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Michael Negrete

Michael Negrete is known to have walked away from UCLA after 4 am Dec. 10, 1999.

Born March 25, 1981, he was 18 when he vanished, and would be 35 in 2016.

A picture, posted on a family site, of the dorm room showed Subliminal Distraction conditions.

Negrete's computer location allowed his peripheral vision to sweep the room..


Negrete played a video game with a friend across campus. The game ended at 4 am. He had attended a dorm meeting earlier.

Negrete's roommate woke up at 9 am to find him gone.

Scent dogs tracked a winding path around the campus. Then they followed the trail to a bus stop at Sunset Boulevard and Bellagio Street in Los Angels.

All of his belongings, clothes, shoes, wallet, and musical instruments were still in the room.

He is an accomplished trumpet, and steel drum player. He was on a music scholarship.

There has been no activity on his bank account or credit cards.

Given the clothes he left in the dorm room he would have would have been wearing indoor items, possibly a pair  of gym trunks, T shirt, and a pair of thin gym shoes, not suitable for outdoor wear.

One of the mysteries of this case is that he left with essentially nothing.  Police believe he met with foul play. 

While that is possible for someone having a Subliminal Distraction episode with lower awareness of danger, he had nothing of value which would have been obvious to anyone he encountered.

The information to argue that he had a Subliminal Distraction episode is that he was a heavy video game payer in a small dorm room with a roommate.

A picture of Negrete at the computer showed it was in the left rear corner of the room so that his peripheral vision swept the room as he played video games or used the computer to study.

He is not the only UCLA student to vanish like this. See the Ahmad Arain case.