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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Taylor Swift Bizarre Behavior



So what about the recent hiding behind hoodies, and umbrellas,

even to the point of exiting her apartment through the building rear door?


The explanation might be that she did not want photos to conflict with the images in her new video.


Time will tell if she continues to use blocking umbrellas or hoodies.


I cannot think of another case were a personality used a hoodie  to hide from the public in summer heat.



Taylor Swift in summer hoodie.


Taylor has been working on new music in her apartment.

Pictures she has posted on-line show she works in unprotected workspace.

One of the outcomes of failure to observe 'peripheral vision blocking protection' in at risk locations, is fear, paranoia, anxiety to shape contemporaneous thought.

Subliminal Distraction does not create new thought.  It shapes contemporaneous thought, and the understanding of situations.

Other Hollywood, and Nashville personalities with anxiety issues are here.



To understand what this is all about, begin here, Subliminal Distraction.


Taylor Swift uses ubella to hide.

It isn't raining.   So why the sudden need to hide.  

Taylor is known for her immaculate appearance.

She is known to  dress, and do her hair again before leaving the gym.

So why the sudden change?





Fifty years ago design engineers accidentally discovered and solved

a problem when it caused still-believed-harmless mental breaks for office workers.


Although there is a multibillion dollar industry to prevent the "office worker" mental break

using cubicles, and Systems Furniture in open plan offices,

there are no papers or studies about visual subliminal distraction.


The public, mental health services, and research are unaware such a problem exists.


No one has realized that computers, and digital view-screen devices

allow the "mental break causing design mistake" to migrate into homes, dorm rooms, and student apartments.


The psychotic-like Subliminal Distraction episode will spontaneously remit with appropriate rest from exposure.

That's why is is thought to be harmless.


Those aware of it do not understand it's a problem of human physiology, not offices.

Modern offices created the 'special circumstances' to reveal the problem.

Those office conditions, long hours concentration with detectable movement in peripheral vision,

did not create a new problem as design engineers still believe.


By searching for activities which have the "special circumstances,"

and produce mental breaks, it is possible to construct a template for Subliminal Distraction outcomes.


Those activities are:

QiGong, and Kundalini Yoga  Here

                LGATS    Investigation Methodology page.

ICU Psychosis in hospitals   Here   


The outcomes are, fear, panic, paranoia, anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide.