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Las Vegas Shooting

Copy of email to Sheriff

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You will find the explanation here hard to believe unless you understand visual subliminal distraction episodes.

I suggest you begin with the Demonstration of the habitation of conscious sight in peripheral vision.

Movement you create in peripheral vision will vanish, pop out of sight, usually in less than 10 seconds.

That's how Subliminal Distraction begins undetectably and cannot be consciously experienced.


Fifty years ago design engineers accidentally discovered that normal features of the physiology of human sight

involving the vision startle reflex could cause still-believed-harmless episodes of panicked confusion,

sometimes severe enough to cause hallucinations.


Important to understand, visual subliminal distraction,

explained in first semester psychology, is not a theory, or Internet hoax.


It's a normal part of everyone's physiology of sight.

All that's needed is normal sight and the ability to suppress the vision startle reflex.


Believing episodes limited to offices a multi-billion dollar industry has developed since1968

to prevent the "office worker mental event using cubicles and Systems Furniture in open-plan office.


Light exposure caused episodes in offices spontaneously remit without treatment

or after effects when Subliminal Distraction is realized and eliminated.

The problem is unknown in mental health services or research.


Subliminal Distraction from Computer


But unrecognized chronic Subliminal Distraction has a more serious effect creating fear,

paranoia, panic, anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide.


Steve Paddock used incorrectly designed video poker computer consoles all day,

every day for months to have chronic Subliminal Distraction exposure

instead of the harmless light, office worker experience.

Casino poker computers are safe for occasional use by

vacationers or conventioneers.


Understand, it is repeating movement in peripheral vision while concentrating, triggering a failed, consciously blocked, suppressed vision reflex, causing the stimulation of the amygdala, creating emotional shaping of thought below reason, and consciousness.





That oppressive stimulation builds through long term Subliminal Distraction to color thought

and reason with fear, paranoia panic, anxiety depression and thoughts of suicide. 

See the Site Outline page for explanation of methodology to determine that outcome.

There is a 3,000 year history for these individual mental events with Kundalini Yoga.



Video Poker


Each video poker computer should have peripheral vision blocking protection.


Because Subliminal Distraction is cumulative that should apply to all players.


There should not be anyone walking by a player.


Players should not be able to subliminally detect each other's movements.




It is early Monday morning October 2nd  here and the media has wall to wall coverage of the Las Vegas shooting.

The shooter's brother, interviewed, said there were no political or religious issues, and 

his bother Stephen Paddock was not mad at anyone.


In one interview the brother said the shooter "loved to play video poker."

Some accounts have him playing video poker as much as 8 hours a day,

with a $10,000 a day habit.


Steve Paddocl Those long hours day after day for months allowed Paddock to create

a visual subliminal distraction from the incorrect design of casino's video poker playing consoles.

 Engineers discovered this situation to cause still-believed-harmless

Psychotic-like episodes of panicked confusion for knowledge workers

in 1964.


Casino's video poker playing computer consoles are completely safe

for occasional use such as by vacationers.


Over time the subliminal appreciation of threat from repeating undetectable FAILED

attempts to startle eventually colors thought and reason.

Subliminal Distraction explained.



Although there is a multi-billion dollar industry supplying  cubicles and Systems Furniture

to prevent the "office worker" mental event, the public, mental health services,

and research are unaware such a problem does or could exist.


There should be a peripheral vision blocking screen between each player

and at both ends of the row for long term players.

Most players are not there long enough to create a serious problem,

they can create Subliminal Distraction other places.

Home computer workstations.


When it happened to my wife she heard voices and hallucinated guilt for

impossible delusional crimes.


Whatever Paddock's light derangement hallucinations were

they caused him to plan and execute the shooting.

Mark Barton Atanta Day Trader.



Most slots or video poker players stop when they run out of money.


A multimillionaire Paddock could play as long as he wanted, day after day.


Subliminal Distraction experienced while playing video games or video poker will cause anxiety felt as apprehension. If that is perceived as 'excited risk' to the experience, it would cause the player to come back again and again for that experience.


He would have become addicted to that experience.



The player is unaware it isn't the game play but threat movement in peripheral vision

with the blocked attempt to startle he experiences creating the perception of risk.



That appears to have happened to Paddock.

Why would he again and again risk $10,000 a day?







Common activities will allow visual subliminal distraction if they engage full mental investment while there is repeating detectable movement nearby in peripheral vision.


Single and widely spaced exposure is normal for everyone and harmless.



Serious outcomes only happen when exposure is frequent in a compact time frame.


In this case Paddock's video poker at different casinos

created Subliminal Distraction every time he played all day, day after day.



The light spontaneously remitting mental breaks seen in offices happen other places.


With a multi century history of mental breaks caused by QiGong and Kundalini Yoga, two exercises from China and India, there is a wealth of information about the effects of their metal events.


