning off the lights over the audience, would stop all the positive results they argue are caused by their message.

This is the same method cults use, long hours of lectures in small rooms with many people crowded together.

Subliminal Distraction acts as Subliminal Accidental Operant Conditioning. The message is reinforced by the stimulation of the subconscious mind when the brain attempts but fails to trigger a vision startle reflex. If that exposure reaches a personal threshold a mental break will happen. It may be true that the few who have mental breaks have jobs or activities for addition exposure at home or work.

There have been psychology investigations attempting to find out why the Landmark mental breaks happen. The only conclusion was that the mental problems happened with the more aggressive lecturers. It is still a “mystery” no one else has solved.

Ontario elementary school students don’t have enough exposure to cause the full mental break. They might have enough additional exposure if they create the “special circumstances” at home. The problem was discovered and solved by 1968, before computers existed. But the current computer use in classrooms without "peripheral vision blocking protection" aka Cubicle Level Protection is the problem causing symptoms for these Canadian elementary school students.


I mailed an explanation of the problem to Canadian school authorities and eventually received an email response.   It was a form letter.   It assumed my letter was the same as parents objecting to  Wi-Fi EMR  as the cause of the student experience.  That says they had not read my letter.







There are ongoing incidents worldwide with evidence of Subliminal Distraction causation.


There have been fourteen suicides at Foxconn city factories in China since January 2010.  Twenty six suicides happened at France Telecom in the last two years.   LaPoste, the post office  in France, has experienced suicides a well as Renault automotive.   Pictures exist for Foxconn and France Telecom.   Foxconn

Fourteen elementary schools in Ontario Canada have bizarre symptoms from students using laptop computers in classrooms.     Scroll down for those pictures.     

Now, in 2014 the suicides are still happening. I reached the Foxconn psychology investigator but could not effectively communicate with him.

In the  cases, pictures, and video available on-line show the "Special Circumstances" for  Subliminal Distraction.

The Canadian experience shows the wide range of symptoms possible when there are very low but significant persistent levels of exposure.

In LeRoy New Yorrk high school students began to have Tourette like seizures.

In South America students have seizure like episodes locally blamed on demon possession.



Why some are effected but not others in similar situations?

Fourteen schools in Ontario Canada are experiencing bizarre problems parents have blamed on WiFi EMR. Racing hearts, headaches, dizziness, memory loss, psychosomatic medical symptoms, trouble sleeping, and strange skin sensations are reported. These pictures show it’s Subliminal Distraction because there is no Cubicle Level Protection. Remember full mental investment plus detectable repeating movement in peripheral vision must happen at the same time to cause exposure. Nothing happens if one element is missing.

Computer Labs are incorrectly designed. Anything that blocks far peripheral vision will prevent exposure.

Small or slow movements are not detected.

Arm or full body movements would be detected; but fingers on a keyboard probably would not.




Hair blocks periperal vision.In this picture you can see that hair combed forward blocks peripheral vision. But the out of focus student in the back ground has no such protection. That is one reason some have exposure and others do not.

If you view classrooms they are a sea of movement. But only some of that movement would be detectable by any one student.

That’s why exposure is rare and difficult to create.


Differences in hair, seating position, and even sight differences in eyesight will block exposure.






Position and orientation allow exposure.  Here the student on the left has her head turned so that her peripheral vision does not include movement of the teacher or neighbor student. The student on the right has hair combed forward to block peripheral vision.

There should be a privacy shield/panel to block peripheral vision for students using computers in classrooms.

You can see another computer on the right picture edge.  Students are probably sitting around a central table.








Discovered and solved forty years ago

Subliminal Distraction is considered a harmless nuisance in designing crowded office workspace.

Those working in Systems Furniture have not realized it is a problem of human physiology not just office workspace.






Culture Bound Syndromes

There is a long history of mysterious mental events around the world.

 Each ethnic or cultural group experiences them in terms of local beliefs. 

 Volumes have been written to explain them as caused by psychosocial pressures and the frailty of the human psyche.

But the startle matching behaviors argue there is a common cause that crosses cultural or ethnic boundaries.

