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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Matrice Richardson

Since this page was posted skeletal remains confirmed to be Richardson were found near the last confirmed sighting of her.

She had wandered into a forested area.

No cause of death was revealed in the news stories.  

Vanished after 1 am, September 17, 2009 she was pursuing a doctorate degree in clinical psychology, and was a recent graduate from California State with a 4.0 GPA.  The night of her disappearance she behaved strangely joining people in a restaurant  she did not know, and having a discussion they thought bizarre.  Her father had said she may have been speaking gibberish, even claiming she was from another planet.


When she could not pay for a Kobe Beef meal she was arrested.  


There is video of her in the jail cell on line.   Her mug shot shows flat affect.   Police released her over the objections of her family. They had offered to pay the restaurant bill by phone with a credit card, and asked the sheriff's station to hold her. The sheriff's office said she was offered transportation, or over night stay but insisted on release.


Although she meets the template for a Subliminal Distraction episode, a highly intelligent college student with high performance,  sudden disappearance after bizarre behavior, there is nothing available to show she had exposure as a college student.  

There was no cause of death. An inquest decided that sheriff's officers had acted within their discretion to release her.

Emails to a family site are unanswered.

Typically when family are trying to get police investigations to find a proposed killer, they do not want information that might stop the investigations.


Did you know Matrice in college?

Can you supply information about how and where she studied, and used her computer?

What I am looking for is exampled by Joe Morse's roommate's diagrams of their dorm room.  Here

Home computer locations are here.

If this is your first visit to this psychology project site, the explanation of visual subliminal distraction

covers five short text pages beginning with the link

Subliminal Distraction.


This is information everyone with a computer at home, or a child in school should have.



Although discovered and solved before they existed, today computers, and other digital view-screen devices

allow anyone to create the "special circumstances" of the "mental break causing design mistake" almost anywhere.


You should remember video of people walking into traffic, or falling into fountains while texting on their phone.

That full mental investment, unaware of anything happening around you,  is the concentration necessary for

Subliminal Distraction.


Unaware such a problem does, or could exist, students take no precaution for

'peripheral vision blocking protection'

when they study, or use a computer where there is repeating distracting movement in peripheral vision.


A physical situation, the design mistake can be copied, optimized,

then using necessary precautions shown to cause anxiety, and depressive ideation

                              with hours of exposure daily, for several days, long before the full mental break would happen.           Warning


Design engineers eschew discussing the problem.

They do not want to supply information which might cause a suit against their employer or customer.

                                   When I began investigations I was accused of being an attorney trying to get information for a lawsuit.            Info Refusal



Do you know anyone in mental health who can create depression experimentally?



An unfiltered list of missing people and students is here.  Sudden Strange Disappearances