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Why does a Subliminal Distraction mental break happen?

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How were Subliminal Distraction mental break discovered?
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My guess is at the bottom of this page. But I do not have the background in neurology to say it is correct.

Subliminal Distraction mental events are not mental illness. They require a location and activity to cause SD exposure which can lead to the expected mental event. That means those with psychiatric symptoms can be interviewed to locate places this exposure 'could have happened.'   (Continue to the hospital records page to see outcomes from SD exposure.)


Why   "could have happened?"     Because your brain deals with the startle reflex subliminally, below thought, reason, or consciousness, Subliminal Distraction exposure cannot be consciously experienced.    It is undetectable.    All that can be confirmed is that someone had the opportunity for SD exposure before beginning to have bizarre behavior. If the exposure location is eliminated (all of them) and the symptoms stop, Subliminal Distraction is confirmed as the cause.


Why even do that?      If someone is having a Subliminal Distraction episode there is no treatment possible. It must spontaneously remit when exposure stops.

If drug treatment is attempted the subject will have only the side effects since drugs compounded to treat chemical changes in the brain cannot effect this episode.


You might understand it better if you consider the stimulus, movement in peripheral vision, and your brain's failed attempt to startle, as an unrecognized form of operant conditioning subtly changing your brain's function. ____  If SD exposure continues so will the bizarre behavior. ___  Separately spaced significant exposure incidents  causing disconnected bizarre behavior episodes, sessions of manic behavior, or depression that repeat then remit, would  be diagnosed as Bipolar.


This suggests that mental disorders that do not respond to drug or other treatments are actually chronic Subliminal Distraction exposure and an ongoing Subliminal Distraction episode. An example is Refractory Schizophrenia.


Again: Subliminal Distraction exposure cannot be consciously experienced. Victims are unaware anything is happening to them. They believe the altered mental state and paranoid psychotic-like beliefs are part of their normal thought processes.


Today, no practitioner interviews for this problem before beginning treatment for what they see and believe to be mental illness.   If exposure stops so that the episode spontaneously remits while someone is under treatment, the doctor and drug or other treatment takes credit for a cure.

Stopping exposure will allow a spontaneous remission in a time consistent with the length and intensity of previous exposure. But symptoms will continue as long as even light chronic exposure does. (It is possible to have exposure in a psychiatric hospital.)


There are cases of remission in a few days to a week. But other cases show psychiatric symptoms still evident as much as eight months after exposure would have stopped due to a student disappearance.


Most who have the episode recover quickly with no treatment or after effects.  In cases of very light episodes the subject may be unaware the mental event happened. Their paranoid beliefs would be understood as part of their normal thought processes.


When the episode is severe enough to produce hallucinations of an unbearable, unsolvable outcome for real or imagined situations a suicide is possible before the believed harmless episode remits.  In some cases the person can run away from the hallucinated situation, with or without amnesia, depending on the severity of the episode. College students begin to vanish with no explanation at times of intense study such as midterms and finals.


(There are two suicide clusters in China and France where the companies failed to provide peripheral vision blocking, Cubicle Level Protection, for concentrating workers. The office cubicle was designed to block peripheral vision to stop the problem in offices by 1968. Separate page.)


What happens in the brain to cause these mental breaks?        I don't know.         When the problem was explained in my psychology class the instructor said suppressing the vision startle reflex caused a conflict in the mind that would build with additional suppression until the mental break happened.

Neurologists and psychiatric treatment centers such as Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinics will not respond.


These professionals have lifetimes invested in the belief that they can treat metal illness. I found an engineer at a Steelcase dealer in Birmingham to explain Cubicle Level Protection to my wife's doctors at the University of Alabama psychiatric hospital, also in Birmingham, they refused to phone across town and speak with him. Connie continued to get worse with drug treatments due to drug reactions. They said that was so rare it could not be happening. They insisted on evaluating her declining condition as increasing mental illness. When I refused to let them escalate their treatment to ECT they resigned the case.


A guess,    unsupported by investigation,    is that your brain normally does not deal with the triggering signal on the optic nerve that causes the startle and vision reflex.    It happens so fast your brain ignores it.    When you create the exposure so that the triggering signal happens a massive number of times with the startle blocked, your brain finds  the neural impulses then tries to understand them to integrate the movement and position information into your consciousness experience.

