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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Robert Kovack


When Robert Kovack vanished September 18, 1998 on his way to a West Virginia University-Maryland football game in Morgantown, no one could understand why.  His car, out of gas, driver's door, but not passenger door, locked, with nothing apparently missing, was found parked near the New River Gorge Bridge.


He was a recent grad student from Virginia Tech with a job waiting for him. 


If you do not research sudden student disappearances, and suicides you will not be aware that there are other cases like this. The disappearance suicides of college students are still happening. Two recent ones are Brogan Dulle, and Kelly Nash.     In both of those cases the student had no signs of mental illness, no mention of depression, when they stopped what they were doing and vanished.   Both were found suicides near where they vanished with indications the death happened suddenly without warning. 


Schools I have written about these deaths, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Caltech, Brown. MIT, and others refused to investigate something they failed to do is causing the deaths.  The President of Georgia Tech, President and Dean of Students Virginia Tech replied but nothing has been done to stop the suicides.    The Dean of Students at UC Davis replied they were not interested in any information I had to offer.


The explanation for these deaths can in most cases, be investigated, confirmed, or eliminated.   But the cause, a "mental break causing design mistake" discovered and solved by engineers fifty years ago, is not recognized in mental health services, or research.        When it happened to my wife after her office was changed eliminating Cubicle Level Protection, I discovered the public and mental health services/research are unaware engineers discovered the problem.  Connie Tucker  -- Connie heard voices and had depressive crying episodes about hallucinated guilt for impossible criminal acts.


I learned of the design mistake as a 22 year old engineering student in 1966.  But I had never seen it happen before.


Unlike the theories of mental illness, Subliminal Distraction can be experimentally created to show it causes anxiety and depressive ideation for anyone with full normal sight who can suppress the vision startle reflex.  (Experiment instructions with precautions by email only. It is not on this site. While safe with precautions it is too dangerous for open publication.  )


You can safely experience how Subliminal Distraction exposure begins undetectably, thus cannot be consciously experienced.  Here


When engineers were told the believed-harmless mental events were caused by the long term suppression of the vision startle reflex, they designed the cubicle to block peripheral vision for concentrating workers to stop it by 1968.  Still an ongoing problem today, open plan offices use Systems Furniture so that no one sits or moves in another worker's peripheral vision.  So little is thought of this problem it is not referenced in books.  A design student in Australia said they were expected to "pick it up" from lectures.


Today computers require the same level of mental investment office workers use.   That allows anyone to create the "special circumstances" for the "mental break causing design mistake" anywhere they use a computer long hours with repeating detectable movement in peripheral vision.  Although I highlight computers, the problem was discovered and solved before they existed. Any activity engaging long hours of full mental investment can create exposure if there is detectable movement nearby in peripheral vision. Single incidents are harmless.     Exposure over and over for hours, day after day cause the problem.


This creates a massive number of subliminal, undetectable, failed attempts to execute the consciously blocked, suppressed, vision startle reflex.


The known, believed-harmless, mental event strikes like lightening. If the hallucinations involve a unbearable, unsolvable outcome for a real or delusional situation a suicide is possible.   If the student survives the episode it will spontaneously remit without treatment or after effects.   If the Subliminal Distraction causing activity is stopped the person will not have another episode, possibly the remainder of their life. 


Spontaneous remissions of insanity 400 years ago in London, when there were no drugs or modern treatment, suggest that Subliminal Distraction filled mad houses.  One man remitted and relapsed three times, Reverend George Trosse.  His autobiography, 1714,  is still in print.    Here


There is no down side to learning what visual subliminal distraction is, then take simple free precautions to avoid it.




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