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Maura Murray

Maura Murray drove away from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst   February 9, 2004.

After an accident that disabled her car she vanished from the crash site.

Police arrived within minutes but she was gone from the rural road.


Early on there was a report of a crying episode at a campus security station where  she worked, so severe that her supervisor had her escorted to her room. When I exchanged emails with her aunt I learned that the family had not been able to confirm that it happened.

She gave an off campus employer and her teachers at school two different false reasons she needed a leave.

Her possessions were packed in boxes in her room but her aunt said that may have been because she never unpacked when she moved in.

Seen on store video where she stopped, driving to the accident she would have,  she was alone.

At the accident site, a school bus driver stopped and offered to phone police. She told him she had already phoned them. But he said there was little connectivity in that location so she could not have phoned police. He phoned them from his home a short distance away. He did not remember hearing traffic on the road while waiting for police. She had purchased alcohol at a stop, and may not have wanted an encounter with police if she had been drinking.

Later, search dogs tracked her a short distance where the trail ended in the road. Searches along the right of way showed no prints in the snow where she would have left the road. Her father came back, and walked the road making the search over again. It was reported that helicopter searches with snow on the ground, and after it melted found nothing.

One story that a contractor returning from a job saw someone trying to hide behind tree trunks on an old logging road was disputed. It was claimed that he had confused the days and was not driving the road when Maura vanished.

Stories of sightings in bars since the disappearance have been either proved incorrect or discounted due to the credibility of the source.   There has been a substantial reward for information.

In 2016 there continues to be stories written about the disappearance.   There are many theories about why she vanished.     None have been proven.