Mental breaks have happened at many levels for centuries where the too-small single-room living arrangements allow Subliminal Distraction exposure.


Native Lodge woodcut 


This Native American lodge woodcut does not look much like a modern business office but too-small single-room living arrangements can push occupants close together to allow Subliminal Distraction exposure. When anyone engages full mental investment to make or repair clothing, create ceremonial objects, tools, weapons, or just daydream they meet the first element for exposure and replicate the 1960’s business office problem where mental breaks happened.











Startle Matching Behaviors

Upon startle the subject will perform any command given them.

or copy any action demonstrated to them, echopraxia, even if it is harmful or will injure others.  
They cannot stop themselves.

Hyper-startle is present and victims sometimes repeat their last words,

or the last words spoken to them; echolalia, usually only seen in catatonic schizophrenia.

Startle   Matching Behaviors including Latah, and Jumping Frenchmen of Maine happen around the world.

But have different local names.


Initially believed to be a form of Tourette’s and a neurological problem an investigation by Dr. MH Saint-Hilaire concluded it could be explained by operant conditioning and “special circumstances” in the bunkhouses in Mooselake. Unaware of Subliminal Distraction they could not find the source of operant conditioning.   Jumping Frenchmen of Maine is still a debated unsolved mystery.    Understanding it changes our understanding of mental illness showing Subliminal Distraction can cause complex behaviors.  

This incident and behavior is the hint that Subliminal Distraction can be perceived as Accidental Subliminal Operant Conditioning creating the “disorders” of the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illness) such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Bipolar Disorder. This has not been examined because no one in mental health services is aware the phenomenon exists. 

When these mental events happen, just like in business offices, it is always one person using one exposure location. That means you don’t need the business office or the ethnic housing. Just create the “special circumstances” for exposure almost anywhere. Incorrect computer use in a location with detectable movement in peripheral vision is the most likely cause, but any activity that engages full mental investment will do if there is detectable movement nearby in peripheral vision.


The behavior was first noticed in French Canadian Lumberjacks near Mooselake Maine, 1880. Like mental illness it seems to run in families. Jumping Frenchmen of Maine became a world wide investigation. It also appears as Latah in Malaysia, as Bah-tchi in Thailand, Myiachit In Siberia, and Lapp Panic in Greenland. In Malaysia entire villages live in a single longhouse copying the Mooselake Maine situation. In other countries too-small single-room ethnic housing, tents, yurts, hogans, fishing shacks, or even temporary shelters all provide opportunities for exposure if all the other elements of exposure are present

This picture of workers in a logging cLumberCamp Bunkhouseamp shows typical activities.

Bunkhouse living crowded lumberjacks close together and short days/cold weather kept them inside more than a normal living situation. Barracks or multi-man tents do the same thing for the military since Valley Forge. The picture on the left is Buffalo Soldiers in the west in the 1870’s.  That living arrangement has been used by military around the world for centuries.






Buffalo Soldiers 1870's.


Too-small single-room arrangements in the military has used multi-person tents since Valley Forge.

This picture is a digital sample from the National Archive showing Buffalo Soldiers in the 1870's.







The situation can be replicated, optimized. and using necessary precautions Subliminal Distraction will be shown to cause early outcomes of anxiety and depressive ideation.  Here

 Remember, this problem was discovered and  solved before computers existed.  But today computers and other digital view-screen devices require the same level of mental investment that office workers use.  That allows anyone using them to create the "special circumstances" for Subliminal Distraction.  Single exposure incidents are normal, and harmless.  Subliminal Distraction begins to cause psychiatric symptoms when it happens hour after hour, for many days.

Light exposure episodes such as happen under the supervision of an office, spontaneously remits without treatment, or after effects, with appropriate rest from exposure.

Schools do not provide Peripheral Vision Blocking Protection, 'Cubicle Level Protection'  everywhere it is needed nor do they warn students about Subliminal Distraction. College dorm rooms often put two or more people in close proximity for several hours each day.    If one of them uses a computer or studies where the other person can move in their peripheral vision Subliminal Distraction exposure is possible.    Each semester there is a new list of strange student disappearances and bizarre suicides.      Privacy claims block investigation of these events but some information leaks out in news reports.  Disappearances  College Suicides  








Sudden violence is one outcome of exposure.


