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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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This page has been created because a Tweet, or Facebook comment, even using Tiny URL's,

is still too long, if it  includes several site pages about mass shootings, and college suicides.


Mass shootings and student suicides are not caused by mental illness.

Nor is the availability of firearms the cause.

Unrealized information in news reports about mass shootings reveals

that an essentially unknown mental event design engineers discovered and solved

fifty years ago is causing the derangemet necessary to kill innocents while experiencing

a severe visual subliminal distraction episode and acting out the delusions it causes.


Visual subliminal  distraction does not create new thought.


It shapes contemporaneous thought and beliefs

through the stimulation of the amygdala during

undetectable failed attempts to startle.


When the issue is a conflict or dispute,

violence can be the result.

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The first thing to understand is that this problem is not something theorized.

There is a multi-billion dollar industry providing cubicles and Systems Furniture

to prevent the light Subliminal Distraction episodes in offices since 1968.


What is not understood is that it is a problem of a conflict in the physiology of human sight.


That confllict is that although you can successfully ignore threat-movement in peripheral vision

to be able to work without the interruption of a vision startle,

you cannot stop undetectably, subliminally seeing that movement.

Nor can you prevent your brain's reaction of attempting but failing to execute the reflex.


The conflict from suppressing the vision startle reflex will build until

the panicked episode of psychotic-like confusion, sometimes with hallucinations,

strikes with no warning.


The episode will happen anytime someone creates the "special circumstances" for it,

and exposure lasts long enough.


Unlike mental illness this "design mistake" can be copied and experimentally

shown to cause psychiatric symptoms leading to depressive ideation.


Any activity which engages deep mental investment can allow visual subliminal distraction if

there is repeating detectable movement nearby in peripheral vision.


Computer and digital view-screen devices create the level of mental investment necessary.



It takes a level of derangement to kill strangers indiscriminately while suicidal.

(Most mass shooters commit suicide.)


Surviving shooters have exaggerated eyelid retraction.

(Holmes, Hasan, Loughtner)

That condition quickly remits indicating, not a neurological problem,

but a spontaneously remitting deep brain disturbance.

A visual subliminal distraction episode spontaneously remits

without treatment or after effects when exposure is stopped.


Why have shooters been students, home computer users with social media account activity,

video game players with a few others such as small business or postal workers?


A little known 'visual subliminal distraction' mental break explains it.

Evidence that shooters created the "special circumstances" for the still-believed-harmless

"office worker" panicked episode of confusion is present for shootings.


This problem is known, the light office event seen as harmless,

by a tiny number of design engineers.

Although there is a multi-billion dollar industry to prevent the "office worker" event,

providing cubicles and Systems Furniture,

the  public, mental health services and research are unaware it exists.

Engineers have been preventing the light episode in offices for fifty years.


Computers and digital view-screen devices allow it to migrate into homes,

dorm rooms, and small business offices.


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16 Year Project Home page Here

To understand this problem begin with Subliminal Distraction.


Longer visual subliminal distraction sessions than in an offices allows the subliminal appreciation of threat

from a massive number of undetectable failed attempts to startle

to color thought, and reason with fear, panic, anxiety, paranoia eventually

creating thoughts of suicide.


Visual subliminal distraction does not create the shooting but raises contemporaneous concerns

to pathological levels and destroys the ability to think rationally.


An example of the Subliminal Distraction episode was revealed in Mark Barton's suicide note.

He was the Atlanta day trader shooter.

He though he was having a mental break from inherited mental illness. Barton


These shootings can be stopped by teaching the public about visual subliminal distraction,

and why the office cubicle was created in 1968.


Every computer, or digital view-screen device should carry a Subliminal Distraction warning.





Las Vegas Shooting  (1)

Virginia Baseball Practice Shooting  (2)

Mass Shootings        (3)

Mass Shootings includes New Town, Virginia Tech, Redlake Tribal School, Jokela Finland culinary school.

Mass shooters have been students, home computer users on social media, video game players, with a few small business office workers.


College Suicides (4)

Sudden Strange Disappearances  (5)



Individual Disappearances with evidence of Subliminal Distraction

Ron Tammen  (6)

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Investigation Methodology


Unrealized History of Subliminal Distraction Mental Breaks  (9)



Subliminal Distraction Mental Breaks have a 3,000  Year History

as QiGong and Kundaini Yoga Mental Events  (10)


If you attempt to investigate Cubicle Level Protection you may be

              accused of being an attorney trying to get information for a suit.     (11)


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