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Bryce Laspisa

Vanished August 30, 2013

College student Bryce Lapisa began a trip home, but stopped three hours away.   A credit card charge alerted his family he had phoned for gas from a highway rest area. Asked by Laspisa's mother, the service truck driver went back to find him still sitting in the car hours later.   Upon the insistence of his mother on the truck driver's phone, he filled up, and continued home.   Eventually he told his mother he would pull off to sleep.  

The car was reported abandoned in a park, wrecked down an embankment leading to the park lake.   Video of his car showed he had driven up  the road into the park twice.   Dogs traced his scent across the lake dam, then to a truck stop.

He has not been seen since. Accounts he would have access to have not been used.

In the "Disappeared" TV show his roommate, and girlfriend were not interviewed but had said there was a sudden change in his behavior in the last weeks before he vanished.   CHIPS officers and others who spoke with him said he acted normally when stopped.