Peka-Eric Auvinen computer picture.

Peka-Eric Auvinen Bedroom Computer










This picture was published by the Finnish National Police.   A message was sent to the investigating authority, and acknowledged.

When Peka-Eric Auvinen situated his bedroom computer beside a closet door mirror he could subliminally detect his own movement as a reflection when he surfed the Internet.

He planned, purchased a gun, and killed eight then committed suicide in Jokela Finland.

For primitive efficiency your brain does not evaluate the source of movement it just instantly reacts to it.

A blinking light on the computer, swept through peripheral vision with a head turn, can be mistaken for threat-movement.





Tommy Stein 



Tommy Stein positioned his video game playing computer beside a lighted aquarium so that he subliminally detected the movement of the single large fish in it. (Ben Stein replied to an email with the information about the aquarium contents.) His bizarre behavior was believed to be an outcome of playing the Sony video game Everquest. Ben  sent him away to school and he recovered once the unrealized source of Subliminal Distraction was eliminated.






Subliminal Distraction happens when you create the “special circumstances” for exposure.  It can be defined as the psychiatric outcome of your brain attempting but failing to trigger the vision startle reflex many times in a compact time frame. This phenomenon is unknown in medicine or psychiatry.  It is briefly mentioned in psychophysics lectures in first semester psychology. In my class the instructor said. “Subliminal sight caused a problem in the early days of modern office design.” Psychology treats it as something that happened once a long time ago rather than a feature of human psychology that can happen today.



In seven years searching I cannot find any paper or research about it. No one has investigated to determine the possible outcomes of this experience. Volunteers searching the APA database three separate times found no reference to it.

After nine years sending emails and letters I found one doctor who said he had seen the believed-harmless episodes from offices when he was in residency.

Subliminal Distraction has been known to cause mental breaks for office workers since the1960’s. The cubicle was designed to deal with it after1968. It has always been a part of human physiology. Thus it caused the same mental breaks even in primitive societies.  There is a long list of mental events we call Culture Bound Syndromes. Each ethnic group names and defines the experience within their cultural understanding. These events include sudden violence such as Amok in Malaysia, iich’aa among the Navajo, and Going Postal here in the United States.

What is an episode like? Read the suicide note of Mark Barton, the Atlanta Day Trader killer or watch the video of Stevie Ray Vaughn on the Hollywood page at VisionAndPsychosis.Net.   Hollywood  (The link destination is no longer valid.)

Positioning a computer where others can walk by is the most likely cause. But remember, this phenomenon was discovered before computers existed. It is the ‘full investment’ mental state not the activity that allows exposure. Daydreaming is enough mental investment if there is a source of detectable movement in peripheral vision.  Video games require full mental investment so that they are a likely source of exposure.

Only movement and position are communicated subliminally in the brain to trigger a startle. For that reason exposure is undetectable. That makes this unbelievable to those who have not taken the psychology course that covers this material.






Mental breaks have happened on scientific expeditions.

Mental breaks during scientific expeditions have happened for over a century.

 Admiral Byrd took a dozen straight jackets but only one casket on his expeditions.

Poor quality personnel is the reason usually given for the mental events.  

But now they are happening to highly trained well educated Astronauts and Cosmonauts.


Beliga Belgian Polar Expedition 1898


The entire crew of the Belgica began to go insane when the ship was trapped in Antarctic ice during the Belgian Polar Expedition of 1898.  One became a deaf mute and another hid in small spaces to sleep  believing the others were plotting to kill him. Dr Cook, ship’s doctor, was the only person not effected. He blamed isolation and constant darkness but when the symptoms got worse with the return of the sun he blamed constant sunlight.


The facts that Cook, the only person to maintain their normal activities, was uneffected, they all recovered when they worked outside the ship, there were psychosomatic and paranoid symptoms, and symptoms got worse with increased sunlight, point to Subliminal Distraction exposure.






 US Astronauts Space Station

Psychiatric problems have happened on NASA projects.

Letters to NASA are ignored.

One Forum group denied the events happen.

In this picture each astronaut is performing work requiring full mental investment.

