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"Are you aware that there has never been a blind alien abductee?" - Question on-line.




The alien abduction incident with Betty and Barney Hill

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If this is your first visit, the explanation of  the "mental break causing design mistake,"

that has caused problems on space missions, the Mars project,

and on scientific explorations for over a 100 years,  begin with the first explanation page,

  Subliminal Distraction.


This explanation is the same given in first semester psychology lectures about,

how peripheral vision reflexes are created.


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The College Suicides page has the explanation for Subliminal Distraction caused suicides.


Perform my demonstration of subliminal sight and habituation in peripheral vision here.


The problem explained on this site is the only psychiatric symptom that has ever been correctly evaluated,

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But it was done by engineers, not doctors.


Barney Hill  died in 1969. Betty retired from the UFO abduction and sighting community some years ago.

She died in November of 2004.Some of the material here was verified with email communications with a family member of Betty's.



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This site is about a conflict of human physiology that shaped history but was undetected  until the 1960's.

In the entire history of man on the planet Earth this phenomenon was discovered only once.

It caused mental breaks for office workers.


You will find this material hard to believe.

This phenomenon is explained in first semester psychology lectures where students don't believe it either.


For that reason I wrote a demonstration that will allow you to experience the phenomenon.

The Everquest Connection page has the explanation and assumes you have not taken basic psychology.


The solution for this problem was the office Cubicle.

This site argues that the this phenomenon causes College Suicides and Missing Students.

The phenomenon causes mental events around the world, Chaco Canyon.

If you use computers in unprotected workspace such as homes, dorms, student apartments, and small business offices read  ...Prevention... at the bottom of most pages.

Long  term exposure can cause severely altered mental states. Qi Gong  Kundalini Yoga

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Hill Abduction




 Make no mistake, the Hills experienced something. They told the truth as they knew it.  Betty passed a lie detector test on a  TV program. (Article  linked below)


From the beginning Dr Simon believed the episode was a fantasy. This site provides the first concrete information on the physiology that caused the episode.


The human mind is not a video recorder. We cannot just play back memories. Many factors effect what we recall from stored memory even if we correctly interpret events that created those memories. In fact, what we perceive, not what is physically present, or what actually happened, determines our memories.

Seeing is not believing.


The story often told is that they did not have an interest in UFO's and Aliens before the incident. But the text of Peter Huston's interview introduces new information from Betty. She was 79 at the time of the interview.


 This incident, which grew into a world wide news story, may have been nothing but a delusional episode.






The Phenomenon


This phenomenon to cause this bizarre incident was discovered when it caused dissociative mental breaks, nervous breakdowns, in Knowledge workers using the first close-spaced office workstations. To this day the Cubicle prevents these episodes in at risk office workers.


Barney never reached that level. His episode happened under hypnosis.


Barney's account of the experience under hypnosis  falls within the envelope of possibility for this phenomenon.


On this page the knowledge of this phenomenon provides a tool to re-evaluate the forty-four year old incident.


No one will ever know what actually happened that night. You are free to believe any version you wish. I have no interest in arguing the validity of alien abductions. I propose that they should be considered a Culture Bound Syndrome even though they happen across culture lines and around the world. If you are interested in investigating this problem leave a message for  Researcher. Given my physical disability and my wife's psychiatric problems, Personal Experiences, this project will be a long time to completion.







Missing Time

The issue of two missing hours is critical since the abduction is supposed to have happened in that time window. A blog article published September 19, 2007 has taken the account from John Fuller's book, Interrupted Journey, and used personal knowledge of the area to recreate the 1961 trip. This page is illustrated with modern pictures of the area.

"Today, this very day, forty-six years ago, Betty and Barney Hill drove down U.S. 3, right past my house and into history. They were about to become Patient Zero for Alien Abductions with Weird Medical Experiments, Missing Time, and Big-Eyed Extraterrestrials."

I have a short entry near the end of the 322 comments on this blog post. 

The key information is mileage knowledge of the local area for Betty's account of driving between two points, 6.2 miles, at five mph. That would have taken an hour. There were excursions to find food and coffee which would have used eighty minutes. The obvious conclusion is that there never was missing time for the abduction to have happened.

The account of the abduction fails on this single point.  But assume Betty just exaggerated the slowness of their drive and let's move on.


