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Preventing Subliminal Distraction episodes, mistaken for mental illness, is simple and free.


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Global Warming Theory


Proponents of Global Warming cling to beliefs despite current evidence of failure

Competing scientists, and their studies have been suppressed.

The failure of the tree ring proxy was denied, covered up.

Conflicting negative data sets on ocean temperature rise  have been ignored.


Visual Subliminal Distraction !


Visual subliminal distraction cannot be consciously experienced as it happens.   Subjects which create the "mental break causing design mistake" discovered in 1964, while they concentrate to work, or use a computer will have their thoughts subtly altered, shaped by the psychiatric effect of a massive number of failed, undetectable attempts to execute the vision startle reflex.

It is not known which authors have this problem.  But considering the number of student, and faculty psychiatric problems, and suicides,

 it cannot be excluded as the cause of the adherence to beliefs which defy proof.


If you found this page from a search engine or skipped the introduction,   visual subliminal distraction is explained in five sequential pages beginning Here


Academics, climate scientists, and Global Warming activists are unaware of a problem with the physiology of sight engineers discovered when subliminal sight caused metal breaks for office workers fifty years ago. They do not know to take precautions for chronic low level Subliminal Distraction exposure, "peripheral vision blocking protection," when performing long hours of concentration to work with movement detectable in peripheral vision.

By investigating activities which have the "special circumstances" for Subliminal Distraction, and which cause mental events, it is possible to show fear, paranoia, panic, anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide are other outcomes even when exposure is too low to cause the full mental break. (Site Outline page.)

Those subconscious stresses from the oppressive subliminal appreciation of threat, arising from a massive number of undetectable failed attempts to execute the consciously forced suppression of the vision startle reflex, acting in the mind below thought reason, and consciousness, shape thought with chronic exposure. (Subliminal Operant Conditioning page.)

This effects the ability to think, and reason critically.

It would explain efforts to ban other investigator's studies from publication; refusing to acknowledge the failure of the tree ring proxy; cherry picking between data sets, discounting data which disagree with their conclusions.

Understand, 'Subliminal Distraction' is not a theory, speculation, or an Internet hoax. __ So few people are aware of it that there are no papers, or studies about it. __ Engineers have successfully prevented what they see and believe is a harmless temporary episode of psychotic-like confusion, just a nuisance problem in the correct design of office workspace, using the cubicle since 1968.


 So little s thought of the problem that it is not in text books. When the physiology is explained in psychology lectures about peripheral vision reflexes. _ the  mental break is rarely mentioned. _ All my 1990's instructor said was."Subliminal sight caused a problem in the early days of modern office design." Still a problem, today open plan offices use 'Systems Furniture' designed so that no one sits, creates distracting movement in another worker's peripheral vision.

Students, academics, home computer users, video game players, and small business office workers are not warned.

When my wife had a psychotic break after her office was changed eliminating Cubicle Level Protection, I discovered the public, mental health services, and research are unaware engineers discovered, and solved believed-harmless mental breaks using the cubicle by 1968. I had learned of it as a 22 year old engineering student in 1966, But I had never see it happen before. See Connie's page on site.

Safely experience how Subliminal Distraction begins by performing my demonstration of the habituation of conscious sight in peripheral vision linked at the top of site pages.

What is not understood about visual subliminal distraction is that, although discovered, and solved before they existed, as a physical situation requiring the long term suppression of the vision startle reflex, now computers allow anyone to make the 1964 office workstation design mistake engineers discovered.