Small movements would not be detected as threat triggering the startle reflex .

But as they float in weightless space, they drift into and out of each other's peripheral vision.

Only  large quick movements in peripheral vision while concentrating will cause Subliminal Distraction.





Russian Cosmanauts


Flight engineer Vitali Zholobov had a full psychotic break on Soyuz-21 forcing the mission to end at 49 days rather than the planned 66 days.  The Russian Space Agency listed a dozen possible explanations. But they all, toxic gases for instance, would have caused both cosmonauts the same symptoms.  In addition this had never happened to other crews that used the same equipment, chemicals,  and similar space capsule. When fist fights began to happen in arguments over Chess games, Russia banned Chess in space. There had been other psychiatric problems but not the full mental break.


There was an ax murder at a Russian Antarctic station.





Both the Russian mock up of the planned Mars mission and  NASA operations have experienced psychological  problems.  Letters to both NASA and the Mars Mission project are unanswered. Pictures on-line of the Mars Mission test craft for the experimental isolation project show no precautions for peripheral vision blocking protection.





US astronaut


NASA makes no provision on missions for Cubicle Level Protection. Although they are rocket scientists they have been unable to solve this problem. Repeated letters to NASA and emails to the Russian Mars project are unanswered.


In his book “Return to Earth” Buzz Aldrin said his problems began after the stay in the isolation unit in Houston.




Occasionally something happens that rises to a bizarre level.  Captain Nowak’s cross country trip by car to confront Coleen Shipman certainly qualifies for that designation. Still these events have not alerted NASA to the problem. What would happen if this behavior occurred during a space mission?

Coleen Shipman 

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Student Disappearances and Disappearance Suicides

There have been two engineering student disappearance suicides at Georgia Tech.

Since this page was written I succeeded in contacting the president of Tech. He replied in a postal letter.

But there have been three more grad student suicides noted in the Technique, the student newspaper.



Joe Morse disappeared leaving all his possessions in the dorm the last day of school in the spring of 2003. He had withdrawn his last $120, flown to Miami, broken into a construction site, climbed a crane, and jumped. He died the day after he disappeared but was an unidentified suicide for four years.

Persistence by the Georgia Tech police department finally located him. …  Joe Morse’s roommate from 2003, Tyler Tipton, supplied diagrams of their dorm room computer locations. (Georgia Tech has been consulted and has promised an investigation.)

Everyone has this exposure every day. It is usually harmless.  Trouble begins when someone has massive exposure in a compact time frame. Although some schools use study cubicles no school provides Cubicle Level Protection everywhere it is needed. Students are not warned about computer and study locations. … Visit the Joe Morse page,  Wayback Machine for larger pictures.



GaTecn Dorm Overhead 


In this overhead view the open door provides additional Subliminal Distraction exposure when other dorm members walk by it. Their hall way light was brighter than the room light so there was a sudden decrease in light when the open doorway was blocked by someone walking by.

The under bed computer and chair on the right prevents that being detected by Tipton. Only Joe’s back is visible in Tipton’s peripheral vision. There should be no movement evident that would trigger an attempt for a vision startle reflex for Tipton.

There was not enough room for Tipton to put his chair between the two beds like Morse did.










Joe’s desk has the CPU incorrectly positioned on top.  Tipton remembered it had a bright blinking hard drive busy light.  Blinking lights on the CPU can be mistaken for threat movement when the user turns their head sweeping the blinking light through peripheral vision.

At the primitive level in the brain where threat-movement triggers a startle, below thought, reason, and consciousness, a blinking light from a point source cannot be distinguished from reflected light from a moving object. That deep in the brain it’s all just electro-chemical exchanges across synapses. No thought or evaluation is used. This is a warn first evaluate second system











In this last diagram Typton's computer is positioned so that the dorm room wall is on his right. There would be nothing to supply threat-movement on that side.

On Typton's left his only view of Morse was from behind. Morse would have blocked any view of moving arms and hands.

That provided Cubicle Level Protection for Typton.  Note that his CPU tower is below the work surface so there would not have been a blinking light visible.





