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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Foxconn, France Telecom, La Poste, and Renault suicides.


In businesses around the world cluster suicides are an ongoing problem.

Pictures and video taken by TV news crews inside facilities

show the failure to provide basic peripheral vision blocking protection.

                                                                                                                              The video is posted on YouTube.


Although I had an email contact with Foxconn's psychology inestigator

and attempted postal mail contact with the Ministers of Health and Labor in France,

the situation has not changed.

The suicides in both countries are still happening.


French workers are in offices but the workers in China are on electronics assembly lines.  

Assembly line workers making adjustments or inspecting parts for quality issues

engage the same level of mental investment as knowledge workers in offices.


Side-by-side in long rows concentrating workers can

from time to time detect the movement of others down the line.



Industry contacts and the public cannot grasp that a simple problem of the physiology of human sight

discovered and solved fifty years ago can be created almost anywhere, not just in offices.


All that is required is normal sight and the ability to suppress the vision startle reflex.


Understanding that long hours of concentration with detectable movement  in peripheral vision

requires peripheral vision blocking protection, Cubicle Level Protection,

is unknown outside the United States.


Here the problem is known by a tiny number of engineer designers who work designing 

cubicles and open plan offices using "Systems Furniture." 

It is unknown in mental health services.


When suicides began to happen frequently at

France Telecom, (new name, Orange) and Foxconn in China,

activists were quick to blame management for adverse working conditions as the cause.



Suicide notes in France blamed the reorganization of France Telecom from a government agency to private ownership.

Think about job changes from government reorganization as a reason for suicide?

Workers attribute their severe depressive episode on personal  concerns at the time. One of the suicides was blamed on a romantic breakup, The reasons left behind in suicide notes are sincere beliefs. Suicides are unaware Subliminal Distraction is creating the depressive episode and shaping thought.

It doesn't matter what the suicide notes say. 

Visual subliminal distraction cannot be consciously experienced.

The stimulation of the amygdala during failed attempts to startle does not create new thoughts or ideas.

Instead it colors thought and reason.

The severe episode of depression from Subliminal Distraction will raise contemporaneously concerns to pathological levels.  Anything may be blamed. Only when the reason given is impossible will it become obvious that proposed causation is delusional.


Before you begin reading: One of the hardest to understand and accept things about this phenomenon is that it cannot be consciously experienced. Because of the way your brain functions subliminally detecting threat-movement to create the vision startle reflex, the conscious mind is unaware anything is happening once that physical action is blocked.

The basics of the physiology of sight including how peripheral vision reflexes are created is included in first semester psychology. If the mental break from long term suppression of the vision startle reflex is mentioned in those lectures it is treated as something that happened once long ago. My instructor said, "Subliminal sight caused a problem in the early days of modern office design." No one had looked for the episodes seen in offices other places. I began to do that in the fall of 2002.

The site outline page has the unrecognized history of Subliminal Distraction events, my methodology, and two pace it can be verified, believed harmless. Outline

This problem is a part of your every day life. A low level of exposure is normal for everyone and harmless. Trouble begins when you create a situation that allows massive exposure in a compact time frame. This may be several hours each day for a week or more. If you have not done so read the first pages explaining the phenomena beginning HERE.


Over the last few years there have been suicides at Foxconn in China and France Telecom. Other businesses such as the French postal service, La Poste, and Renault have also experienced increased suicides.

The subliminal appreciation of threat from a massive number of subliminal failed attempts to execute the vision startle reflex causes a variety of psychiatric symptoms including depression. The experience may begin as unhappiness, disappointment, fear, panic paranoia and will be experienced as, attributed to, and magnify ongoing concerns.


Again, repeated for emphasis:  The stimulation of the amygdala during failed attempts to startle cannot create new thought.  Happening in the mind below thought, reason, and consciousness it can color contemporaneous thinking.


Through an accident I discovered that I can experimentally produce the effects of Subliminal Distraction

(I failed to notice a change in my granddaughter's room moving a big screen TV so it was in peripheral vision when I used her desk for private computer work while she was at college.)  l

I learned from my college experience I am susceptible for Subliminal Distraction exposure.   Although it would take several hours each day for a few days to produce the full psychotic break, if someone already has exposure at a level too low to cause symptoms the increased exposure from the experiment could push the person over the edge for a psychotic break quickly, well in advance of the expected outcome.

For this reason the experiment is dangerous.

Keep in mind as you read this site that the effects I describe can be replicated at will to produce psychiatric symptoms.

The average intelligent person can reason to create the experiment conditions.  But there are details which would prevent the experiment working and other factors which might cause a severe episode quickly.  Here

Read my wife's experience recorded by psychiatrists in hospital on this page. Hospital records.  Connie audited the insurance deductions from individual pay checks, made changes from university department submissions for employees, typed a check to blue cross or another company, had the office manager sigh it, then mailed it.   If there were mistakes they would be corrected in the next check to an insurance company. She could not lose money.

Her psychotic depressive concerns were that she was about to be arrested any moment.


The suicides are continuing in 2014 for workers in China and France even though there have been wage increases and other changes to meet the concerns workers and activitists have stated.

The suicides won't stop until the design mistakes in the offices and electronics assembly lines are corrected.  In France workers are using computers and other view-screen devices at home.   Those habits will have to be addressed too.



France Telecom worker at home.

France Telecom Worker 

In France workers own computers at home.  Sitting at an open table where family or pets can walk by creates the "special circumstances" every time the worker becomes fully mentally invested using the computer.


While the picture appears to be the normal way computers are used, computers engage full mental investment to read the screen then respond.   That is the same level of concentration you see from people walking into fountains, walking into traffic or falling while texting on phones.

You have seen this level of concentration every day but did not recognize the significance of it. Long hours of exposure are necessary to cause the full mental break that might lead to a suicide, but exposure is cumulative so small normally insignificant instances will add to  a problematic total.







Divided top workstation desks block peripheral vision detecting the movement of adjacent workers but does not prevent detecting threat-movement if someone walks by.


You can see what appears to be a CPU case on top of the desk at the workers left.   It is in close peripheral vision, but not conscious sight when the worker concentrates to read his computer screen, and any blinking lights on it would be detected as threat movement.


These pictures show that France Telecom took little precaution for Cubicle Level Protection.

Postal letters to the French Minister of Health and the Minister of Labor have not been answered.  



At Foxconn in China assembly lines place workers too-close together.

Foxconn Workers sode-by-side

While workers cannot subliminally detect movement already in their conscious sight, the movement of hands further down the line can enter the peripheral vision of non-adjacent workers when someone on the line reaches forward.

Daydreaming is enough concentration to allow Subliminal Distraction exposure. The worker at the right seems to be doing that.

Hair combed to one side blocks peripheral vision as do the hats when worn to one side.

Only a tiny number of workers will receive enough Subliminal Distraction exposure for the full mental break and become suicides. There were about eighteen in one twelve month period.

Some commentators argue that this suicide rate  is below the suicide rate for the country. But these suicides are happening in one small geographic location, not scattered across China.


If you were to look a a similar sized section of China, with similar population density, but without the engineering/design mistake,  there would not be a similar rate of deaths.