Of course that cannot be done.   Although it is neural impulses on the optic nerve, the triggering signal is subliminal.    Movement and position information only cannot represent an image to be created in your mind. ___ As the attempt to use the neural impulses is made extra synapses and paths are created. When there are enough of these "trial" paths your brain can no longer function and you have a short period of coma.

When exposure stops the extra paths eventually dissolve from disuse. You will recover with no treatment or after effects.   You essentially 'forget' the attempted trial solutions after a short time.

But if exposure is chronic and low level, alternate paths are slowly strengthened to change your thought processes.

Again a guess, this process either bypasses or breaks down barriers that separate dreaming from an awake experience.


That would explain hearing voices and hallucinations as dreaming or nightmare experiences while awake.


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There are separate pages to be posted on each of these following incidents. When a Subliminal Distraction incident happens it is explained away with psychosocial psychobabble reflecting the biased beliefs of psychologists and psychiatrists. An example is the belief that "stress" causes psychiatric incidents and mental breaks. Although a popular belief and explanation of psychiatric symptoms, there is absolutely no evidence available to show how stress could cause such a mental event. Instead, the onset of a Subliminal Distraction event appears as stress and bizarre behavior. Unaware of Subliminal Distraction, practitioners blame what they can see, the bizarre behavior and apparent stress.


(In fact there were 23 cases of Mahjong epilepsy recorded in China at a Mahjong tournament. Playing tables are typically crowded close together in tournaments. That meets both the requirement for full mental investment, planning the moves of the game,  and detectable movement in peripheral vision from the movement of other players near by. Depending on where they are located players will have  repeating subliminal attempts to startle. Mahjong had not produced those seizures before nor since.)


(The recent case of cheerleaders at LeRoy High School with Tourette like symptoms had evidence that the whole incident was a Subliminal Distraction caused event. The first girl interviewed was taking two art classes daily. She had symptoms that stopped when she left school but returned after she started school again. Another girl was interviewed using her laptop computer at the family dining table with no peripheral vision blocking protection. Doctors  diagnosed Conversion Disorder. That is a name for something they don't understand. None of the doctors interviewed on several TV programs replied to mailed explanations of Subliminal Distraction.)


(An incident in 14 Ontario, Canada elementary schools shows that classrooms can produce Subliminal Distraction for some. About 50 of 50,000 students began to have bizarre symptoms after industrial Wi-Fi was installed so laptop computers could be used anywhere in classrooms.  Parents and a few activists  blamed the Wi-Fi transmitter EMR. But pictures and video used to illustrate stories for newspapers and TV showed students using laptop computers sitting in each other's peripheral vision with no peripheral vision blocking protection.  Google Wi-Fi illness, Ontario, for the remaining site articles about the incident.)


(Related to classroom exposure, there have been three psychotic break suicides in Australia connected to an LGATS called "Turning Point." 'Google Rebekah Lawrence, suicide' These seminars are held as 300 person classrooms with lectures that last 10 hours daily for three or four days. A tiny number of people begin to have psychiatric symptoms resembling a single Bipolar incident during or just after the 30/40 hour classroom seminar experience. ___  A Large Group Awareness Training Seminar from Landmark Education had a warning posted on their site but removed it. I have a copy of that warning. There was a psychotic break murder here after their seminar called "The Forum." ___ All these seminars have to do is turn off the lights over the seminar participants. Humans see by reflected light. No light, no Subliminal Distraction, no bizarre behavior.)


(There are two suicide clusters, China and France, where businesses failed to provide effective peripheral vision blocking protection for concentrating workers. Claimed sweatshop conditions have been blamed for the suicides in China. Where true sweatshop conditions have existed, such as the garment industry in New York, there have never been suicides reported.    But at France Telecom with 35 hour work weeks and union negotiated wages there have been 60 suicide attempts with a disputed number of deaths. Government sources report 38 but unions claim 58 deaths.   When you compare the size of the two work forces the situation in France is much worse than the situation at Foxconn in China.)



Some swear by them, judges order people to take them, but do they actually do anything?




In the following pages my wife's hospital experience will be introduced to show what  doctors saw.

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