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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Advocates and news reporting are scrambling to make sense of the latest school shooting.

No one has investigated visual subliminal distraction episodes as the cause.

This problem everyone has was discovered to cause still-believed-harmless mental breaks, sudden onset panicked episodes of confusion for office workers in 1964.

Students, home computer users on social media can accidentally create all the "special circumstances" for the "mental break causing design mistake" when they use digital view-screen devices long hours in locations with peripheral vision reflex causing movement subliminally detectable nearby.

Schools do not warn students about visual subliminal distraction.

Low level exposure,  too low to cause the office worker experience can shape thought and reason with panick paranoia, anxiety, depression and in extreme cases thoughts of suicide. 

See  Site Outline  for my investigation methodology and the unrealized history of this universal problem of the physiology of human sight. 

Visual subliminal distraction does not create thought. It shapes, colors,  thought through the subliminal appreciation of threat from those failed attempts to startle.

It raises contemporaneous thoughts, concerns, disputes and beliefs to pathological levels.  It provides the derangement necessary to act out delusional beliefs.

Politicians and activists are attempting to stop mass violence without an understanding of the PREVENTABLE psychiatric cause.

A segment about the office worker mental event appeared on 20/20 Downtown.  Repeated questions to ABC have not succeeded in locating it.

Although rare, there is circumstantial and some direct evidence  revealed, unrecognized, in news reports of student suicides and mass shootings for this causation.

Before you dismiss this information with an eye roll, take a minute to investigate the basis facts of the physiology of human sight explained in my project.

While you may have to insist that a major university dig it out for you, it will be found in lecture material on the physiology of sight, subliminal sight, and how peripheral vision reflexes are created subliminally.


​The Story:

Fifty years ago design engineers accidentally discovered a problem with the physiology of sight and close spaced office workstations when it caused mental breaks for long concentrating knowledge workers in business offices.

Now, unknown by the public, mental health services & research, there is a multi-billion dollar annual industry, including Herman Miller Inc., Steelcase, Knoll. Haworth, and others selling cubicles and installing Systems Furniture in open-plan offices to provide 'peripheral vision blocking protection,' to prevent visual subliminal distraction.

Although a normal part of the physiology of human sight, 'visual subliminal distraction,' taught but insufficiently explored or explained in first semester psychology lectures, is so bizarre it is unbelievable.

Today, long hours of indiscriminate computer or digital view-screen device use in locations with 'peripheral vision reflex' causing movement subliminally detectable nearby, but without the protection given office workers, allows the "mental break causing design mistake" to migrate into homes and schools.

Typical sources of threat-movement can be pets, family members, roommates, mirror reflections, oscillating or ceiling fans, big screen TV's playing, or blinking lights on the computer swept through peripheral vision with a head turn.


Without the supervision and interaction  of others to detect a declining mental state in homes and dorm rooms, chronic exposure too low to cause the full office worker experience can build until a severe episode strikes.

The "special circumstances" to allow it are exacting so that serious events are rare.  But chronic exposure has the potential to color thought and reason with fear, panic, paranoia, anxiety and in extreme severe situations thoughts of suicide. (See my Site Outline page, embedded in the text introduction of my Homepage for investigation methodology and the unrealized history of the problem and how those outcomes are determined.)


I learned of the problem as a 22 year old engineering student in 1966.  I thought nothing about it until my wife had a mental break after her office was changed eliminating Cubicle Level Protection.

Connie heard voices and hallucinated guilt for impossible delusional crimes. Connie Tucker Office Picture

As her attempted treatment progressed I discovered the entire mental health establishment is unaware of the accidental discovery that visual subliminal distraction  caused mental breaks, panicked episodes of confusion,  for office workers in 1964.

Connie had severe reactions to drugs she should not have been given.  The office worker event will spontaneously remit without treatment or after effects with appropriate rest from exposure.  Even severe episodes with hallucinations may remit with a week's scrupulous avoidance.


Insisting that drug reactions were so rare they could not be happening doctors diagnosed advancing mental illness. They increased the dosages.  Connie began to decline.  Three spaced MRI's over six months began with a normal brain scan but the next two showed rapidly increasing decline.

She died in January 2010.  Though I found a doctor to treat her without psychotropic drugs we could not stop the brain decline drugs had caused.

I began a site and investigation of why visual subliminal distraction is unknown in mental health services or research.  Homepage

Researchers have been  unable to explain a 100% correlation for mental illness.  The congenitally blind, blind from birth with no neural impulses on the optic nerve, do not have schizophrenia.

If chronic Subliminal Distraction exposure sessions are spaced so that one episode remits before the next begins, they would be diagnosed as bipolar disorder.

My wife's episode was mistaken for schizophrenia. See her office picture and hospital record on site.


Joe Morse Georgia Tech vanished the last day of finals in the spring of 2003. Four years later Georgia Tech Police discovered he had flown to Miami, climbed a construction crane and jumped 187 feet committing suicide.   His roommate supplied their dorm room study setup to show Joe had three sources of threat-movement to cause a visual subliminal distraction event. Joe Morse Dorm Room Computer

The Finnish National Police published a picture of Pekka-Eric Auvinen's bedroom computer workstation with a closet door mirror in peripheral vision.  As he surfed the Internet, every time he moved his reflection provided threat-movement in his peripheral vision. He killed eight and committed suicide at a culinary school in Jokela, Finland.  Pekka-Eric Auvinen bedroom computer

Bobby Jamison, wife Sherilynn, and daughter Madyson vanished October 8, 2009.  The program 'Disappeared'  showed a video pan of their bedroom computer workstations side by side. When they both  surfed the Internet each provided threat-movement for the other.  There is information they had begun to hallucinate, seeing spirits on their roof and tried to buy ammunition to shoot the spirits.  They drove an hour away into a rural area where they parked their truck, leaving IDs wallets, phones, Sherilynn’s purse, a pet dog inside and $32,000 under the seat. Four years later all three bodies were found together three miles into the surrounding terrain.  The issue is still unresolved. Emails and letters to authorities are unanswered. Jamison Disappearance

When Vince Foster committed suicide in the Clinton administration his wife said he was so afraid she had to get in bed and hold him so he could sleep.  Intense but  unattributed fear to the point of trembling can be associated with visual subliminal distraction mental breaks. My repeated efforts to determine how and where he created the "special circumstances" for it long enough to have those symptoms have failed. Vince Foster

Joe's dorm room sketch, Pekka-Eric Auvinen's computer picture, and the video still of the Jamison bedroom are all on  site.