How Subliminal Distraction explains the Hill Abduction.


These next paragraphs were written in response to email exchanges I had with Dr. Freidman who just can't see the connection to the Hill Abduction.

March 16, 2002: There is still a conflict in two pieces of information. One is that Barney drove 120 miles to work and worked over night in the Post Office. But my email exchange with Betty's niece was that Barney was always a outdoor rural carrier.

Briefly, Barney was a postal worker. He would have been exposed to Visual Subliminal Distraction anytime he worked in the Post Office performing "knowledge work." The final mail sorting for his route and any other activity that required mental investment would allow exposure.

Exposure usually consists of someone walking close beside the concentrating worker from behind. But it can also come from strange sources. In the case of Tommy Stein, son of actor Ben Stein, it was a large fish moving in an aquarium within arm’s reach as he concentrated to play Everquest. (Everquest Connection page.)

Barney had been ill for months with what Betty described as psychosomatic problems. In the Huston interview she said he had been totally disabled six months.  An incident on the Belgian Polar Expedition of 1898/99 shows that exposure from Subliminal Distraction can produce both physical and psychiatric symptoms. (See comments below.)

The inclusion of Culture Bound Syndromes in the DSM provides additional examples of the phenomenon at work. Going Postal is a CBS of the United States. Amok is the same problem in Malaysia, Puerto Rico, and other countries. Barney didn't have an ongoing dispute that could be raised to psychotic levels. Instead Barney just became ill. (Culture Bound Syndromes page.)

The cold weather CBS’s begin the explanation of how this connects. When two or more people are confined in very small over-wintering cabins or hogans, there will be many opportunities for exposure as one person works on something requiring mental investment and the cabin mate moves in the victim’s peripheral vision.

Windigo Psychosis, Icelandic Disease, Arctic Hysteria, and Cabin Fever from the fur trapping period in the US, are examples of the different outcomes shaped by ethnic and cultural elements as each person experiences the mental break associated with this phenomenon.

In the case of Amok entire villages live in a single large room, a longhouse. To have enough light to perform close handwork the villager must sit by a window or door. Others walking by or through that door create exposure.

In the 1800’s Jumping Frenchmen of Maine was discovered at Mooselake Maine among French Canadian Lumberjacks. Research eventually discovered the problem in Quebec and then in Malaysia and Siberia. Significant is that the "disease" was believed to be caused by operant conditioning. Command behaviors, a result of extreme suggestibility, point to operant conditioning but they could not find a source.

In Malaysia, this time as Latah, a CBS, it produced command behaviors and hyper-suggestibility.

When the Belgian Polar Expedition of 1898/99 was trapped in polar ice for months the eighteen-man crew began to experience physical and mental problems. One man became a deaf mute, another hid in remote parts of the ship to sleep fearing that others were plotting to kill him. There was a heart attack that the American ship’s doctor believed caused by the man’s sudden fear of the dark. That ship copies the bunkhouse/longhouse model for Jumping Frenchmen of Maine Disease, Amok, and Latah.

 Like Barney the sailors and scientists on the Belgica were normal people, crew members, with no previous mental problems.  The event demonstrates the psychosomatic problem Barney had. (Astronauts and Insanity page.)

The large open rooms of Post Offices supply both the sources of movement, postal workers, and the mental concentration required to perform normal duties. When a worker is positioned so that others can walk close beside them, that worker is exposed.

Qi Gong and Kundalini Yoga provide a model for differences in rates of exposure causing different outcomes. (Qi Gong Kundalini Yoga pages.)

Barney’s alien is a dead ringer for the alien from the Outer Limits episode The Bellero Shield. He drew the eyes as round but the costume shown on the program had horizontal rectangles with the actor’s eyes visible through the opening.

Why are Betty and Barney's  aliens different? An image could not be communicated in sleep talk.

Dr. Mack supported alien abduction, in part, because there was no viable explanation for the events. All I am doing is supplying that alternate explanation.

If this connection could be made with a single simple observation someone would have noticed this before.






Brief Psychotic Disorder


 Victims of temporary delusional or psychotic episodes experience bizarre things as their reality. After the episode subsides they can  retain some of the memories and have amnesia of others. Fear and paranoia are observed outcomes of this phenomenon. What a victim would fear is dependant on that victim's worries, contemporaneous activity and belief system.


