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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Do really think watching a few videos, or hearing speeches creates the desire to fight, be martyred for ISIS?

If so why doesn't it happen to all who do that?

Something else is happening.  (1)

Viewed as a process of acceptance of Jihadist beliefs

the conversion phenomenon has existed as cult processing for years.


What would cause people to leave their lives, join a cult, donate all their possessions,

share wives, and accept the inculcation of their children into the group?


It's the same phenomenon that creates Radicalization,

                Subliminal Distraction functioning as  'Subliminal Operant Conditioning.'             Here


For Radicalization to happen the subject must have a desire to watch videos of atrocities by Jihadists,

 and hear speeches arguing Islam being threatened by Western civilization, life style, and beliefs.

The process takes weeks of Subliminal Distraction exposure while viewing the videos on computers,

with repeating detectable movement in peripheral vision. (2)


When the stimulation of the amygdala during a failed attempt to startle,

 is subliminally perceived as a stimulus in the brain below thought/reason 

contemporaneous thought is reinforced positively or negatively.



In addition, the oppressive repeating stimulation of the amygdala

can be experimentally shown to create anxiety,

then depressive ideation as evidence Subliminal Distraction causes psychiatric symptoms.


By examining activities which cause mental breaks and have the "special circumstances"

for visual subliminal distraction, QiGong & Kundalini Yoga,

it is revealed that Subliminal Distraction will cause fear,

panic, paranoia, anxiety, depression and thoughts of suicide.

(There is a 3,000 year experience for those two exercise causing mental breaks.)

QiGong Kundalini Yoga


Those emotional outcomes of Subliminal Distraction act to shape/color thought.

Because this happens subliminally the subject believes the altered thoughts

are their own without outside influence.


In the middle east small madras schools provide the same inculcation

methodology as cult indoctrination.


Small groups or larger groups such as congregations can create Subliminal Distraction.

The example is LGATS who hold participants as much as 10 hours in a auditorium situation, 

while lecturing them.  During or just after these three or four day self help seminars

some of the participants have mental events which resemble a single bipolar episode.

Hutterites have a Culture Bound Syndrome called Anfechtung - (ahn-feck-tung )

which engages the fear of having sinned.

Culture Bound Syndromes


Sitting in groups while engaging participatory involvement to understand and evaluate the sermon

will cause visual subliminal distraction from the occasional movement of other nearby in peripheral vision.


It doesn't matter whether the subliminal operant conditioning happens while

using a computer or sitting in a group.

To your brain, subconsciously, the situation is the same.


Subliminal operant conditioning does not create new thought;

It reinforces contemporaneous thought.

That allows a mild interest in Jihadism to be raised to an all  encompassing drive to act.


If this is your first visit to this project the presentation will not make sense

unless you understand visual subliminal distraction.


That explanation, five short sequential pages, begins with  Subliminal Distraction.




The first thing to understand is that visual subliminal distraction is a normal feature of everyone's physiology of sight.



Cults put prospects, and members in small rooms for teaching dogma  initially because they do not have the resources to get large rooms for the meetings.


They continue to do that when they realize the method gets results.


When those groups are held close together in small rooms for the lectures, each person engages "involvement concentration to evaluate the speech" contemporaneously.  That engages our peripheral vision warning system to subliminally detect the movement of others nearby in peripheral vision as a trigger for the vision startle reflex.  


Their brain assigns a zero level of attention to movement which is realized as safe, of no danger.  But we can't stop seeing any thing in our vision field.   Each so effected person still 'subliminally sees' the repeating movement.


Ignoring that movement is done without effort or conscious knowledge of the action once you know, realize,  the detected movement is harmless, no threat to you.  That function, and the resulting failed attempt to startle is defined as a visual subliminal distraction in first semester psychology.


When the subliminally detected movement is vigorous enough, the brain treats it as threat-movement.   Once the reflex has been suppressed, blocked, the brain can only create a subliminal failed attempt to startle.    You cannot prevent this happening as long as you are awake with your eyes open, concentrating to the level of full mental investmen.  Day dreaming is enough to allow exposure.