Understanding that concentration to correctly perform QiGong katas and moving Yoga poses creates the same full mental investment that knowledge workers use is the key to Subliminal Distraction  outcomes.


  Those outcomes are known to be anxiety, panic, fear, paranoia, depression and eventually thoughts of suicide.

Pekka-Eric Auvinen bedroom computer

Long hours of Subliminal Distraction allow the subliminal appreciation of threat from the stimulation of the amygdala to color thought and reason.

This does not create new thought. It raises contemporaneous concerns to pathological levels until the subject acts out the delusional beliefs



The latest information says Paddock was on valium, an anxiety drug.

Anxiety is one of the first outcomes of visual subliminal distraction.

In fact, anxiety can be experimentally produced using the "mental break causing design mistake"

which allows Subliminal Distraction to happen.





Bits and pieces of information are coming out about an incident his girlfriend reported.

He would lie on the bed moaning in distress crying out things like "God help me."

There is no way to verify but that was probably a full Subliminal Distraction depressive episode striking.


There is an account of that episode in Mark Barton, Atlanta day trader mass shooter's suicide note.  Here


In an interview the manager of B&S guns in Garland, Texas, said he had acted strangely

on a previous store visit in 2016, but had been up when he bought the Ruger bolt action

at a Nevada store one week before the shooting.

Mood swings are also an outcome of visual subliminal distraction.


Subliminal Distraction produces depression but it will spontaneously remit

with appropriate rest from exposure.


Mental health services and research are unaware engineers discovered and solved this problem.

There are no papers or studies about visual subliminal distraction.

Reading alllws Sublimiinal Distracton

There are claims that Paddock joined ISIS.

Radicalization is explained here.


When police entered the room they discovered 10 rifles converted for automatic operation.

The accumulation of his firearms hardware covered several years.


There have been recent shootings such as the Washington DC baseball practice shooting

which have not been accurately reported.        Here




The public, mental health services and research are unaware of a

"mental break causing design mistake" design engineers discovered and solved fifty years ago.



Home computer users who make the design mistake, long hours concentrating

while there is repeating distracting movement nearby in peripheral vision,

with longer sessions of Subliminal Distraction, can have a more severe

                         episode than office workers.  (Subliminal Distraction)





QiGong Kundalini YogaMark Barton Atlanta day trader mass shooter created Subliminal Distraction.


His two children were quoted as saying he stayed on the phone so long they could not make calls.


His experience of the Subliminal Distraction mental break tells us what it can be like.


Paddock's moaning and crying out would have been the same experience Barton had.

Circumstantial evidence exists that the Virginia Tech, Redlake tribal school,

Jokela, Finland culinary school, Atlanta day trader killer,

and the Virginia baseball practice shooters all created this mental break causing design mistake. (Shootings)


Other shooters may have done the same,

but news reports do not include the information necessary to reveal it.


Police, gathering information move computers,

and fail to record the conditions around computers in the homes or dorm rooms of shooters.











Although there is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States alone

to provide peripheral vision blocking protection for office workers

using cubicles, and Systems Furniture (in open plan offices),

the still-believed-harmless psychotic-like panicked episode of confusion

is never investigated as the impetus for mass shootings.



The public, mental health services, and research are completely unaware

such a problem does or could exist.

No one screens for a visual subliminal distraction episode before diagnosing

mental illness.



 A physical situation, it can be safely demonstrated, (demo)

and the design mistake replicated experimentally to show it causes symptoms

of anxiety, leading to depressive ideation long before the mental break would happen. (Warning)


The mental event does not directly cause the shooting.

it raises contemporaneous thoughts, concerns, to pathological levels

from the brain stimulation below thought, reason, and consciousness when there are a massive number

of subliminal, UNDETECTABLE, failed attempts to execute the consciously forced suppressed vision startle reflex.


As the mental disturbance causing exposure continues the subject's thoughts are colored with

fear, paranoia, panic, and depression until thoughts of suicide begin.


When the usually harmless nonsense, silly hallucinations of the "office worker" mental break

are shaped by long term chronic Subliminal Distraction

so they are of an unsolvable, unbearable outcome for a real or delusional situation,

the subject may act out the hallucinations.

If the hallucinated situation includes the belief there is no possibility of escape,

a suicide can happen before the episode would spontaneously remit with

appropriate rest from Subliminal Distraction.


When the hallucinations include the belief that some great wrong is being done

to the subject, in the severe panicked mental state, a mass murder, or family annihilation can happen.


There is evidence this is the long sought cause of college suicides.  Here



If you have not done so perform the demonstration of subliminal sight,

and the habituation of conscious sight in peripheral vision.   (Demo)





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Perform this demo to understand why exposure cannot be consciously experienced.      



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Watching Jihadist videos does not cause radicalization without Subliminal Distraction.    

