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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Virginia GOP Baseball Practice Shooting

This page will make little sense unless you understand what

visual subliminal distraction is.  Psychology Project Introduction Home page.


The cause of this shooting, a little known mental event, explains why so few were hit.

Evidence has been reported that Hodgkinson created Subliminal Distraction.   Here



The Subliminal Distraction "office worker" mental break is the difference in being

an outspoken advocate, or a mass shooter.


With a semi-auto high capacity rifle, shooting across an unobstructed baseball diamond,

while acting out the delusions of the little known problem,

Hodgkinson was unable to effectively use the firepower of the weapon.


A moderate marksman using that weapon at that distance 

should have hit almost everyone in the open with a center mass body shot.


A simple problem design engineers discovered when it caused still-believed-harmless mental breaks for office workers

is unbelievable to those who did not take the psychology course which explains the physiology

of how peripheral vision reflexes, and the vision startle reflex, are created in the mind

below thought, reason, and consciousness.


It arises from a normal function of everyone's physiology of sight, the ability to

'consciously force suppression of the vision startle reflex' without effort, or knowledge of the action. 

 The phenomenon cannot be consciously experienced as it is happening.

It cannot be prevented unless "peripheral vision blocking protection" is used.


If you have doubts perform my demonstration of the habituation of conscious sight in peripheral vision.   Here

The full explanation as it is taught in first semester psychology begins with "Subliminal Distraction."


Unknown by the public, mental health services, or research design engineers have successfully prevented

Subliminal Distraction "office worker," psychotic-like episodes of confusion

since they created the cubicle to prevent it using "peripheral vision blocking protection," in 1968.


 Today a multi billion dollar industry exists around the world to build and sell cubicles,

and Systems Furniture used to prevent the "office worker" mental break.


Computers, and other digital view-screen devices allow the conditions for

Subliminal Distraction to migrate, be created, in homes, dorm rooms, and student apartments.

While using computers in  unprotected workspace people,                                                          

pets, mirror reflections, big screen TVs playing in peripheral vision,                  

ceiling fans, or the shadows of moving fan blades on walls          

                                                    will substitute for office staff walking beside a concentrating knowledge worker

                                                                                        thus causing repeating undetectable FAILED attempts to execute the vision startle reflex.


This process is explained, and defined as a visual subliminal distraction in first semester psychology.

But the mental break is rarely mentioned.


All my instructor said was, "Subliminal sight caused a problem in the early days of modern office design.


Examples of home computer workstations .   Here




A level of derangement is required for a normal person to resort to mass violence.

A Subliminal Distraction ongoing episode would provide an explanation.


This page will expand as evidence of Subliminal Distraction causation is revealed in news reports.


You should understand that the problem on this site is not a theory, speculation or Internet hoax.

It is a known but believed-harmless mental event in business offices for fifty years.


 Evidence for Subliminal Distraction caused violence is accidentally reported

when the "special circumstances" to cause visual subliminal distraction are inadvertently mentioned

in news reports about mass shootings, sudden unexplained disappearances, and college suicides.




The first concrete evidence was revealed in an interview of former mayor William Euille on Tucker Carlson Tonight.


Former Alexandria Mayor William Euille said he had seen the shooter over weeks sitting at a table using his laptop in the YMCA.


The mayor's description hinted there was traffic near the table but the first description was limited.  A description of how the table was situated in relation to human traffic would confirm the "mental break causing design mistake" had been created.


In a second interview on 'America's Newsroom' Wednesday morning Mayor Euille expanded the story and said Hodgkinson was sitting at a table next to his table drinking a coffee while using the laptop.   That is conclusive evidence that the conditions for Subliminal Distraction were present.


This is not quite the same quality information as for the Virginia Tech shooter but it does say Hodgkinson was creating the "special circumstances" for Subliminal Distraction while he was in Washington.


In the Virginia Tech case suitemates said in phone calls to 'Scarborough Country,' and  'On The Record,' that Cho sat in the common room using his computer. He would not look up, recognize, or speak to them as they walked by going to, and coming from classes.


In one of the interview phone calls the suitemate said Cho increased that activity in the month before the Virginia Tech shooting. 


The students were remarking about how distant, and strange Cho acted.  They did not realize they were describing Subliminal Distraction.


Better information in the Hodgkinson case would include a sketch of the YMCA coffee area with traffic paths indicated.


His wife could be interviewed to determine he created Subliminal Distraction with the placement of his home computer to cause the rage episodes being currently reported.


The fact that the mayor could see him when he entered the area after getting a cup of coffee, says Hodgkinson was in a position to create Subliminal Distraction. 


There were no walls or screens blocking the mayor's view.  Such arrangements would have provided "peripheral vision blocking protection" for Hodgkinson, preventing him subliminally detecting threat-movement in peripheral vision.


The mayor's observation happened  over several weeks until others in the YMCA greeted Euille as mayor.  Hodgkinson then introduced himself, and spoke with Euille. He asked for advice on where to eat within walking distance.  Later he asked for help finding a job. 


Mayor Euille said Hodgkinson was friendly, and appeared normal.


A Subliminal Distraction episode can strike suddenly when a personal threshold of exposure is reached.   The subject would have no warning of the impending mental event, and others would not be able to foretell that anything was imminent.


This is not mental illness.  It's a engineering design problem with  the physiology of human sight.   The episode will spontaneously remit with appropriate rest from Subliminal Distraction exposure. Typical times for that remission can be as much as a week.


The risk is what someone might do while acting on the hallucinated beliefs of the episode. When it happened to my wife she heard voices, and hallucinated guilt for impossible crimes Office picture, hospital record,  Here.


There is evidence this is the long sought cause of college suicides.  Cases Here  Sudden Unexplained Disappearances


Chronic exposure too low to cause the full mental break can cause anxiety, fear, panic, depression, and thoughts of suicide.