While the expected dissociative/psychotic episode caused by this phenomenon usually resolves with no treatment the memory installed by the episode could last indefinitely. The victim perceives those memories as a part of their reality.  As far as the victim knows the psychotically conceived event actually happened as remembered.






The Premise



Barney had an ulcer believed to be caused by stress but he had no apparent stress in his life. In one interview Betty mentions he was out of work for six months prior to the Canadian trip.  I suggest that the ulcer was a reaction to the low level subliminal stimulation he would have received at the Post Office.

In the business office the movement of office staff beside a concentrating worker eight hours each day causes a sudden dissociative episode. (Think of a mini nervous breakdown.) At lower levels of human traffic the stimulation would be lower and the phenomenon would not quickly build to a mental break but other outcomes are possible. This is because the phenomenon is Accidental Subliminal Operant Conditioning.

The trip into Canada was to relax him. An episode of the Outer Limits was broadcast after the trip but before the hypnosis interview. That hypnosis session may have released what would have been a major event for Barney had it continued to build in his mind.  Barney had the potential of being the first case of "going postal."(*)  

Disturbed sleep, nightmares, and sleep talk, allowed communication to Betty before she underwent hypnosis about the episode. . His tossing and turning would have caused them frequent  periods of a near-waking type of sleep.  (Talking in sleep, nightmares, paranoid fear of being pursued was a part of my wife's experience.) Personal Experiences

(*)  The page on Mass School and Workplace Shootings is not complete. I will prepare place holder pages before filing the 2004 Copyright. I do not have enough information on all the incidents to complete the pages. Mark Barton Shooting Atlanta 1999, unfinished.

Paranoia is present in cases that involve this phenomenon. There is little information on Barney's diagnosis other than he had been ill for some time with physical problems that were associated with stress.  His ulcer is the only evidence of something going wrong.



The Trip

If  Barney took binoculars into the field to view the star, could he have had an episode there and Betty not realized it? At first I though that this was not possible but later I found accounts of students who disappeared that showed they were able to drive during the early onset of their episodes.

The story is that they did not discuss the UFO part of the episode with anyone before the interview involving hypnosis. They were not aware of an abduction up to that point. This was explained as amnesia caused by the Aliens. Did they speak of any other details to any one before hypnosis?

Over several months as I research to build the pages on the phenomenon of physiology several things began to stand out.

The phenomenon produces un-attributed fear and paranoia. Barney could have had a low level anxiety attack during the trip into the field. As you read other pages on this site  you will find accounts of students having similar episodes with witnesses present. The witnesses were unable to detect the true nature of the event. (Maura Murray __ Missing Students)



The missing two hours

The missing period of time varies in on-line accounts from one to three hours. (Betty said two hours in the video clip linked below.)

 Did they tell anyone at the time, before the hypnosis, that there was missing time or did they remember it afterward? (Some accounts reveal that the missing time arose in an interview with UFO experts.

Site Quote:    Summary: Overview article on the Betty and Barney Hill abduction case by Loy Lawhon

"After talking to Keyhoe, and after reading Webb's report, two technical writers who were interested in UFOs, Robert Hohman and C.D. Jackson, made arrangements to interview the Hills in November. It was during this interview that one of the writers asked a key question: Why had it taken the Hills so long to get home? Calculating the time and the mileage from Colebrook to Portsmouth showed that they should have gotten home two hours sooner than they did, even allowing for stops. Also present at this interview was Major James MacDonald, a former Air Force Intelligence officer and close friend of the Hills. It was he who first suggested hypnosis to recover their memory of the missing time period." 

   Original article, Lawhon is the UFO guide for this  site.



Remember, investigations since have pointed to activities that would have accounted for the "missing" time.

The stops mentioned were food and to walk the dog. Any error in the start time or in the count of how many times they stopped to walk the dog would cause a discrepancy in their time line. Two hours is too much missing time for the length of the trip but that is the point they raise.  Why would Aliens with their superior intelligence create such an obvious blank space in their activities? It would be too easily discovered.

One source cites the trip as 190 miles with a normal drive time of five hours. That night they believed they were on the  road seven  hours.

I have one source that believes the missing time was eventually resolved due to different routing from their usual path from Canada.



