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The Wayback Machine will show this site is an investigation of Subliminal Distraction begun in 2002.

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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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                             There is a long list of  similar disappearances.  Most are college students. .      Here  


Of course some are discovered to have been crime or accident victims.

 A small number are never found.  

A large group are eventually discovered to have been unexplained suicides, with no warning.


                                                                  The smallest group of missing students recover, and return in altered mental states.           (See Case examples below.)


That last group holds the hint to explain what is happening.


College student disappearances happen frequently.

Because they occur randomly around the country, authorities have not noted the problem.

If the incidents were to happen in the same police jurisdiction an alarm would have been sounded to solve the cause.


Investigating college student disappearance cases for Subliminal Distraction mental breaks                                           

then publishing the cases caused by the   "mental break causing design mistake"

                                                                would show that most college disappearances can be prevented with simple FREE precautions.


It  would stop the drain on police resources.


 The Subliminal Distraction episode arises from a normal feature of the physiology of sight we all have.


They have been known to happen as a believed-harmless event in incorrectly designed offices since 1964.


College administrations, students, the public, and mental health services are unaware they exist.


Today computers are allowing the problem, thought to happen only in offices, to migrate into homes, dorm rooms, and student apartments.


If Alycia is a Subliminal Distraction victim evidence will be available where she lived, and studied, or used a computer.


Students, the public, mental health services, and research are unaware this engineering design problem does, or could exist.

Home computer users take no precaution for routinely supplied by cubicles, and Systems Furniture in offices,  peripheral vision blocking protection.  

aka Cubicle Level Protection.


Revealing that  a current missing student made the "mental break causing design mistake"

 would guarantee nation wide coverage in the search.


That is the only way to find a fugue victim, have someone notice them.


These students have been found in foreign countries, hitch hiking with truckers,

and hiding from discovery with delusional beliefs of persecution, or that they committed a crime.


There are cases where the evidence points to a mental break, or the recovered missing person admitted a mental break.






NOT MENTAL ILLNESS,  this mental event can only happen when someone makes the

"mental break causing design mistake" discovered in business offices in 1964,

then exposure is long enough over days to cause psychiatric symptoms.




A light episode will spontaneously remit with appropriate rest from Subliminal Distraction.

                                                        But the student can die from accident, exposure, or dehydration before that remission.                   Matrice Richardson

Wandering in an altered mental state, they can be crime victims.

Examples on this site explain what to look for in a residence.

Home computer locations that will allow exposure are here.


Alycia Yeoman was last seem diving her truck Thursday March 30, 2017 leaving a male friend’s home in Yuba City, CA.

The 1998 Toyota Tacoma was found on Monday April 3, 2017 stuck in the mud, off the road, in Live Oak.

There was one set of footprints walking away.

Her phone was found nearby, a common occurrence in these cases.

Police departments, and the FBI are involved in the investigation.

One report says there is no sign of foul play.

No history of mental problems has been revealed.

Another common element,  she just vanished with no hint of the reason.



The Site Outline page has examples of incidents, and ongoing activities that have exposure.


Site links for other cases.

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FBI flyer Alycia Yeoman


Emails to the FBI about student disappearances  are unanswered.












Missing Poster for Alycia Yeoman

Typically friends, and local police organize efforts to find the missing person.

















Visual Subliminal Distraction explains sudden strange disappearances.





These episodes do not always end in a death. There have been recoveries with safe returns.




Ahmad Arain, UCLA vanished after leaving a bus in Watts on his way to a school meeting.

Six weeks later he recovered enough to email home from Mexico.

He had walked from LA drinking water from hoses in front yards, losing 30 pounds.

                       His family admitted a mental break.              Here    



Xin Rong sole occupant, pilot, vanished from a Cessna in flight.

University of Michigan,  twenty seven year old doctorial student in Artificial Intelligence gave no hint of depression,

or other mental difficulty.

The plane crashed in Canada, unoccupied with no indication of anyone leaving the site.   Here




Kelly Nash got out of bed, 4 AM, walked away wearing pj's, and boat shoes.

