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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.

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Subliminal Operant Conditioning

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The stimulation of the amygdala during Subliminal Distraction can desentsize

video game players through operant conditioning so that when the full mental break strikes

they are conditioned to shoot innocents if they have a mass shooting rampage.

The operant conditioning feature of Subliminal Distraction can explain Radicalization.

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Subliminal Distraction, a normal feature in everyone's physiology of sight,

was discovered to cause mental breaks for office workers in 1964.


Three separate searches of the APA data base reveled no papers or research about it.

A brief explanation is below this introduction.   Here

The full explanation is covered  in 5 short sequential text pages. Here

What is Subliminal Distraction?

 How were Subliminal Distraction mental breaks discovered?

 Why do Subliminal Distraction mental breaks happen?


 Spontaneous Remission - Reverend George Trosse.   


Understand this is not a theory or Internet hoax. Engineers have successfully prevented

believed-harmless psychotic-like episodes of confusion in offices for fifty years.


While not secret information,  the physiology is explained in first semester psychology lectures

about peripheral vision reflexes, office furniture manufacturers, and Systems Furniture design engineers

treat the information as proprietary.

Information denied and accusation of being an attorney trying to get information for a lawsuit. Here




Subliminal Operant Conditioning


If the subliminally perceived stimulation of the amygdala during Subliminal Distraction is interpreted as a positive or negative reinforcement of contemporanous thought the subject is being operant conditioned.


When the same thought is repeatedly reinforced that can install beliefs of persecution, threat, creating physical outcomes such a trembling in fear without knowledge of the reason for that fear. This has been observed in cases of QiGong or Kundalini Yoga mental breaks.


Although there is a 3,000 year history of these two exercises causing mental breaks, no one has wondered why waving your arms and legs in unison with a small group of people causes psyhiatric symptoms.

The acolytes are replcating the mental break causing design problem engineers discovered.


When acolytes watch jihadist, and Islamic religious programing with computers in unprotected workspace, they can create visual subliminal distraction if there is detectable movement nearby in peripheral vision.


While the subliminal appreciation of threat (the stimulation of the amygdala)  from failed attempts to startle in the mind below thought, reason, and consciousness cannot be consciously experienced, it can be subconsciously perceived as a stimulus.


My experiment to cause depression with Subliminal Distraction shows the oppressive subliminal appreciation of threat will cause psychiatric symptoms.


With Jihadists thought can be reinforced through subliminal operant conditioning to reinforce beliefs of religious persecution being espoused by the on-line speaker.


Understand, at the level in the brain where this happens it shapes thought but does not create new thought.  The effect is so subtle that the changes in thinking appear to be the subjects own decisions without outside influence.


Today this is called Radicalization.


Cults have unwittingly used Subliminal Distraction for years to convince new prospects, and current members to participate by donating their possessions, money, sharing wives, and allowing their children to become involved.

When several people are crowded into small rooms for lectures, and preaching, they each engage a participation level of concentration to follow the speaker's words. Evaluating, accepting, or rejecting the sermon engages mental investment.

During the session, while that mental investment is present, small movements of group members being held in close proximity by the dimensions of the small room will be subliminally detected by those near them. 

Each person will have a different level of Subliminal Distraction.


The path through the brain to cause the surprise to force the head turn of the vision startle reflex, stimulates the amygdala.

Stimulation in the subconscious is modulated by several factors including the proximity, perceived speed,  and size of the threat-movement.

In a safe location that emotion from the stimulation would be mild.

The cult leader believes it is the power of their personality, and persuasive abilities that convinces members and prospects.


The first place to see this outcome is in mental breaks that happen during or just after LGATS meetings.   Participants are held in large rooms for talks ten hours daily for three, or four days.  As each person follows the speaker they engage participation mental investment. That is the same level of participation involvement as in the cult sessions.


These self help seminars are known to cause mental events resembling a single bipolar episode but the reason why it happens is unknown in mental health services or research.


Another place the effect can be seen in the mental breaks of QiGong and Kundalini Yoga.  Here

Mental breaks from  these two exercises have been known for over 3000 years.

The act of concentrating on the exercise performance while other's move in peripheral vision, creates Subliminal Distraction.

 In the case of these two exercises there are many accounts of the experience. Those accounts show oppressive subliminal appreciation of threat from repeating failed attempts to startle creates  paranoia, panic, anxiety, leading to depressive ideation, and in a worst case severe exposure situation thought of suicide are created.


The exercise participants believe the mental event is caused by mishandling powerful supernatural forces that created and maintain the Universe.


This eventually shapes thought no matter the source of movement to cause Subliminal Distraction.


Correctly understood this explains why mass shooters have been students, home computer users on social media, video game players,  with a few small business office workers.  Here.


If you have not done so perform the demo of subliminal sight & the habituation of conscious sight in peripheral vision, Here



Subliminal Distraction happens when someone creates the "special circumstances" of long hours using full mental investment in a location with repeating detectable movement in peripheral vision.   Everyone with normal sight will experience a peripheral vision reflex to startle, then turn and look at the subliminally detected movement.     If the movement is safe, without thinking about it, we all ignore that movement thus blocking future reflexes.