I am reminded of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's  Sherlock Holmes story in which the action of a farm dog revealed that there was no intruder.

Question: What was the dog's reaction to the stop and their sighting? What did the aliens think of the dog? My contact with the family had no answer to this question.

Betty is reported to have called her sister who recommended that they contact Pease Air Force Base about the moving star. What did she tell the sister?

 My memory is that the call was only about the moving star. All information I have is from authors relating their interviews. That can be erroneous. The writers do not intentionally change facts but their information is obtained after the story has been recalled and discussed over years by the principals and false memory has a chance to enter the account.


Did he view the star with binoculars?

Maybe, maybe not, I do not believe the point where the real trip stops and the panic and delusions begin can be determined. Barney said he had a sore neck and there is at least one story that the binocular strap was broken. There is no outside source for this information. Betty and Barney were the only ones there.  If they related that point to anyone before hypnosis then he did not have amnesia concerning using binoculars to view the star. But remember there is no mention of anything other than a light following them at the point where this event, the broken strap, happens.  This appears to be a conflict in the story.

After such a long time and the story being told over and over,  false memory syndrome would prevent determining that from anyone's memory. Only something written at the time should be used.

Betty reports a conversation with Major Paul Henderson of the 100th Bomb Wing at Pease Air Force base and says she was told that the light appeared on Radar.   What the Major probably told them was that there  was something on radar that night. It may or may not have been what they had observed.

There is a picture on-line of Betty demonstrating where the craft appeared over the field. (linked below) How did she find the field again?

Two people having exposure to create simultaneous parallel dissociative episodes is not possible. Their levels of exposure at different jobs would not be similar. Even if the exposure were similar the effect on each person is different depending on their mental state, concerns and other factors. That they had the same delusion at the same time is absolutely not possible.

But it is possible they were both in an advanced stage of Subliminal Distraction exposure and communicated the event between them.  


(Different accounts have Betty with the disturbed sleep and dreams The book by John Fuller is said to have the text of those dreams.  But Barney was the one who had the extreme reaction under hypnosis. Betty told a different story under hypnosis but had no severe reaction. This would indicate she did not have serious exposure to the phenomenon but later interviews with Betty have strange remarks from her. Something was happening to her mental state as the years progressed_ See Betty Hill in the links section.)


Remember,  it has not been established that Barney had exposure but only that his job was such that exposure could have happened if his workstation allowed subliminal sight to detect movement beside him. Alternately, the home is another possible location for exposure. The phenomenon was discovered in  the 1960's. The Post Office building would have been constructed before the engineering discovery. Even if the construction came after the engineering discovery it is unlikely that the information was disseminated outside the office furniture manufacturers and civil engineering field quickly enough to include Cubicle Level Protection in designing work areas in the building.


Barney began to experience odd psychiatric symptoms after the trip. One interview by Betty said he had been disabled and off work six months.



Moving Star An Illusion


Betty, from the Huston interview: "I mean I reported seeing the craft in the beginning around midnight". 

The trip was on a winding mountain highway. There would have been few lights on the road. When the moon appears to move from side to side and appear ahead then behind the car we would realize that the winding of the road creates this illusion. This is because we know the moon travels in one path across the night sky. The moon had set by 6:32 PM. This is not true of an unreferenced star or light.  It is easy to believe through the illusion that a light is moving relative to your car rather than the truth that the car is reversing positions relative  to the stationary star. Once you begin to believe the light is following you, anxiety would fuel the illusion. Barney's growing paranoia from exposure at work would also fuel the belief.

Betty said that she first saw the moving light near midnight. (Huston) At this point  I believe the Moon disappeared in the southwest at around 12:38. Jupiter and Saturn were close to the Moon. This  time can vary. The clock time we use doesn't change but the stars in the night sky change location because of the Earth's rotation. That will make a difference if you are at different locations along both Longitude and Latitude. The Earth rotates every twenty-four hours so at the equator you must move about one thousand miles to make an hour change in relative time. But as you travel north the lines of Longitude converge so that the distance between them shortens.

The same link above has pictures of potential viewing sites for a restaurant billboard with a large pumpkin.

