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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.

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Subliminal Distraction and mass murder events

Marysville Pilchuck High School

Virginia Tech         Redlake tribal school       Peka-Eric Auvinen Jokela Finland culinary school

Adam Lanza Newtown       Ft.Hood      Aurora Colorado     Jared Loughner

Mark Barton Atlanta day trader killer


The Virginia Tech, Redlake tribal school, Jokela Finland school,

Atlanta day trader, Virginia Baseball, and Las Vegas killers all created

the "special circumstances" for Subliminal Distraction.


The evidence is present in pictures released by police departments,

statements by police investigators, televised phone interviews with roommates,

and a journal entry describing what had been done to cause SD exposure.


None of these sources were aware that

they had observed the conditions for SD exposure.


All the other shooters may have done the same thing

but there is no evidence in news reports I could find.

These mass shootings are preventable.






The Newtown school shooter is such a case. He was revealed as a heavy computer user and video game player. His mother was said to have made a decision to have him committed because of bizarre behavior but he killed her first.

Notice the wide eye appearance in this unidentified picture of him. That is called retracted eyelid. If you Google that term there are about 20 causes for it. Thus it cannot be used as a way to identify those with psychiatric problems.

But a medical encyclopedia I owned about 25 years ago said it indicated a deep brain decline or disturbance and was most often seen in advanced senility.

This will not reveal information about Adam Lanza. Pictures of him as a child show the same wide eye facial features beginning in middle school.

When my wife had this Subliminal Distraction mental break she had this appearance the morning after I stopped her working. 


Adam in the sixth grade.  His eyelid position seems normal. school photo.  Retracted eyelid is beginning to appear.


I had known for many years that retracted eye lid could indicate a recent deep brain disturbance but pictures of these shooters just started appearing.


Earlier shooters such as Cho, Weise, Auvinen, and Barton committed suicide.


There were no police mug shots to show a retracted eyelid condition for those shooters.




Any proposed explanation of Lanza's eyelid condition is just speculation.   But it is possible he had an inherited genetic susceptibility for Subliminal Distraction exposure.


Lanza Hard Drive


Police video and pictures posted on-line show Lanza disassembled his computer set up and tried to destroy the hard drives by opening them and scratching the platters inside the drive. 


This positioning is from the police photographer arranging items.










Lanza Computer Location

Different pictures taken by police show the officers moved objects to display them. Nothing can be found from these pictures to explain how he use the computers.

You can see the free weight on the desk and that the VHS drawer in the black cabinet is closed.

AdamLanza DVD player

Notice in this third picture a video tape storage drawer has been opened to display it.

There is a large screen DVD player present but no indication of where he situated it while using his computer.

If you remember the on-line journal entry Jeff Weise, Redlake tribal school shooter left, he had placed a movie monitor so he could watch movies by slightly shifting his eyes while he surfed the Internet with his computer.

That meant that while his full attention was on the computer display large, high contrast movement from movies playing on the movie monitor could be subliminally detected as threat movement. That is Subliminal Distraction exposure.

Did he do that? There is no way to determine if he did.      



Here the movie monitor is present but there is no clue as to where and how Lanza used it.






    Note the side by side comparison of the Aurora movie shooter. He is wearing prison orange on the right.

Ideally the comparison should be of the same eye.








     In this cropped photo he is sitting in the courtroom at arraignment with his attorney.

   He has the exaggerated eyelid opening.  

   Here this unidentified time period photo shows normal eyelid positioning.  

   The orange hair would place it after the shooting.

The slightly increased beard growth places it no more than a few days later.







    Nidal Hasan after the Fort Hood Army shooting








    Hasan in a previous photo showing normal eyelid positioning.  











Jared Loughner from a police photo. It would have been taken just after the shooting

The smile causes his eyes to slightly close.  The eyebrow is raised in the first picture.

Compare his left eye in the two photos. There is a slight difference. The difference is hard to detect.


The pupil but not the eyelid changes size to accommodate bright light. It is possible to squint. But that changes other facial features revealing the squint.