Dan Compton, drove away from a party near his graduation. He vanished. Found over a week later he had parked the car in a rural area and put a hose from the exhaust to the passenger compartment. There had been no warning of depression and he had planned to go to graduate school at Tech. I was unable to get information on Compton’s dorm room. Tech has dorm rooms with more than two people.

There have been three Canadian engineering students go missing like this, two from the same school. One was found in Texas. The other two have not appeared in Google Alerts I maintain for them.



If you set a Google Alert for "missing student" or "student disappearance" you will get stories from around the world.   Although this can happen to any student many are engineering and computer science majors. They have heavier academic loads, and use computers more than your average student.


They have more opportunities to make the mental break causing design mistake.







Letters to Authorities



I began a project of writing colleges last year. There were four or five letters each week. Very few replied. The one's that did reply were polite but not interested in investigating the problem.

First you must get by gatekeepers who answer mail for University officials. They lack the mental capacity to understand the problem.

 If you get to someone in authority they will realize that if they prove Subliminal Distraction is a cause of student deaths the school becomes liable for all the previous cases.


Since this phenomenon is not recognized in mental health they feel that they don't have to treat it seriously. It's just an interesting theory to them.


A few have actually said they wanted to wait until there was investigation by an accredited authority. That will never happen.

So what would it cost to make a few phone calls and then warn students about it so they could exercise judgment to avoid exposure?


Although a normal feature of our physiology the problem is so bizarre as to be unbelievable. Academians  have spent life times writing about mental illness and just cannot bring themselves to consider something that would make them all look like fools. The problem has been in plain sight for forty years.

Unlike the newly designed close-spaced workstations that were under observation when the problem was discovered, each effected student creates a unique place to have this exposure.

Both the President and Dean of Students at Virginia Tech promised investigations. But nothing has happened.

Cho, the Virginia Tech mass shooter, created the "special circumstances" for exposure. Two roommates gave TV interviews where they remarked that he was so distant that he would not even look up when they walked by him, using his computer, in the suite common room. They unwittingly were giving a description of Subliminal Distraction exposure. One said he increased that activity in the month before the shooting.

When a student vanishes and is recovered in an altered mental state, parents, fearing a label of mentally ill take the student home and all communication stops. This makes the problem difficult to investigate.

If a student dies by suicide parents are so distraught they don't want to communicate with anyone.


I have sent over a thousand emails including to reporters who appear with news articles about missing students and strange suicides. In all of my eight years investigating there has been no more than one or two stories about vanishing college students as a wide range problem. Those appeared in student newspapers years ago. Each student gets coverage for a short time when they disappear but they drop off the news cycle quickly.

There is no interest group for an explanation of why students vanish.


News reporters couldn't be bothered.


There have been news segments on TV programs about the theory that a gang of 'Smiley Face graffiti' serial killers are pushing male college students into rivers and ponds to kill them but, there is no interest in actually solving the problem of missing students and suicides of students.

Complicating this situation is the fact that designers and engineers think it is a harmless problem and they feel justified with their decision to refuse to discuss it. No one wants to become the go-to person for information that might lead to a suit against an employer or customer. That would be a career ending decision.

As linked above I posted questions on sites for information. I was accused of being an attorney trying to get information for a lawsuit. In addition I posted requests for someone familiar with the problem to write an article for this site. There have been no takers in about seven years.  My site analysis software still records hits that come from that post. So I know it is still being read when some one finds it with a Google or site search. Here






What should you take from this site and information?

A simple problem known to cause mental events for more than fifty  years is unknown, and uninvestigated as a cause of the mental distress we understand as  mental illness.

It is so simple it can be created almost anywhere.

Because of the way  your brain subliminally detects movement  to attempt a vision startle reflex, exposure is undetectable.

That's why engineers and designers created the  cubicle so that every one in a crowded office situation would have "peripheral vision blocking protection," Cubicle Level Protection without argument or discussion.

Cubicles have done that job so well almost no one is aware the problem exists.

Tell every one you know that has a computer at home or children in school.







 How does exposure happen in places other than business offices?

