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Amy Bradley, a recent college graduate, vanished as the Rhapsody of the Sea was docking in Curacao.

She left the room where her parents and brother were sleeping.

She was seen in an elevator with a member of the ship's band.

There have been unresolved sighting of her.


When her family began their vacation on the cruise ship Rhapsody of the Sea Amy said the movement of the ship bothered her.   Large cruise ships do not move under foot.

Amy has tattoo of a Tasmanian Devil spinning a basketball on her left shoulder blade.  A Canadian tourist couple described meeting her on the beach the morning she vanished. She was alone. 

At a later date there was a report that an American sailor in a brothel was approached by a woman who said she was Amy Bradley and asked for help.  He said two men interrupted them and escorted her away. The customer was in the military and not supposed to be in an off limits establishment so he did not immediately report the encounter. When the report was investigated the brothel had burned down.

Pictures of an unidentified woman that vaguely resemble Bradley appeared on a site for prostitution. The low resolution of the picture and head position prevent identifying Bradley with the shape of her ear using pictures of her from family or school sources.

Courts dismissed the lawsuit her family filed against Royal Caribbean International on the basis that the family had withheld information of claimed sightings.

She had a guaranteed job waiting from a relative when the vacation ended. 

One picture of Bradley in her college residence showed her seated, using a computer without protection of any kind.

The theory of her disappearance is that the band member showed her how to leave the ship from a baggage loading port that would be opened as the ship docked before the gangplank was opened.