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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Death at the river's edge, Van Susteren Fox News

This page is posted in advance of the broadcast of a special by Greta Van Susteren.

After the broad cast, there was little new information.


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These deaths are all preventable.



Beginning with the Halloween night disappearance of three young adults in the Midwest the issue of sudden student disappearances resulting in male students being found drowned arose.  

Two New York detectives postulated that a gang of serial killers were pushing inebriated students into cold water to kill them. The theory was based on finding smiley face graffiti painted where the student was believed to enter the water.    Although nonsense the story was picked up and broadcast on news outlets around the world.


Later the detectives backed up on the theory that it was an organized group but still claimed the smiley face connection.


The problem with the theory is that in most cases the student is not seen to enter the water. It isn't known where the water journey of the body began.  The advocates of the theory are finding graffiti then assuming that is the point of entry.


But the phenomenon of sudden student disappearances happens around the world. Some are found drowned but a few recover and return from a psychotic-like panic attack with severe confusion and hallucinations of an unsolvable, unbearable paranoid real local or delusional situation Disappearances


After 12 years research I have a tested experiment so that anyone who can suppress the vision startle reflex, can experience the subtle onset of depression from Subliminal Distraction. Details, instructions, precautions, and warning available to verifiable news outlets by email only, It is not on this site.

This suggests that students are making the "mental break causing design mistake" engineers found fifty years ago, then committing  suicide at the point of the severe episode.

Warning:  If you believe you know how to do this there is a severe potential for a mental event with too-long low-level exposure.  You can have the same event suicides have. 

Do you know anyone in mental health research, or mental health treatment services who can produce psychiatric symptoms with a short period of exposure in an experiment?

 Why so many in the water?   First the drinking usually involved may be self medication for the feelings of depression at the onset of a severe episode.   Then this problem can be shown to cause skin sensations like ants crawling on the skin.   Some of the cases have stripped before entering the water. 


It is not necessary to prove the connection for student suicide.   If students were warned about Subliminal Distraction to prevent the believed-harmless episode seen in offices, all exposure would stop.


There have been six high school suicides at a First Nation private high school in Thunder Bay, since 2000, where the student vanished then was found drowned.   How did the gang of smiley face killers get there?  First Nation Suicides Canada


There have been mass shooting suicides where the perpetrator left a note explaining what the episode is like.  The episode reached the White House with the suicide of Vince Foster in the Clinton administration.    Mark Barton / Vince Foster


Pictures taken of living mass shooters showing "retracted eyelid" argue that the shooter had a severe mental event to cause the shooting.   Mass Shootings explained.


If properly investigated the suicide of Robin Williams may have been caused by this episode. He had depressive episodes and was a video game player.   Williams


News editors and TV program producers will not make the investigation to determine that this problem exists and is part of everyone's physiology of sight.