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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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I am searching for a school advocate to join me to stop college, high school, and youth suicides.

This is a long text, an outline of my 16 year project.


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The presentation below has been used in emails to schools, TV stations, and newspapers.

Although stations claim to perform investigative reporting,

they want to rip & read.


Their reporters are from a journalism back ground.

They do not have the education in basic human physiology to understand Subliminal Distraction.


Visual subliminal distraction is such a bizarre feature of our physiology of sight

most people hearing it for the first time can not believe the problem exists.




You may use this bizarre but true information any way you wish. 

At a minimum you  should learn why the office cubicle was created in 1968.

Everyone with a computer at home, or a child in school should also have the information.





Newspapers around the country are publishing a story from the AP about  the Colorado Mesa County Valley School District banning "13 Reasons" because they had 7 student suicides since the beginning of the  2016-17  school year.

It has been noted that the suicide rate for youth began to climb with the invention and increased use of computers. But no one has discovered why.  It isn't the computer.  It's the way computers are casually used without   "peripheral vision blocking protection."

Nothing currently being done has halted college, high school, and youth suicides.

With help groups counseling, and student organizations cautioning the suicides continue, appearing to be unabated.  


There is evidence they are being caused by a problem everyone has that engineers discovered to cause believed-harmless, experienced as temporary, psychotic-like episodes of confusion for office workers in 1964.

When engineers were told the mental breaks were caused by the long term consciously forced suppression of the vision startle reflex, the cubicle was created to block peripheral vision stopping office worker mental breaks by 1968. The full story, too long for an email, begins with the link "Subliminal Distraction" .

In 2002 my wife had a psychotic break when her office in the payroll department of the University of Alabama  was changed eliminating Cubicle Level Protection.   I had known about the "mental break causing design mistake" engineers discovered, and solved fifty years ago since I was  a 22 year old engineering student in 1966.  But I had never see it happen before. Pictures, and Connie's hospital record.


As I attempted to investigate I was accused of being an attorney trying to get information for a lawsuit. Design engineers eschew discussing Subliminal Distraction fearing starting a flood of suits against employers, or customers  Forum info refusal.

There are office furniture dealers for Steelcase, Herman Miller Inc., Knoll, Haworth, and others in large cities.     Only the design engineer can explain how they use Cubicles, and Systems Furniture in busy high traffic offices.

In 2003 I called Church & Stagg in Birmingham searching for the correct name of the problem. They didn't know, and neither did their Steelcase contact.

You may have to use subterfuge to get the information from them.

They will not have recognized the problem will happen anytime someone creates all the  "special circumstances" to cause visual subliminal distraction almost anywhere.

The public, mental health services, and research a unaware such a problem does, or could exist.

In nine years searching I found only one doctor, a psychiatrist atTufts University who said he had seen the episodes from offices when he was in residency. Dismissive, he would not reply for questions.

Schools are not teaching students why "peripheral vision blocking protection" is necessary when they use a computer, or other digital view-screen devices long hours in locations with detectable movement nearby in peripheral vision. Exposure is cumulative so that exposure too low to cause the full mental break from using computers in classrooms adds to total exposure causing the mental event for a very small number of students. See the Wi-Fi Illness episode in 14 Ontario, Canada elementary schools. Pictures are on my "Site Outline" page. Only 50 of 50,000 students were effected.

The movement to cause a suppressed attempt to startle need not be human or alive.  Pets, large glass surface reflections, mirror reflections, ceiling fan blades or their shadows on walls, TV's playing in peripheral vision, or blinking lights on the computer swept through peripheral vision with a head turn, can all be detected as threat-movement to cause a subliminal UNDETECTABLE failed attempt to execute the vision startle reflex.   That action is explained as a visual subliminal distraction in first semester psychology lectures on how peripheral vision reflexes are created.

But the mental beak is rarely mentioned. All my instructor said was, "Subliminal sight caused a problem in  the early days of modern office design." 

Those aware of it do not realize it is a problem of the human physiology of sight, not just a nuisance in the correct design of offices.

Computers  require the same level of concentration knowledge workers in offices use.  That has allowed the Subliminal Distraction mental break. or psychiatric symptoms it causes, to migrate into homes, dorm rooms, and student apartments.

As a physical situation, the "mental break causing design mistake"can be experimentally copied, optimized, and with necessary precautions shown to cause anxiety, and depressive ideation, with hours of daily exposure over several days, but before the office worker mental break would strike suddenly without warning.   Experiment

YES, it is possible to create depression experimentally.

If the usually harmless nonsense hallucinations of the light exposure office worker mental break are shaped by longer, and more frequent Subliminal Distraction exposure so they are of unsolvable, unbearable outcomes for real, or delusional situations, the subject will react by running away, or worst case, hallucinating they cannot escape, committing suicide. See"Sudden Strange Disappearances" page.

Visit my site. Perform the demonstration offered, and begin with the "Email Responders" links.

This problem reached The Whitehouse with the suicide of Vince Foster in the Clinton administration. There is an account of the experience in Mark Barton's suicide note. Vince Foster

Amanda Bynes, and Taylor Swift have this problem but with different exposure, and vastly different outcomes.  Click their names in the "Email Responder" site links. Swift lives in New York.

VisionAdPsychosis (dot) Net .. is a collection of investigative materials for my own use.    Most site visitors are convinced when they perform my demonstration of subliminal sight and habituation of conscious sight in peripheral vision linked at the top of site pages. You will witness detected movement vanish, disappear from sight, while you observe it in peripheral vision. That's how exposure begins, then continues, happens subliminally, thus is UNDETECTABLE.  The "Site Outline" page has the unrealized history of the phenomenon, my investigation methodology, and two places to verify the problem exists, believed harmless.

The demo tests the ability to suppress the vision startle reflex, necessary for the experiment to cause depression.  Some cannot do that.  They are immune from Subliminal Distraction caused psychiatric symptoms. If the movement does not vanish, have someone else perform the demo, and report what happened.

My site is organized around stories of unexplained mental events where the activity has the "special circumstances" for Subliminal Distraction such as ICU Psychosis,   QiGong & Kundalini Yoga mental breaks,   LGATS mental breaks, and some   Culture Bound Syndromes. Those pages redirect the site visitor back to the Home page.  

No one would search for "visual subliminal distraction."  

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