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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Police and FBI are searching for the body of  Kristin Smart at

California Polytechnic University


The fact that police are  still searching for her body is not evidence she is dead.

There  is a long list of college students who suddenly vanish with no apparent reason.

Some are discovered to have been accident victims, suicides, and some are never found.

But a small number recover and return hinting to us what is happening.

Is Smart still alive?   Maybe.


There has never been evidence of her death by any means.


The AP is reporting that remains (unspecified) have been found, not yet determined to be human.


Unaware of 'visual subliminal distraction episodes experienced as fugue, no one investigated her activities which would have caused the sudden onset psychotic-like mental break Subliminal Distraction has been known to cause for fifty years.



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For an unfiltered list of vanished students read the Disappearances page here.


Further evidence from stories of sudden student suicides are gathered on the College Suicides page here.


Everyone who ever lived has subliminal sight and peripheral vision reflexes.   In 1964 designers, engineers, and human factor scientists who had been hired to research how offices were used, then design new modern workstations their employers could sell, accidentally discovered a simple problem with the physiology of sight when it cause believed-harmless, experienced as temporary, psychotic-like episodes of confusion for office workers using the first prototypes of close-spaced workstations.


So little is thought of this phenomenon that it is not in books.  Rather it is communicated in lecture material.   The physiology involved is explained in first semester psychology under the physiology of sight, subliminal sight, and how peripheral vision reflexes are created subliminally.__  The author of the thesis on Subliminal Distraction in Australia said design students are expected to "pick it up" from lectures.


Because of the way it happened engineers realized it was something they had done.   The mental breaks were not scattered among all workers.   They happened at one or two desks in each business.   If the workstation was not changed, the next worker to use it had the same mental break.


Psychologists expert in human physiology revealed it was the long term forced suppression of the vision startle reflex.



Engineers solved the problem with the office cubicle to block peripheral vision for concentrating workers by 1968.


Still an ongoing problem, today open plan offices use Systems Furniture so that no one sits, creates movement in another worker's  peripheral vision.


College students, home computer users, video game players, and small business knowledge workers are not warned.


When someone creates all the "special circumstances" for the "mental break causing design mistake" engineers found, and solved fifty years ago, they can have the same mental event.


When a college student makes the design mistake where they study,  low level Subliminal Distraction creates depression over time.   Near midterms and finals increased use of the incorrectly designed study area causes enough Subliminal Distraction for the full mental event.


When that mental event happens to someone experiencing depression, they can hallucinate an unsolvable, unbearable outcome for  a real, or delusional situation.  If the event is severe it will cause a suicide within hours.


When it happened to my wife after her office was changed eliminating Cubicle Level Protection, Connie heard voices and hallucinated guilt for impossible crimes. Here



VisionAndPsychosis_Net is a SELF HELP project.   If you have psychiatric symptoms, investigating your activities for visual subliminal distraction causing situations will not interfere with any treatment you now have.


As a physical situation the "special circumstances" of the "mental break causing design mistake" can be replicated with a dependable source of movement in peripheral vision.


This experiment will show that the psychiatric outcome for the experience begins with anxiety, and depressive ideation.


Exposure to cause the full mental break my wife had is too long to be safe.


A warning about attempting to guess the experiment instruction are here.