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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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David Bird

News reports March 20, 2015 reveal David Bird's body was found in river. His red jacket was hung up on brush.  ID was made with dental records. No other information is available today.

Bird, a Wall Street Journal reporter was working from home while he had a stomach virus.    He told his wife he would return shortly from an afternoon walk January 11, 2014.   He did not return and there is no information about what happened to him.

Theories widely discussed is that he was abducted and killed to stop his reporting on oil issues in the middle east. But no one has claimed credit for such an event.

Working at home with a computer in unprotected workspace would have allowed Subliminal Distraction exposure.  Sudden unexplained disappearances can be circumstantially connected to Subliminal Distraction.


A Boy Scout leader, he was experienced in outdoor activities but was not dressed for extended outdoor or cross country travel, or overnight exposure outside in January in New Jersey.

He  has an inverted "Y" scar on his chest and abdomen, from liver transplant surgery, and left without medication for the transplant he must take twice daily.

Repeated emails to different departments, news desk, editors, and reporters at the Wall Street Journal who have authored articles about his disappearance, are unanswered.

At least two emails to the Long Hill Township Police Department, named in news stories about the disappearance, are also unanswered.

If you did not sit in the the psychology class that explains Subliminal Distraction the phenomenon is unbelievable.  No one has investigated it since it was discovered to cause mental   breaks in 1964.

The general public and experts in mental health services are unaware of the problem, or that engineers found and solved it.

Although discovered and solved long before computers existed, today, the mental investment to use a computer allows the "mental break causing design mistake" to be made in homes and dorm rooms.

It has been known for centuries that those having a severe psychotic event do not experience cold. But they will succumb to exposure when core body temperature drops.

A Subliminal Distraction event can strike like lightening producing a panic attack like episode of depressive ideation with hallucinations of persecution or pursuit.   Each person's experience is different.   The delusional situation must come from something in the victim's mind. See Connie Tucker's hospital record for her delusions of guilt.


The only officer aware of this problem was a cold case officer in Atlanta. The Atlanta PD encountered Subliminal Distraction and had to change all their desks to cubicles.


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