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Aju Chukwudiebere Iroaga

May 15, 2006, Ioga quit his 2nd year deep forest tree planting job after a dispute with his boss about how the trees should be planted.  He was sent to sit by the side of the road waiting for the return bus to the camp site 8 km west of White River, Ontario at the end of the day, about 4 pm. Information on line says the work site was 70 km North of White River.  

He waved to other workers as they drove by all day. When the bus arrived he was gone.  

Canadian born, he held both Nigerian and Canadian citizenship. His passport and Canadian Health card, as well as everything he had brought with him was back at the main camp. He was on a day assignment site location with nothing but what he wore and possibly a pair of heavy boots. 

Given it was his 2nd year planting trees he should have known everything there was to know about it. So why the dispute?  Both he, other workers, and the boss would have been following prescribed planting schemes.

After he vanished his crew drove trucks around local forest access roads blowing the horns, and calling out his name. Helicopters were brought in to search for him.  He was no where to be found.   The search was suspended May 23, 2006.

Accounts on line say scent dogs did not find a trail.    That discounted the theory that as someone who ran 30 km in the morning before work, he had jogged until someone picked him up, or walked the 66 km to the Trans Canadian Highway.   At 26 he was fit and trained as a distance runner.



His father has a site about him but there was no reply to my email. You can see the family belief on the video link below.    YouTube video from father.   Link working August 30, 2014.


D.O.B.: May 17,1980  vanished two days before his 26th birthday
Height: 183 cm    6 foot
Weight: 83 kg     182  pounds