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Copy of email to authorities,

is a concise explanation of what happened.

It is limited to fit into an email without creating an impossibly long message.

Active links were not in the email.

Often email filters screen communications with links in them.



Sheriff Joseph Lombardo,


I emailed the Las Vegas Metro Police and  FBI with an explanation of a problem design engineers discovered and solved fifty years ago that caused your mass shooting. There was no "motive" in the usual sense.  

Paddock had a Subliminal Distraction episode to shape his thinking over months. He began to act out the delusional beliefs, whatever they were. Mark Barton's suicide note tells what the experience is like.  (Vince Foster page on my site.)

With the clutter about this shooting, no one has given a little known provable cause of psychiatric symptoms any consideration.  

By playing video-poker as much as eight hours daily, day after day, for months in computer workstations designed for only occasional use, Paddock created 'visual subliminal distraction' from the subliminal detection of movement in his peripheral vision. (See my site for the full explanation, too long for an email.


His moaning, crying out for help, and mood changes between different gun stores is evidence he had begun to have severe depressive episodes.

Design engineers discovered Subliminal Distraction to cause still-believed-harmless temporary episodes of panicked psychotic-like confusion for office workers fifty years ago. But that happened with short-term intense exposure in offices.


There are no papers or studies about chronic low-level Subliminal Distraction over months. Everyone aware of it believes it limited to offices.

I began my 16-year  project after my wife had a psychotic break  when her office was changed eliminating Cubicle Level Protection. (See Connie Tucker's page on my site for her office picture and hospital record.)

I learned of the design problem as a 22-year-old engineering student in 1966. But I had never seen it happen before.

Although there is a multi-billion dollar industry to provide "peripheral vision blocking protection"  to prevent the long-term suppression of the vision startle reflex using cubicles, and Systems Furniture  (in open-plan offices), the public, mental health services and research are unaware this problem exists.  There is nothing about desks, chairs, and filing cabinets that cause the episode or which limits it to offices.

The normal feature of everyone's physiology of sight which triggers the vision startle reflex is so bizarre it is unbelievable. You can verify the basic facts about the physiology of sight with any major university's psychology department.  It will be in material about subliminal sight and how peripheral vision reflexes are created.

If the mental break is mentioned at all it is treated as a historical note. My instructor said, "Subliminal sight caused a problem in the early days of modern office design." This problem is not recognized in psychology even though engineers have successfully dealt with, prevented, visual subliminal distraction mental breaks since 1968.

In nine years searching I found only Dr. XXXXX XXXX, Tufts University, who said he had seen the episodes from incorrectly designed offices when he was in residency.  Dismissive that the problem can cause anything other than the  panicked episode of confusion in offices, he would not respond for questions.


Cubicle Level Protection can be explained by a Systems Furniture Design Engineer working for Herman Miller Inc., Steelcase, Knoll, or Haworth.  Office Depot won't have this information.

But you may have to send a uniformed officer to interview any of those people.  They won't step forward without authoritative questioning.

While not secret information, design engineers and office furniture manufacturers of cubicles treat the fact of Subliminal Distraction mental breaks as proprietary.

There is a link to an archived form post on my site where I was accused of being an attorney trying to get information for a suit.  It establishes both the reluctance to speak about the probem and when my investigation began in the fall of 2002

There is evidence the "special circumstances" for this mental event were also present for the Virginia Tech, Redlake tribal school, Jokela, Finland culinary school, and Atlanta day trader mass shootings. Adam Lanza had all the necessary hardware but he destroyed his computer and room.   Police moved items to better photograph them destroying  placement evidence. (See pictures on my "Mass Shooting" page.)

That may be the case here too if police techs moved home computers before taking pictures of the rooms.  Did he play video poker  on-line?

VisionAndPsychosis (dot) Net .. is a collection of investigative materials for my own use.    Most site visitors are convinced when they perform my demonstration of subliminal sight and habituation of conscious sight in peripheral vision linked at the top of site pages. You will witness detected movement vanish, disappear from sight, while you observe it in peripheral vision. That's how exposure begins, then continues, happens subliminally, thus is UNDETECTABLE.  The "Site Outline" page has the unrealized history of the phenomenon, my investigation methodology, and two places to verify the problem exists, believed harmless.

This demo tests the ability to suppress the vision startle reflex necessary for my successful experiment to cause depression.   Some cannot do that.  They are immune from Subliminal Distraction caused psychiatric symptoms. If the movement does not vanish, have someone else perform the demo and report what happened.

My site is organized around stories of unexplained mental events where the activity has the "special circumstances" for Subliminal Distraction such as   ICU PsychosisQiGong & Kundalini Yoga mental breaks,   LGATS mental breaks, and some  Culture Bound Syndromes. Those pages redirect the site visitor back to the Home page.  

No one would search for "visual subliminal distraction."  

Email any questions.