Astronomy Software - Freeware

Getting the night sky correctly depicted  for September 19, 1961 has proven to be a problem. In the terrain for the trip back to Portsmouth the horizon is unknown. Many soft ware programs will not allow you to position the viewer in randomly selected locations. They compute sky charts from locations near known cities. This entry will be moved to the links section at the bottom of this page.

Free  astronomy Software - pick your poison- load and roll your own.



The Craft

This quote is from the Peter Huston interview.

"BH: When this first happened, actually the very first day we were home, I talked to the police officer and told him about this craft... "


"PLH: So you talked to the local police about it. "

"BH: Yeah, and they told me to call Pease Air Force base. And tell them about it. Which I did. And they called back several times, and said the calls were being monitored, and some of the calls were being briefed and transferred to another area. So that's the September 20th. Right from the very beginning... Now what was your question? (laughs.)"

The story in other versions is that Betty called her sister about the light that followed them and the sister told her to contact Pease AFB. This may just be a slip by Betty, referring to the "craft" years later after telling the story many times.

"BH: (remembering) Oh... NICAP! I wrote to NICAP originally, because I was concerned, basically, with is it an outer space craft, what if, healthwise, and what had we been exposed to? What about cosmic rays? What about radiation? Those things. I was thinking of my health, But nobody had any answers. And that's how I wrote to NICAP, but then later, just very soon after that, like three weeks later, we started getting phone calls from government agents. I mean top government people. The top people of the United States government. White house. National Security Agency. NASA. And from that moment on, I would say... how many years... five or six years anyway. They were coming here and bringing other scientists with them. So actually we didn't have any contacts with UFO organizations. It was all strictly government."

"And then one day, he happened to mention to Doctor Stevens that we'd been up in the mountains looking for the place where we had seen the UFO."

This contradicts the previous information that they had been interviewed by UFO interests.

Link to the interview and read the entire story.


The Bellero Shield

 The Outer Limits episode aired before the hypnosis interview. The dialog Barney recalled  with his aliens was very close to the script of the TV program.  ( REALL  has an article linked below.  "Eyes Still Speak" )


I had the opportunity to see the full episode of the Bellero Shield. The Alien's eyes did not wrap around.  The brow ridge and cheek bone formed a cleft that did wrap around the skull and decreased  in size until it disappeared above what would have been an ear position in human anatomy. Barney's sketch of his alien does have this feature. Barney drew the eye as round within that cleft.


Alien Bellero Shield

The Bellero Shield was a Plexiglas-sheet prop in the shape of a box.  The shield would pop into existence when the alien pressed a round device like a surface-mount door bell button held in his right hand.  When alien was inside the box, the  view of him was through the corner seam.

The shield beeped every time it was touched from outside. The beeping while they drove the car September 19, 1961 happened before this airing Feb 14, 1964. But this show happened before the story came in Barney's hypnosis episode.

Dialog with the alien about his method of communication happened more than once in the episode. The method of communication of Barney's aliens appeared in his account of the abduction.









Psychotic episode

Barney had the episode and mental event during the hypnotic trance. Remarks about that interview say he was screaming in fear. When the doctor regressed him Barney put the story together part from memory of the trip, memory of the TV program, and part from the unrealized building fear and paranoia from the ongoing subliminal distraction and stimulation at his workstation. The episode was milder because it happened under hypnosis. Without data it is not possible to know if his job would have ever created  enough  total compressed exposure to cause the classic expected episode. (Called a Nervous Breakdown in that time period.) If that was the case then but for the hypnosis Barney would have continued to decline mentally and physically but he would have been unaware of the reason. The belief at the time was that he was recalling a real incident.  The story was created as a paranoid psychotic delusion just as the delusions were created in the Shotwell-Shields case. Mysterious Disappearances


Members of Betty's family have objected to the paragraph above.  I don't understand how they though I said that Barney had "gone postal." That is not the suggestion intended. The Post Office has never provided Cubicle Level Protection. Another  reader who emailed me  said that Post Offices are like a large barn.

Rather, the phenomenon and exposure that caused the alien event for Barney is the same exposure that would later cause mass shootings in Post Offices. These came to be called "Going Postal."

The phenomenon creates a feeling of being watched or of something being behind you. When your brain associates that subliminal effect with on-going disputes those disputed are raised to a delusional level. In the onset of the dissociative/psychotic break associated with this problem shooting everyone involved becomes a reasonable act. Most of the shooters committed suicide. That is another possible outcome of the mental break. College Suicides

As far as I can determine Barney had no such situation.  Instead Barney became ill with stress related symptoms.