Seen walking by on a business surveillance video he was alone.

Georgia Gwinnett College student, he was found a month later a gun shot suicide in a nearby lake. Here

Missing from the residence, his 9mm Glock has not been found.



Michael Negrete walked away from UCLA after a dorm floor party, December 10, 1999.

He was wearing gym trunks, and dorm shoes, too light for outdoor wear.

Scent dogs followed a wandering course around campus ending at a bus stop off campus.

A picture, NLA, showed him using an incorrectly placed computer desk in the two person dorm room.




Brogan Dulle, University of Cincinnati, functioned normally all day.

He helped build a picnic table at home, then phoned his mother when he drove back to school that afternoon assuring her he arrived safely.

That night he went to dinner with friends, then rode with them back to his apartment.

He put his key in the door, left it there, as well as leaving his wallet, and ID inside,

There is video of him  walking back and forth on the street looking for his cell.

                                            Eight days later he was found a suicide in the basement of an apartment house under renovation.  Dulle/College Suicides page






  Kayelyn Louder was unemployed, living with a roommate, and two dogs.

She was a heavy computer user on social media, and working on her resume.

After making several 911 calls about violence she thought was happening at a party nearby,

she ran out into a rain storm barefoot wearing only shorts, and a top.

There is video of her running down to a parking area, and then away, alone.

A month later her decomposed body was found hung up in debris, in the water, under a bridge.

The stream connected to a creek behind her apartment.

It was not possible to determine a cause of death

Report showing this incident, 911 calls, and video.     YouTube YouTube 2


Ron Tammen walked away from Miami of Ohio, April 1953.

He had played upright bass for a party that afternoon. He was seen about 8 PM but had vanished by 10 PM.

Sighted a three hour walk from the school, he was so confused he didn't know his name.

Unaware he was missing, he was given directions, and walked away into the early Spring snow, wearing a light blanket sweater.

Pictures posted by the library at Miami show he created the "special circumstances"                                                                    

                                              for the "mental break causing design mistake" with the positioning of his study desk.

He has not been seen since.   Tammen

Facebook Page   Miami University



Joe Morse left all his possessions in the dorm, withdrew his last $120, and vanished spring semester 2003.

Four years later the Georgia Tech Police found him as an unidentified suicide in Miami.

He had flown there, broken into a construction site, climbed a 187 foot crane, and jumped, the day after he left Tech.

His roommate emailed a sketch of their dorm room study area revealing Morse had three sources

of Subliminal Distraction exposure.   Morse.



The Jamison's experienced bizarre visions, saw "spirits" on their roof.

They vanished on a property viewing trip leaving their locked truck abandoned.

The family dog, and $30,000 was found in the truck cab.

Their skeletal remains were eventually found miles away in the forest.

Video on the TV program Disappeared showed their side by side bedroom computer workstations

Jamison Family Disappearance




Connie Tucker


To understand the potential for this normal feature of everyone's physiology of sight,

see the office picture, and hospital record of what psychiatrists saw,

after Connie Tucker's office was changed, eliminating Cubicle Level Protection in 2002.   Here,


The Sudden Strange Disappearances page has other cases from around the world, going back over a hundred years. Here.

There is usually not enough information in each case to prove they were Subliminal Distraction caused fugue episodes.

But if you read enough of the incidents, a pattern develops.

Today most are high achieving students, and the sudden disappearances group around times of intense study when incorrectly designed

computer workstations, and study areas would be heavily used for longer periods of time.



 The episode arises from a normal feature of the physiology of sight we all have.

They have been known to happen as a believed-harmless event in incorrectly designed offices since 1964.

College administrations, students, the public, and mental health services are unaware they exist.


Not mental illness, visual subliminal distraction is explained in psychology lectures about peripheral vision reflexes.

The design problem takes the same name, Subliminal Distraction.




