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Bryce Laspisa

Vanished August 30, 2013


Bryce Laspisa

College student Bryce Laspisa began a trip home, but stopped three hours away.   A credit card charge alerted his family he had phoned for gas from a highway rest area. Asked by Laspisa's mother, the service truck driver went back to find him still sitting in the car hours later.   Upon the insistence of his mother on the truck driver's phone, he filled up, and continued home.   Eventually he told his mother he would pull off to sleep.  

The car was reported abandoned in a park, wrecked down an embankment leading to the park lake.   Video of his car showed he had driven up  the road into the park twice.   Dogs traced his scent across the lake dam, then to a truck stop.

He has not been seen since. Accounts he would have access to have not been used.

In the "Disappeared" TV show his roommate, and girlfriend were not interviewed but had said there was a sudden change in his behavior in the last weeks before he vanished.   CHIPS officers and others who spoke with him said he acted normally when stopped. 

Interviewing college friends to establish he created visual subliminal distraction then getting that in news reports would stir new interest in his case.

Most who have a Subliminal Distraction episode recover, and return.  But he has been missing four years.   There have been other cases with recoveries, some more than ten years later. 

There were friends not interviewed for the "Disappeared" TV program.   They can be found, and questioned privately.

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The only way to find him is to get the story on every news cast in the country.

That won't happen unless something in the case is strikingly different to grab attention.

Getting evidence he was a Subliminal Distraction episode victim would do that.

There are hundreds of students who have this episode

because schools refuse to teach why the office cubicle was created in 1968.


By copying the design mistake, optimizing it,

the early outcome can be shown to be anxiety, and depressive ideation.


YesIt is possible to create depression experimentally.


A very small number of students will have enough cumulative Subliminal Distraction exposure to have the episode.


But the effect on them can be devastating.


Some of the limited information available suggests this was a Subliminal Distraction episode.


He arrived two weeks before school started, and had only two class days.

As an artist he could have created Subliminal Distraction anywhere he worked on his projects.

Friends are cited saying there was a change in behavior in the weeks before the disappearance.

They note that the trouble began after an all night video game playing session with his roommate. *

He began to drink heavily, probably as self medication for the effect of Subliminal Distraction depression.

Valued possessions, his video game gear, and a set of diamond earrings his mother had given him were given away.

He was taking a ADHD drug, a good indicator he was having low level Subliminal Distraction exposure before the game playing session.

He told his parents he had something to discuss with them.   Without the other hints that would not be important.

It was most likely some problem he had hallucinated.

When it happened to my wife she hallucinated guilt for impossible delusional crimes. Here

He ran out of gas on a planned trip. How does someone run out of gas while driving home from school?

The service truck driver found him just sitting in his car on a second trip to the spot he gave him gas.

He drove into the park twice before crashing the car.

The car path beside the cell tower fence indicated a deliberate attempt to drive into the lake.

His computer and cell were left inside the car. His backpack with clothes was on the ground outside.

His walking path after the wreck was tracked to a truck stop.



These items suggest a confused mental state.


Drugs need not be involved.

There is a long list of these cases beginning here.

The explanation of visual subliminal distraction begins with Subliminal Distraction.

There have been five Canadian engineering students go missing.

Aju Chukwudiebere Iroaga,  3rd year engineering student at McMaster University,

vanished from a summer tree planting job 70 KM from a paved road.   Here

Some of the other cases are just as bizarre. Disappearances

The mental event is NOT mental illness.

There is evidence these disappearances are caused by a

"mental break causing design mistake" design engineers discovered fifty years ago.


The design mistake has movement in peripheral vision while concentrating

which causes a massive number of undetectable subliminal FAILED attempts

to execute the suppressed, consciously forced blocked, vision startle reflex.


The process is explained, and defined as a visual subliminal distraction in first semester psychology lectures

on peripheral vision reflexes. If the mental break is mentioned at all it is treated as a historical note

not an ongoing problem of everyone's physiology of sight.

College students are not warned about the design of study areas, and computer workstations

where they engage long hours of deep mental investment.


There is a multi-billion dollar industry supplying cubicles, and Systems Furniture (for open plan offices)

to prevent the still-believed-harmless psychotic-like episode of confusion.


Yet the public, mental health services, and research are unaware the problem does, or could exist.


Begin by performing the Demonstration of subliminal sight, and the habituation of conscious sight in peripheral vision

to understand how visual subliminal distraction begins, and cannot be consciously experienced.


Movement in your peripheral vision will vanish, pop out of sight, while you observe it.


There is a site email for private communications.