Investigation Methodology explains the source of that information.


Unlike the 'theories' of mental illness, the "mental break causing design mistake" engineers discovered can be copied, optimized, and with necessary precautions to assure a quick safe outcome, rather than the full mental break, shown to cause anxiety then depressive ideation with hours of exposure daily over several successive days.   Warning about guessing the experiment conditions. Here


Subliminal Distraction does not create new thought.  It raises contemporaneous thought to pathological levels. The oppressive repeating subliminal appreciation of threat from a massive number of  failed, undetectable, attempts to execute the consciously blocked, suppressed, vision startle reflex colors thought, and reason.  Subliminal Distraction explained.




The Subliminal Distraction "office worker" mental break is the difference in being an outspoken advocate,

or a mass shooter.


Have you not wondered why mass shooters have been students,

home computer users on social media, video game players, with a few small business office workers?



Other reports of rage incidents say Hodgkinson had been creating exposure in the past.


A physical situation the design mistake will be evidenced where he lived.

Once the episode happens additional exposure would be created

if he used his computer on Wi-Fi while sitting at tables in fast food businesses.




Subliminal Distraction reached The Whitehouse with Vince Foster's suicide.


Ignored in the media frenzy was Foster's wife's statement

that he was so afraid she had to get in bed and hold him so he could sleep.


Unattributed fear, fear without an object of that fear, is one outcome for Subliminal Distraction.



On the same page is the account from Mark Barton, Atlanta day trader killer, of what he experienced.

Police reports of his computer in the apartment living room revealed he created the conditions for Subliminal Distraction.





Michael Brown, Ferguson, was a video game player.

Unrecognized in the FBI interview of witness 35, it was revealed Brown had created the conditions for the "mental break causing design mistake" when he played video games all night in apartment living rooms with groups of friends.

His attack on officer Wilson that began the fatal incident would have been a rage episode from Subliminal Distraction.  Here

Think about what would cause someone to charge, unarmed, at a police officer pointing a gun at them while shouting  for them to stop.

The interview also revealed that the FBI agent could not get witness 35 to understand the difference between hearing shots while running down stairs, and witnessing the shots being fired.   That altered thought process is another potential outcome of visual subliminal distraction exposure.  That is the loss of the ability to think, and reason critically. (The interview text is on the  page linked above.)


Known to cause believed-harmless office worker mental events for fifty years, sudden violence is one outcome of the sudden onset panic attack like episode.


Although there is a multi billion dollar business world wide, using cubicles, and systems furniture to prevent the "office worker" mental event, the public, mental health services, and research are unaware such a problem does or could exist.


There is no magic so that it only happens in offices.   Computers allow the conditions from offices to migrate, be created, in homes, dorm rooms, and student apartments.


It is never considered or investigated in incidents of violence.  Police, unaware of visual subliminal distraction remove computers destroying evidence of their placement in at risk situations which would have allowed Subliminal Distraction.

Home computer examples.


Today most police departments use cubicles in their offices.  They do not understand why. Only the Atlanta police was aware of the problem since they encountered it and had to change all their desks for cubicles.


Those aware of it believe it is only a harmless nuisance in the correct design of protected office workspace. They do not understand it arises from a normal feature of everyone's physiology of sight, the ability to suppress the vision startle reflex.


When I began my investigation I was accused of being an attorney trying to get information for a lawsuit. Here


While not secret information, designers treat it as proprietary.   They are unwilling to supply information that would start a flood of suits against employers, or customers.


The physiology involved is taught in first semester psychology under the physiology of human sight, subliminal sight, and peripheral vision reflexes.   But the mental break is rarely mentioned.   All my instructor said was, "Subliminal sight caused a problem in the early days of modern office design."


My investigation methodology is explained with other places the episode happens today, and two places to investigate the problem, believed harmless   Methodology


You can safely experience how Subliminal Distraction begins, becomes undetectable, by performing my demonstration of "the habituation of conscious sight in peripheral vision."  Here


The design mistake can be copied, optimized, then with necessary precautions shown to cause psychiatric symptoms. Warning


While safe with precautions there is no way to determine which of several outcomes might happen.   The first outcome will usually be anxiety, with depressive ideation. But this is a very subtle first outcome.   The risk is that you will fail to recognize changing thought processes, and run the experiment too long.


After you learn what visual subliminal distraction is and how it can change thought, take a minute to think about the implication it raises.     


First reports indicated previous rage episodes.


Afternoon reports say  the shooter had lived out of his truck since March.

This doesn't eliminate Subliminal Distraction as the cause of this event.

Only investigating his computer workstation where he lived would do that.

Visual subliminal distraction does not create new thought,           

             it raises contemporaneous thought to pathological levels.


Once that happens the person's personality determines if they will react by running away,

committing suicide, or 'getting even' with mass violence.

The manic, or depressive episode of the full mental break will remit with rest from exposure.

But the memories, and changes in altered thought remain.




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There have been other cases of unreasonable unexplained violence

where news reporting had a suggestion of Subliminal Distraction causation.


In one news report it has been mentioned that the Hodgkinson had social media posts against President Trump.

Subsequent reporting is that he frequently wrote newspaper letters about Republican tax policy.

A witness interviewed said he asked if the players were Democrats, or Republicans.


The potential meaning of his social media use will slip by everyone.

A computer, or digital view-screen device must be used to post on social media.


That means that Subliminal Distraction from the failure to take precautions

while using a computer in "unprotected workspace" should be eliminated as the cause of the shooting.




There is evidence unrealized in news reports that four mass shooters created the "special circumstances for Subliminal Distraction.

This project offers evidence this problem is the long sought cause of college suicides.