Remember, the subject must engage deep mental investment to the point that they are no longer aware of events going on around them. Knowledge workers and students do this all day. That’s why Cubicle Level Protection is necessary. In this picture it is reading a book. But substitute any number of other activities                                                              such as daydreaming, using a computer, or playing video games.

It hasn’t occurred to the geniuses that work with this phenomenon that today this same level of concentration happens in homes, dorm rooms, and small business offices.

Panic Anxiety page image 1
When you engage full mental investment a subliminally functioning brain system will break that concentration with a startle if threat-movement is detected near you.
How close must the movement be? In offices it is in a traffic aisle beside the worker but if the movement is large enough it can be further away. Adequate lighting is needed and that is the limiting factor.

Since far peripheral vision detects only movement and position any movement will do. It does not have to be human or alive. One of the bizarre but normal features of the physiology of sight is that stationary objects in far peripheral vision are invisible.

In a safe location you can learn to ignore movement around you so you can continue to work or function normally. The startle will stop. But no one has voluntary control over the primitive subliminally functioning brain system that detects the movement and begins or attempts the startle. This effort cannot be detected by the victim.

Every time movement is detected a startle will be attempted. But if you consciously ignore movement around you the startle is blocked. Then subconscious attempts to make you startle will eventually color thought and reason creating fear, paranoia, panic attacks, depression, and thoughts of suicide. This cannot happen with a single exposure incident. Massive exposure is necessary.

My on-line psychology demonstration of subliminal sight and habituation in peripheral vision shows how exposure begins. Perform it to witness something disappear while you observe it in peripheral vision.

If you had the ability to evaluate movement before a startle the system would fail to warn you. The primitive system backfires when we sit, lost in thought, while others move around us. We evolved as hunter gathers and there was no stressor that would cause us to change or eliminate this brain system.






Where can you search to verify this problem exists?

I found one retired psychology professor who had taught introductory psychology for 23 years and claimed to have never heard of Subliminal Sight. You may have to contact a major university to find Subliminal Distraction explained.

The quality of beginning psychology courses is so poor that you may have to find someone to dig the information out of psychology lecture material on peripheral vision reflexes.

Remember, anyone aware of this phenomenon believes it is a harmless nuisance in the design of crowded offices. They will be unaware of my project and potential serious outcomes. If someone begins babbling at their desk designers recognize and understand the problem. But if someone comes back from lunch and shoots everyone in a small business office then commits suicide, they don’t make the connection or investigate. That happened in Waco, Texas. The reason for that shooting/suicide was never found.

1) Phone a designer working in Systems Furniture and have that person explain Cubicle Level Protection. Designers do not recognize that exposure can happen in places other than business offices.

 When I phoned Church and Stagg in Birmingham, a Steelcase dealer, the designer could not tell me what the name of the problem is. They emailed Steelcase and got the reply that no one there knew either. There is a list of office furniture manufacturers on my Modern Cubicle page on the Wayback Machine. You should be able to find a local dealer in a large city. Think about that. They use the information every day but claimed not to know its name.

A design student from Australia emailed me for permission to use my site in her “thesis.” She supplied the correct name said the phenomenon is not in books but is communicated in lectures. Her words, “Design students in Australia are expected to just ‘pick it up’ from lectures.”

 That will give you an idea of how little is thought of the problem.

When I posted questions on architecture sites I was accused of being an attorney trying to get information to file a lawsuit. There is a link to that forum post on the Homepage of my site. That entry also verifies, by the date on the forum post, how long I have been working on this project. Forum Post (Copy of original post. Link to the original post from that page.)

2) Call an instructor of first semester psychology and have that person explain Subliminal Distraction.

If the problem is mentioned in lectures about the physiology of sight, subliminal sight, and peripheral vision reflexes it is treated as something that happened only once a long time ago. In my class the instructor said, “Subliminal sight caused a problem in the early days of modern office design.” It has always been present in any human population. The early close-spaced office designs were the first location under observation when it happened.

Again, any teacher you call will not be aware of my project. They can only tell you what visual, not acoustic, Subliminal Distraction is. The phenomenon that causes mental breaks takes the same name because this feature of human physiology is what allows exposure to happen subliminally without alerting the victim.

3) My project is original work in psychology and cannot be found anywhere else.