Look at the outdoor picture below. Bright light causes that squint.








Only a portrait photographer would notice that a large smile or bright light can close down the eyes.

The shadow placement from his head on the shirt means the sun is high, slightly behind him to his left.

Depending on the direction he is facing the time is just before or just after high noon.










Marysville Pilchuck High School

Under   Construction

Visual subliminal distraction explained in first semester psychology lectures about peripheral vision reflexes, a normal feature of everyone's physiology of sight, was discovered to cause believed-harmless temporary psychotic-like or manic episodes in offices in 1964. The cubicle was designed to block peripheral vision for knowledge workers to stop it by 1968.    The engineering design problem, a "mental break causing design mistake" takes the same name Subliminal Distraction.

None of the geniuses aware of it has realized it is a problem everyone has.

If someone creates the usually harmless episode but acts out the delusions it can cause suicides or mass shooting suicides.

Computers and other view-screen devices allow the "mental break causing design mistake" to be created in homes.

If you are a student at Marysville Pilchuck High School, find someone who can answer the question about

where Jaylen Ray Fryberg studied and where he used his computer.


Do not use computers where there is movement in peripheral vision.

That means people, pets, physical moving objects, blinking lights on computers, ceiling fans, oscillating fans or a large mirror.


Don't sit in your home den using a tablet while family walks back and forth beside you.


That also means don't sit on your bed with the computer if the bedroom mirror is in peripheral vision.


When playing video games do not use a two screen set up if the screen in peripheral vision has large fast moving images.


Doing that copies the situation engineers found where office staff walked around concentrating workers.

Features of cubicles block peripheral vision to prevent it happening in offices since 1968.

This beginning section is prepared to alert those involved in the shooting incident so they will contact me.


If you have information on how  and where Jaylen Ray Fryberg studied and used his computer use the contact page to send a message. An example of what I am looking for is Joseph Morse's dorm room computer set up diagram.  Here   Another example is the Finnish National Police picture of Pekka-Eric Auvinen's bedroom computer on this page below.   Here    Auvinen killed eight at a culinary school in Jokela, Finland then committed suicide on the spot.  It is a similar act as the Marysville shooting. But Auvinen had different delusions. Morse walked away from Georgia Tech the last day of school in 2003. Four years later the Tech police department discovered he had flown to Miami that day, broken into a construction site, climbed a 187 foot crane and jumped.

Examples of correct and incorrect home computer set ups are pictured  Here


Jaylen Ray Fryberg, a popular well liked student suddenly stood up in the school cafeteria and shot four friends. They were relatives.

When a staff member grabbed him he shot himself.

Different accounts say he had flat affect, or may have appeared surprised at what had happened.

The fact that he had appeared normal the day before, and had experienced disagreements and fights recently say he had a sudden onset Subliminal Distraction episode.   The disagreements and fights were lighter episodes of the same mental event that caused the shooting.

Thousands of relationship situations arise in high schools across the country but no student suddenly shoots friends over a relationship issue unless a serious mental event happens.   Subliminal Distraction psychotic-like or manic mental breaks are such a mental event.   A engineering/design problem between the vision startle reflex  and crowded knowledge work conditions, which usually happens in incorrectly designed offices, the event is unknown by the public and mental health services.

In a  2002 forum post I was accused of being an attorney trying to get information for a lawsuit.   Engineers believe it can only cause a harmless episode and feel justified in treating it as proprietary information.  They don't want to make the career ending mistake of revealing information that will start the flood of lawsuits when the public learns what has been withheld.    Forum Post link.

Yes!  Psychiatrists are unaware engineers ever discovered or solved the problem. They don't know it exists.      

The physiology involved is explained in psychology lectures about how the vision startle reflex is created.   The sole reference from my instructor was that, "Subliminal sight caused a problem in the early days of modern office design."    Psychology lecturers treat the problem as if it only happened once, long ago. Instead it is a normal part of the physiology of sight everyone  has.   I knew about it because I  was a 22 year old engineering student in 1966 when it was still being reported as news.   But I had never seen it happen until my wife had a psychotic break when her office was changed, eliminating Cubicle Level Protection in 2002. Her story is here.