We all have this system. Low levels of Subliminal Distraction are normal, and happen every day.


It can be argued that the warn first evaluate second subliminally functioning brain system evolved to prevent early human species being a meal for a predator.


The episodes we treat as mental illness would have begun for early humans when they stopped roosting in trees for nighttime protection, and began to build too-small single-room living arrangements, or crowded around campfires in caves. 


Problematic exposure only causes psychiatric symptoms when someone creates the situation so that the failed attempt to startle happens over, and over many times in a compact time frame.


By searching for activities which create the "special circumtances" for Subliminal Distraction, and which have mental breaks associated with performing the activity, it is possible to build a template for exposure, and symptoms it causes.


The effect can be observed with psychotic mental break suicides happening in a LGATS program called "Turning Point" in Australia.  There have not been suicides here in the US but there was a murder.  

 Investigation Methodology page.


Those 'Large Group Awareness Training Seminars' keep participants in auditoriums 10 hours daily for three or four days. If they turned off the overhead lighting nothing would happen.  There have never been any effects noted from binge watching movies in darkened theatres.  You can't see in the dark to subliminally detect threat-movement in peripheral vision,




Subliminal Operant Conditioning:


When your mind treats the subliminal appreciation of threat from that failed attempt to startle as stimulation, thought is reinforced positively, or negatively.


The process does not create new thought.   It subtly colors contemporaneous thought. 


Today computer use in unprotected workspace, homes, dorm rooms, and student apartments substitutes for those small rooms filled with people.


Family, pets, mirror reflections, reflections from large glass surfaces such as sliding glass doors, big screen TV's playing in peripheral vision will all create "movement in peripheral vision" to be understood as a subliminal threat to cause the "failed attempt to startle,  . . . the vision startle reflex.





Qi Gong and Kundalini Yoga mental breaks form the explanation for Radicalization:


There is a 2,400 year history of mental breaks for QiGong, and a 3,000  year history of mental breaks for Kundalini Yoga.   


It has not occurred to mental health research to ask why many hours of waving your arms and legs in unison with a small group of people causes an episode of psychosis.  


Meditation to correctly perform the exercise movements, or changing Yoga poses, is enough concentration to allow Subliminal Distraction.  The movement of others nearby in the exercise group, in peripheral vision, creates the "special circumstances" for the "mental break causing design mistake" engineers discovered, and solved.


When QiGong masters teach using QiGong for healing they say to think thoughts of good health while performing the exercise rather than think of a specific ailment you want to treat.   In that case the stimulation for the failed attempt to startle functions as operant conditioning to feel better.  Since most medical complaints slowly remit with time, subjects so effected believe QiGong was responsible for their improvement.


Again,    the stimulation in the mind below thought, reason, and consciousness reinforces contemporaneous thought it does not create new thought


For Radicalization to happen the subject must have a desire to watch videos of atrocities by ISIS and hear speeches, arguing Islam being threatened by Western civilization and beliefs.


When the acolyte watches the media on a computer, or other digital view-screen device in unprotected workspace, homes, dorm rooms, student apartments, visual subliminal distraction can happen for an unknown number who create the "mental break causing design mistake."  That is long hours concentrating with repeating detectable movement in peripheral vision.  Home computer work station Examples. 



Subliminal Distraction and violence:


There is evidence unrealized in news reporting to show that the Virginia Tech, Redlake tribal school, Jokela, Finland culinary school, and Atlanta day trader shooters created the "mental break causing design mistake" to precipitate their rampages.


Have you not wondered why mass shooters have been students, home computer users on social media, video game players, military service persons, some diagnosed with PTSD, police officers, with a few small business office or postal workers?

PTSD      Mass Shootings






Mental states prior to radicalization.


Interviewed former students who were arrested trying to join Isis have said they were depressed from the load of school work.  That suggests they already experienced visual subliminal distraction sufficient to cause that depression. __  Subliminal Distraction effects the ability to think and reason critically.