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Site pages with examples of the "mental break causing design mistake" are:


Home Computer Locations  Site Outline  Mass Shootings The Jamison Family Disappearance    Joe Morse Georgia Tech suicide 


  Foxconn-France Telecom suicides  QiGong-Kundalini Mental Breaks  Connie Tucker hospital record


College Suicides




This site begun in 2002 is a psychology investigation to show the outcomes from a problem engineers found,

when it caused believed harmless mental breaks for office workers.



If this is your first visit to my investigation project,  I can prove what I tell you is true.


 My demonstration of subliminal sight and habituation in peripheral vision, Demo,

allows you to experience the onset of subliminal exposure.


The experiment to cause psychiatric symptoms, depression,

                        in a short period of Subliminal Distraction exposure, is not on site.      Warning


While safe if instructions are followed, the effect remits with rest from exposure.

It is too dangerous for careless attempts.




Do you know anyone in mental health services or research who can cause psychiatric symptoms experimentally?











The compete current page list is  on the Home page. 


The page list as of this edit is below.






Site pages are organized to explain

Subliminal Distraction, then give examples.

Site Outline, an overview of the 12 year investigation of Subliminal Distraction.

What is Subliminal Distraction?  -The first explanation page. Next

How were Subliminal Distraction mental breaks discovered?

Why does a Subliminal Distraction mental break happen?

Foxconn, France Telecom, La Poste, Renault suicides

Psychotropic Drugs

Spontaneous remission Schizophrenia - Rev Trosse

Other pages are:


Bullying and Child Suicides from Bullying   page under construction check back

Connie Tucker Hospital Records  (Subliminal Distraction mistaken for schizophrenia.)

Death at the river's edge, Van Susteren, Fox News  posted in advance of broadcast

Hollywood    Actors, musicians, writers, and other performers have experienced depressive episodes.

Home Computer Location and Classroom Examples

Barney and Betty Hill Alien Abduction

Chaco Canyon Anasazi abandonment of four corners, 1300AD

College Suicides

Culture Bound Syndromes  under construction

Enlarged brain ventricles claimed to prove disease causation for schizophrenia.

ICU Psychosis in hospitals

Forum post link from 2002 verifies start date of project.

Jumping Frenchmen of Maine a startle matching behavior.

Mass Shootings  under construction

Malaysia Air Flight MH370 disappearance explained.

Mass Inanity Belgian Polar Expedition 1897/99

Mysterious Disappearances

           Jamison Family   Vanished Oct. 8, 2009 remains found Nov. 15, 2013 (Bedroom computer pictures found)

           Jennifer Huston   Vanished July 25, 2014 found a suicide 12 days later.

           Mary Shotwell Little, Vanished from Atlanta, Georgia, October 1965, never found.

           Ron Tammen, Vanished from Miami of Ohio, April 1953, never found.

          Flannan Isles Lighthouse Three lighthouse keepers vanished Christmas 1900

Outline and summary of project  Also known as the "Letters" page includes:   Investigation Methodology, QiGong_Kundalini Yoga_LGATS mental breaks, Two sources to verify SD, Georgia Tech College Suicide, Culture Bound Syndromes, Sudden Violence- PekaEric Auvinen computer picture

PTSD  The diagnosis may be preventable if the symptoms are actually caused by Subliminal Distraction.

QiGong and Kundalini Yoga Mental Breaks A 3000 year history of mental breaks is explained.

Reverend George Trosse   Spontaneous remission of insanity, Schizophrenia,  in the 16/1700's.  page under construction

Robin Williams suicide

Shell Shock WWI explained as Subliminal Distraction episodes   Under Construction


Subliminal Operant Conditioning   Subliminal Distraction explained as cause of radicalization to jihadist beliefs.

The DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illness)

The Everquest Connection (Video game believed to hold code to cause addiction.)

Vince Foster Suicide, Clinton Administration 


Underground New York Public Library   Which subway riders are having Subliminal Distraction?   Here Link takes you off site.                                        

                                                               Can you spot those with movement in peripheral vision.

                                                               The site locates local library's or offers an on-line book seller for titles. 

                                                                Not my site, no connection to this project.