But you cannot "stop seeing" anything in your vision field.    What actually happens is that you assign a zero level of attention to the detected movement but you continue to subliminally see the movement and your brain continues to attempt to force the vision startle reflex.


This is explained in first semester psychology lectures on peripheral vision reflexes as a visual subliminal distraction.


The mental break causing design mistake takes the same name, Subliminal Distraction.


But if the metal break it has been known to cause since 1964 in the design field is mentioned it is treated as something that only happened once long ago.   My instructor said, "Subliminal sight caused a problem in the    early days    of modern office design."


Instead its a part of everyone's physiology of sight available to happen anytime someone creates those "special circumstances" for exposure and exposure lasts long enough to cause psychiatric symptoms.


If exposure is low level so the mental break does not happen there is subliminally appreciated, unrecognized threat from repeating attempts to startle.


If your brain/mind experiences those subliminal threat sensations as a reward, operant conditioning happens.


Contemporaneous thought or actions are either rewarded or punished depending on how your brain understands the subliminal threat.  


There was a case in China, reported on the CCHR website of a house painter becoming addicted to QiGong exercises.   He could not stop gathering others to exercise with him even though he faced arrest from performing the exercise.


When groups of people perform QiGong slow motion martial arts katas in unison while using eyes-open meditation they must subliminally detect the movement of other participants in their peripheral vision.  This must happen because it is hard wired into our physiology.   You have no voluntary control of the brain system that does it.


QiGong is used to treat physical complaints.    Participants are told to think of good health while performing QiGong exercises.    They are unaware of the subliminal stimulation every time threat-movement is detected while the startle reflex is consciously blocked.


The thoughts of good health are reinforced by this subliminal stimulation when the brain understands that stimulation as a reward.


On the negative side, cults put people crowded together in small room while being lectured on cult beliefs.      Why would new members suddenly give every thing they possess and even share wives among cult members?   They accept cult beliefs because the are subliminally operant conditioned to do so.     The cult does not understand why this happens. They learn crowding people close together then haranguing them for hours works, then repeat successful practices.


This is why radicalization to jihadist beliefs also work.    Children are crowded together in small groups and lectured as a form of education in Muslim countries.     This is a more intense form of Subliminal Distraction from the side-by-side seating in western schools.


Subliminal Distraction happening in classrooms can be shown with an incident in 14 Ontario, Canada elementary schools where industrial Wi-Fi was installed so laptop computers could be used anywhere in classrooms.   Children began to have headaches, dizziness, racing hearts, memory loss, and would fall out, collapse, while just walking.    Parents and activists blamed the Wi-Fi transmitter's EMR but pictures published by Canadian media showed the "special circumstances" for Subliminal Distraction were created when children used computers sitting in each other's peripheral vision without peripheral vision blocking protection, Cubicle Level Protection.


The focused mental concentration required to use a computer increased Subliminal Distraction in those classrooms to cause psychiatric symptoms.  


 Ontario Elementaru School

In this picture the two girls cooperating cannot have Subliminal Distraction exposure. You can't subliminally detect something or someone in your conscious sight

Behind the two girls students are creating movement and other student react to that movement. But nothing happens when we successfully complete the vision startle reflex.

It is a normal feature of our physiology of sight which breaks concentration when there is threat movement in peripheral vision while concentrating.

Subliminal Distraction begins when we learn to suppress the vision startle reflex, ignore threat-movement in peripheral vision.







Hair blocks periperal vision.


In this picture hair combed to the side blocks peripheral vision preventing Subliminal Distraction.


But the out of focus girl in the back of the picture has no such protection.

This is why some have symptoms from Subliminal Distraction while others do not.

If you cannot suppress the vision startle reflex you are immune from exposure. Perform my demonstration of subliminal sight and habituation in peripheral vision to determine that.   Demo







Position and orientation allow exposure.

Here a head turn while there is detectable movement, the teacher, in peripheral vision prevents Subliminal Distraction.

These students are sitting around an open table.  You can just see the back of a computer on the right edge of this picture. 

Computer Labs are incorrectly designed.

School computer labs, video game parlors, and home computer locations are situated with no provision for peripheral vision blocking protection.

Most users don't get enough exposure to have recognizable symptoms.   Depressive episodes, short losses of attention, ADD, and paranoia caused physical encounters all are outcomes possible from Subliminal Distraction exposure.

PekaEricAuvinen's computer.Classroom computers and computer labs are not used long enough to cause serious life threatening outcomes. But when the "special circumstances" are created in homes or dorm rooms longer exposure sessions cause severe outcomes.

This picture released by the Finnish National Police is Pekka-Eric Auvinen's bedroom computer. The mirror on the right provided threat-movement in his peripheral vision for months before he killed eight at a Jokela, Finland culinary school November 7, 2007, then committed suicide.

His political beliefs were reinforced so that when he had the panic-like attack of psychotic ideation he acted out the delusion before committing suicide.

Because of the subliminal action of your brain to create the vision startle reflex, exposure is undetectable.

When you ignore harmless movement in peripheral vision and no longer turn, look with conscious sight to identify movement your brain cannot  separate sources of movement and position information on your optic nerve.    That means every source of movement in peripheral vision becomes the same to your brain.    Normally light sources of threat-movement that would be harmless then add together for a larger total exposure.