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Kyle Fleischmann


In the early morning hours of Friday November 9, 2007 Kyle Fleischmann left the Buckhead Saloon in Charlotte  after drinks with friends. He left his pea coat and credit card behind. After leaving he made two phone calls.  An employee at nearby Fuel Pizza, said Fleischmann bought two slices. He has not been seen since.

Earlier he had attended Dane Cook's act at Bobcats Stadium then walked with his friends to Buckhead Saloon, where he met his family. He remained in the bar after his friends and family left.

Sources differ in the number of phone calls he made. One account says he made three. But both sources say he did not leave any messages. Another source said no one answered and he did not leave any message. Police believe he was trying to find a ride home.  Police were able to determine where the  cell calls originated in Charlotte.

There is a site and Facebook page.   

A 2006 Elon University graduate, his friends and fraternity brothers have held vigils and events to publicize his disappearance. His disappearance has been featured on America's Most Wanted.

Two years later police reclassified the disappearance as a homicide.

He lived with two roommates. That may be the source of Subliminal Distraction. There are other cases, Roswell Friend, and Lauren Spierer where the missing person lived with several roommates. Friend was found drowned but Spierer is still missing.   In another case where the missing person was recovered after a cross country flight, not only did she live with several roommates but she convinced them they were in danger so that her roommates moved out. When she was found her family broke off contact with the police.


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