Unaware the problem exists, police do not gather or report evidence of Subliminal Distraction exposure.   They walk by evidence or remove computers destroying evidence with that move.

Therefore there is no evidence about how he used his computer or studied at home to show exposure did happen.    But given the facts of the incident Subliminal Distraction exposure had to happen.


If you can supply information use the Contact page to send an email.   To learn what Subliminal Distraction is and how to find evidence of it enter the site here.   Examples of home computer locations and the Finnish National Police picture of Pekka-Eric Auvinen's bedroom computer with a mirror in peripheral vision are here.   Auvinen killed eight and committed suicide at a culinary school in Jokela, Finland.











Other evidence exists in the case of the Virginia Tech, Redlake tribal school, and Atlanta day trader killers.  





Virginia Tech: 

In two phone interviews which appeared on cable TV news programs Cho's roommates said he sat in the suite outer room using his computer doing class assignments and would not look up or acknowledge them as they walked by going and coming from classes.  

They were describing how strange and distant he was and were unaware they were describing Subliminal Distraction exposure.

One of the two roommates said he increased that behavior in the month before the shooting.







Redlake tribal school:

Sixteen year old Jeff Weise had been sent home from school for a policy infraction. He spent hours surfing the Internet, time he normally would have been sitting in classes.   In a journal entry he described how he placed a TV monitor close enough so that he could watch movies while using the computer by slightly shifting his eyes. Remember, far peripheral vision is black and white, and returns only movement and position information to trigger an attempt to startle.

At the level in your brain where the neural impulses trigger the attempt to startle there is no evaluation or decision about the source of those neural impulses. There can be no evaluation since they contain movement and position information only.

As Weise sat using the computer, every time two dimensional movement had enough contrast to register as threat-movement Weise's brain attempted the vision startle reflex. 








PekaEricAuvenin's computerJokela, Finland culinary school shooting : 

Peka-Erik Auvinen placed his bedroom computer between his bed and a closet door mirror.  As he surfed the Internet he would have subliminally detected his own reflection as threat-movement. The Finnish National Police published a picture of that arrangement.

This computer workstation  demonstrates the shooting was not caused by a mental health issue.  A visual subliminal distraction mental event is preventable.  The manic episode will spontaneously remit with appropriate rest from Subliminal Distraction.

Had Auvinen known how to correctly construct a safe computer/study workstation the shooting episode would have never happened.

Design engineers see only a  light episode of panicked confusion. Thus they view it as a harmless nuisance in the correct design of high traffic busy offices still today.

If you have not done so perform the demonstration of subliminal sight, and the habituation of conscious sight in peripheral vision. Here









Mark Barton Atlanta day trader killer:

Barton had two sources for Subliminal Distraction. Video from documentaries showed that the two day trading companies placed trader terminals side-by-side on long tables so that traders could talk, exchange information, and borrow money from each other.  That meant they would also subliminally detect each other's movements.  While Barton was the only mental break I am aware of from this system, He had potentially twice the exposure.

When police entered his Stockbridge Georgia apartment the first thing they saw was the computer with a note from Barton. He had placed it where his wife and two children could walk around him as he searched for stock trading information.

Mark Barton

When you understand all the outcomes I found in several incidents, a full mental break is not the only potential outcome.   

Barton's  suicide note describes intense fear. Fear, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, depressive episodes, are all outcomes of exposure below the level to cause the full mental break.

Tics, seizures, and psychosomatic medical complaints are possible.

When this happened to my wife there was an incident at choir practice where she could speak but not sing. She could discuss the rehearsal but when she tried to sing no sound would come out. That's usually called selective mutism.

I did not discover it had happened until the more serious outcome, a psychotic break, happened.  One of her friends approached with the story.



Records  Link to my wife's hospital records to understand what doctors saw. Unaware of Subliminal Distraction every doctor we saw had a different serious psychiatric diagnosis.