It may be several years before I publish. You don’t need that finished project to learn about this phenomenon and how to avoid it.

The site is an Internet scratch pad for my own use. No attempt has been made to create a professional site presentation.

It is set up with individual pages on each research subject so that Google searches about events such as the Barney and Betty Hill alien abduction story would turn up## just that single page. Hill Abduction





My guess about why a Subliminal Distraction mental break happens

is the only part of this section that is theory.

The remainder is the history of how the problem was discovered and how I

encountered it in 1966.

This information does  not require an advanced degree in psychology.


In the late 1950's and early 60's a group of designers, engineers, and human factor scientists were hired to modernize the business office by researching then creating new modern workstations their employers could sell.


The first design examples were introduced in 1964. Some of the workers using those first prototypes began to have mental breaks. My information from engineering school in about 1966 was that someone noticed that the mental breaks were not scattered around the office but happened only at certain desks. That meant it was something the designers had done not problems with the few effected worker's brains.

With that information they were able to call in psychologists and experts in human physiology to tell them why the mental breaks were happening. It was the vision startle reflex. By 1968 the cubicle was created to block peripheral vision for a concentrating worker so workers could not subliminally detect threat-movement near them as they worked.

The subliminal detection of movement and your brain's subliminal reaction to it are a Subliminal Distraction. This is explained in first semester psychology. It happens because there is no way to turn off sensor cells in your eyes and ears. If stimulus reaches them they send neural impulses to your brain over their normal channels no matter what you are doing.  When you use full mental investment to concentrate you still subliminally experience sound and movement around you. Acoustic SD cannot cause a mental break.
To this day designers see only episodes from light Subliminal Distraction exposure in offices and believe it can only cause a harmless temporary episode of confusion that remits with no treatment or after effects. ___ When it happened to my wife she heard voices, hallucinated, and had crying episodes from delusional beliefs she psychotically hallucinated. Although I had known of the phenomenon most of my life I had never seen it happen before.
Every human who ever lived with normal sight has subliminal sight and peripheral vision reflexes. Your brain has a primitive system that will subliminally detect movement near you and break your concentration with a startle and vision reflex to turn and look at the movement. In a safe location you can learn to consciously ignore movement around you forcing concentration so the startle and reflex will stop. But that does not turn off the primitive function to subliminally detect movement. That continues to happen. No one has voluntary control over this system and the reaction your brain has to the detected movement. Once you consciously ignore movement around you very time movement is subliminally detected a startle is attempted but fails. As exposure continues with time the repeating subliminal appreciation of threat from that failed attempt will color thought and reason creating fear, paranoia, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, and even thoughts of suicide.


Why does a mental break happen?      I don't know.    There is no research about it because no one in mental health services is aware the engineering/design problem exists. The explanation in my psychology class, 1990's Shelton State Junior College, Tuscaloosa, was that suppressing the startle caused a conflict that increased with continued exposure until a mental break happened.  The course was taught for the Druid City Hospital nursing school.  Course material was from the Psychology Department at the University of Alabama, taught by Sherry L. Kirksey, now Ph.D. UA.


My guess is that since the neural impulses from subliminal sight serve a limited purpose of triggering the startle reflex, and because the startle happens so fast, your brain does not normally become aware of those neural impulses from subliminal sight. When you create the situation so that the startle is attempted a massive number of times in a compact time frame your brain does find these impulses and tries to integrate them into your consciousness experience. That cannot be done because subliminal sight has only half the normal information for conscious sight, movement and position, but not color and shape. As the integration attempt happens new synapses and pathways are created. When there are enough of these alternate paths your brain can no longer function. You have a period of coma. If exposure stops the false paths and synapse dissolve from disuse. There is a full remission and recovery.

This would be maladaptive brain reconstruction.

But if exposure is low-level and long-term, so that the sudden mental break does not happen, the alternate paths are slowly reinforced, strengthened. You lose the ability to think and reason critically, see things that are not there, and hear voices.


 Again a guess, this process  may break down a barrier and allow dreaming while you are awake to explain hallucinations and hearing voices.

I am searching for a neurologist to explain what  happens in the brain to cause these mental breaks.