In the Huston interview Betty said Barney had been completely disabled for six months. I  took that to mean he did not work in that period before the trip.

See the Culture Bound Syndromes page. Going Postal is considered a Culture Bound Syndrome of the United States.

A new page Astronauts & Insanity is about the Belgian Polar Expedition of 1898/99. Eighteen men confined aboard a small ship stuck in polar ice began to have severe psychiatric symptoms. In my first scan of the book, Bold Endeavors, I found that there has been a long term problem with psychiatric complaints in polar expeditions. I didn't know that.



 If you do not believe this is possible read the case of Maura Murray on the Missing Students page. She had an episode while talking to her sister on the phone. After the call she had to be helped to her college residence. The discussion on the phone was about her sister's boyfriend and their break up. Maura told school authorities and her employer that there was a serious emergency and death in the family. At the point of the dissociative break Maura used some parts of true events to create a delusional situation. She experienced that delusion as reality. She disappeared and there is only one sighting of her walking on a rural road since. (Mura's family found my Missing Students page.)


Return of the jewelry


A communication from a source near Betty says that   Betty was unaware the earrings were missing until she found them in a pile of withered leaves on the table.

Another suspicious event was the return of Betty's jewelry she believed lost during the abduction. The items were found on the kitchen table in a pile of leaves. Come on.... Do you really believe friendly aliens traveled back to the site of the abduction found her jewelry and returned it to her. The pile of leaves was included to suggest that. If the items had just been left on the table she might not have connected finding them to the abduction. She would have realized she had just miss-placed them in the house. Barney had two teenage sons who attended high school and lived in the home. I did not find a time line for their presence in the home. But someone with access to the home had to play that prank.

Betty's family member emailed and said Barney's sons never lived with him.

"They took my blue earrings. And about six weeks later, Barnie and I were up in the mountains, thinking if we could find the spot, where we had... been stopped, we could remember what happened, and since we went and came home, right there in the kitchen, a pile of leaves, and in the pile of leaves were my blue earrings." [Peter Huston Interview -  Links - Quote Copy/Paste spelling is as copied]

"The Hill'sUFO encounter happened in the morning of September 20, 1961.....Betty's dreams, written down a matter of days after the UFO sighting, mention men with Jimmy Durante noses, dark or black hair and eyes, and a relaxed human appearance that she said was "not frightening."... The most salient issue was when the wraparound eyes were first described. That turned out to be during a hypnosis session involving Barney Hill dated February 22, 1964." [The Eyes that Spoke: Martin Kottmeyer  Quote-Copy/Paste-Spelling as copied]

This element of the story is problematic. Who returned  the earrings? The Aliens? But this story is by Betty's own account happening only six weeks after the moving star incident. From the quote above they went back to find where they had been stopped.

Family members say that no one had a key to the house but they also say that there was vandalism inside the house while the house was locked.

In the Huston interview Betty has an exchange where she mentions that there are two apartments upstairs. She names two men that came in the 1970's. But there is no mention of  who  lived in the upstairs at the time of the UFO sighting.


Accounts of the discovery that they had been stopped did not come out until much later in hypnosis.

Response from the family.

A communication from a member of Betty's family revealed that there were constant break-ins after this incident. Some damage was done and legal papers were thrown around in one incident. Deadbolt locks were installed. I asked what type locks were originally on the doors but don't have a reply yet. It was revealed that Betty did not know the earrings were missing until she found them on the table. Who would have known which earrings Betty wore on the night of the abduction?

That information contradicts the story in Peter Huston's interview with Betty.

Someone gained access to the house based on the reports of damage. It would be more likely that the person's who damaged the house were responsible for the earrings on the table  rather than aliens.




Can I prove any of this?... NO... Starting an  investigation to prove it is the point of beginning this page.

You have the choice of believing that aliens, possessing abilities  far in advance of  us visited the Earth in 1961 to study the locals in the northeastern United States. Or you can believe that a little known problem of normal  human physiology completely explains the abduction episode.


A diagram of Barney's workspace showing the traffic pattern would lean toward proof.