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The Wayback Machine will show this site is an investigation of Subliminal Distraction begun in 2002.

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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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While my experiment to cause depression is simple,

it is too dangerous to publish without a hold harmless agreement.


Subliminal Distraction exposure is cumulative.


That means anyone attempting to guess the conditions

should be warned.


Read the introduction and warning down to "Precautions."


The instructions for the experiment to cause psychiatric symptoms are not on this site.  The average intelligent person should be able to reason out the "special circumstances" to create the experiment to cause depression from Subliminal Distraction.

 I am posting this warning so if anyone believes they can guess the experiment instructions, they can take precautions to avoid a serious negative outcome.   In any event if you attempt the experiment you do so at your own risk.  Under the worst case scenario it can be fatal.

Most would recognize the beginning of anxiety, paranoia, panic, or depressive ideation since the person understands they are attempting an experiment.

Thought and reason are subtly colored by Subliminal Distraction.

If you already have unrecognized Subliminal Distraction the experiment, by concentrating additional exposure, might cause the full psychotic break with no warning.


If you make the attempt, do so at your own risk.  Having experienced the subtle effect of the experiment, I advise you; do not try it.


The experiment requires the ability to suppress the vision startle reflex   Some cannot do that.   The experiment would be pointless for those people, they are immune.

My demonstration of subliminal sight, and  the habituation of conscious sight in peripheral vision tests that ability. Here

The demo is completely safe.  Most are convinced when the correctly perform it, and witness movement in peripheral vision vanish, pop out of sight.


You should remember videos of people walking into traffic, or falling into mall fountains while texting on their phone  That level of concentration, unaware of anything happening around you, is all that is necessary to allow Subliminal Distraction.  But the discovered office worker mental break requires several hours exposure daily for many days.  When it happened to my wife after her office was changed eliminating Cubicle Level Protection, she was in and out of the office for 30 days before she had the office worker mental event.  She heard voices, and hallucinated guilt for impossible crimes. Here

Because Subliminal Distraction happens in the mind below thought, reason, and consciousness, it cannot be consciously experienced as it is occurring.

That is why design engineers created the office cubicle to block peripheral vision for concentrating knowledge workers to stop it by 1968.

Home workstations can copy the "mental break causing design mistake."  Examples of home workstations.

Everyone has single incidents of this exposure every day.  It is a normal part of everyone's physiology of sight.

The mental event happens in activities which create the design mistake in the performance of the activity.  They are ICU Psychosis, QiGong & Kundalini Yoga exercise mental breaks, LGATS mental breaks, and some Culture Bound Syndromes.

Both circumstantial and some direct evidence supports the conclusion that College Suicides, and the suicides at Foxconn, France Telecom, and Renault are caused by the failure to provide "peripheral vision blocking protection" for workers.

The Site Outline page explains my investigation methodology, and has two sources to verify the problem exists, believed harmless