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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Lauren Spierer

Lauren vanished while walking barefoot, alone,  back to her apartment.

The hints that this may have been a Subliminal Distraction event are:

She was a design major

She lived with several other students.

There was a falling incident just as she began the walk home.

There was no trace of a scuffle on the path she traveled.


There is a long list of these sudden without explanation student disappearances.

Each has a different scenario.      But there are commonalities                    


The missing student was a high achiever.  

Majors with heavy academic loads such as engineering, and computer science rank high in the list.

The disappearance happens during, or just after a period of intense study.

Although the full Subliminal Distraction mental event strikes quickly without warning, there may have been depressive, or paranoid ideation evident.


In several cases the student vanished after a night of drinking.

                 Brian Shaffer, Kyle Fleischmann, Robert Hornbeck, and Justin Gains are examples. Maura Murray bought wine during the disappearance episode.


Of course some ot the missing are revealed to have been crime or accident victims.

Some are never found.                                                                               

               Ron Tammen, and Lynne Schultz are examples.

A large number are sudden without warning disappearance suicides.

               Brogan Dulle, and Kelly Nash are examples.      

But a tiny number recover, and return in altered mental states.               

               Ahmad Arain, UCLA, and Leslie Buford LSU are examples.


That last group suggests the explanation is a little known problem design engineers discovered and solved fifty years ago.


The explanation of visual subliminal distraction begins here.


Spierer's roommates will know how and where she studied, and used her computer.


Joe Morse's roommate at Georgia Tech remembered their computer set up after seven years.  Here 


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