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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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 First Nation Suicides


There were seven suicides of First Nation teens at a private school for them in Thunder Bay since 2000.

The First Nation Pikangikum community, Ontario, Canada has the highest suicide rate in the world.

Typical reasons given for these deaths are poverty and substance abuse.

 But grinding poverty exists around the world. So does substance abuse.

Why is the suicide rate so high in First Nation communities and among their youth?

What is different in the cold climate that causes this death rate?

It's the opportunity for Subliminal Distraction.


After investigating the problem since 2002,  I discovered I can produce depression for anyone who can suppress the vision startle reflex,

with a simple physical experiment. It copies the situation engineers found in 1964.

Too dangerous to publish on a site, instructions, precautions, and warning for academic and mental health professionals by email only.


Using different activities that engage full mental investment and different sources of movement in peripheral vision

these people are creating the exposure situation to cause the

"mental break causing design mistake."


As exposure reaches a critical level they experience the same episode office workers did before the cubicle stopped the problem in 1968.

If the believed-harmless hallucinations are of an unsolvable, unbearable, real or delusional situation,

 a suicide can happen before the episode would spontaneously remit after exposure stops.


These deaths are all preventable with simple free precautions


Suicides happen everywhere but there are suicide  clusters in France and China where the companies failed to provide peripheral vision blocking protection for concentrating workers.

An incident in 14 elementary schools in Ontario, Canada showed that even classrooms can cause limited exposure, physical and psychiatric symptoms. See the Site Outline page for pictures. Students had racing hearts, headaches, dizziness, trouble sleeping, memory loss, nausea, and psychosomatic complaints.

Cold climates force families inside for longer periods than in warmer areas and the developed world with modern buildings and central heat. That close confinement caused by poverty  limiting structure size to conserve heat brings family members close together allowing Subliminal Distraction exposure.    As exposure mounts normal problems are raised to pathological levels by the repeating subliminal appreciation of threat from subliminal failed attempts to startle,  defined as a visual subliminal distraction.

In warm climates such as among Miskito Indians of Nicaragua and Honduras, an outbreak of Gris Siknes, (crazy sickness), after Hurricane Fredrick shows confinement will allow exposure.

The phenomenon evolved as a warning system that prevented early humans becoming a meal for predators.   The subliminally functioning brain system goes haywire when modern humans create the "special circumstances" so the warning is subliminally attempted over and over many times in a compact time frame. Engineers discovered the problem when it caused mental breaks for office workers in 1964.  The cubicle was designed to block peripheral vision for a concentrating knowledge worker to stop it by 1968.

Because of the way your brain deals with the vision startle reflex, subliminally, exposure cannot be consciously experienced. It is undetectable.

If you have not done so visit the Home page for the beginning of the explanation of Subliminal Distraction.  Nothing being explained here will make sense to you without that basic understanding.


Even when alcohol and substance abuse are present they are there from the need for relief from sensations of depression due to Subliminal Distraction.

On a Huffington Post blog one First Nation student speaking of marijuana was quoted, "Smoking just makes the pain go away, but really it just makes it worse."


The suicides in Thunder Bay were:

Reggie Bushie,  missing seven days before he was found in the McIntyre River on Nov. 1, 2007.

Kyle Morrisseau, was found in the McIntyre River floodway on Nov. 10, 2009.

Jordan Wabasse     Vanished after getting off a bus, one block from his residence, He was recovered from the Kaministiquia River. Wabasse attended the Matawa Learning Centre. He was from Webequie First Nations, 500 kilometres north of Thunder Bay

Jethro Anderson - A member of the Kasabonika Lake First Nation, 400 km north of Sioux Lookout, drowned in the McIntyre River on Nov. 11, 2000

Paul Panacheese from the Mishkeegogamang First Nation, 350 km northwest of Thunder Bay, died Nov. 11, 2006.

Curran Strang  Pikangikum First Nation was found in the McIntyre River on September 26, 2005 after a five days missing.

Robyn Harper  died in alcohol related incident. She is the only student of this group not found drowned

There are others mentioned in articles and blogs but Google searches did not find them.


Six of them attended Dennis Franklin Cromarty high school in Thunder Bay

In 2013 the Neskantaga First Nation, 480 KM north of Thunder Bay, declared a state of emergency with 10 suicide attempts per month.