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Anjelica “AJ” Hadsell



 Eighteen year old Anjelica “AJ” Hadsell, a Longwood University residential
student is missing under strange circumstances.



This page had been held up for lack of information.  


But recent news reports are that her body has been found.


There is still no information released about the cause of death.





A news article on the Mace & Crown newspaper of Old Dominion University revealed her college major and study interests.


Only finding she created the design mistake, together with an estimate of the length of her Subliminal Distraction exposure, would establish this as causation for her disappearance.


First visit information you must have to understand this little known mental event.




There have been TV videos broadcast showing searchers found parts of her debit card on two different days.   Why would anyone finding, or stealing a debit card tear it up, and throw it away in more than one location?  But it would be typical of someone having paranoid delusions of persecution to destroy, or leave behind ID that would identify them. This has happened in several cases on this site.


Statements from her mother about texts she received that were not quite right from her daughter's usual texts suggests an altered mental state due to an ongoing Subliminal Distraction. or fugue episode.


Her school major was business with an interest, and classes in forensic computer studies.   This says she was a heavy computer user, and would have many opportunities to make the design mistake studying, or using a computer.


Only finding she created the design mistake, together with an estimate of the length of her Subliminal Distraction exposure, would establish it as causation for her disappearance.


The links below explain why the delusions of Subliminal Distraction are always paranoid with elements of panic or fear. 


This is a design problem with the vision startle reflex, NOT MENTAL ILLNESS.  It is unknown in mental health services.


I have several emails to news and police authorities to ask questions for information only the police will have the ability to gather.  The first reply was an acknowledgement of receipt for the email by Longwood College Police, and a message that my questions were forwarded to the team  at Norfolk Virginia Police investigating this disappearance. ....    I never hold out much hope for these communications. The only police department aware of the problem was Atlanta. They had to change all their desks to cubicles when the episode happened to officers there.                                                                               


Hadsell's roommate would know how and where she studied.



First Visit.


If this is your first visit to this site,

 there is explanatory information you must have

to understand the "mental break causing design mistake" engineers found in 1964.



Psychiatric symptoms beginning with depression can  be created experimentally  using the "mental break causing design mistake"

engineers accidentally found and designed the office cubicle to stop.


Today computers allow the design mistake to be made in homes and student dorm rooms.


Students are not warned so they can create a situation where they  must suppress the vision startle reflex for long periods.

That is the design mistake.


You can stop psychiatric symptoms it causes with simple free precautions to avoid Subliminal Distraction.


The physiology involved is explained beginning with Subliminal Distraction.


Detailed explanations continue with linked pages:


2) Mental Break Discovery 1964   3) Why they happen    4) Drugs   5) Spontaneous Remission



Site pages with examples of the "mental break causing design mistake" are:


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Site pages are organized to explain

Subliminal Distraction, then give examples.

Site Outline, an overview of the 12 year investigation of Subliminal Distraction.

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Outline and summary of project  Also known as the "Letters" page includes:   Investigation Methodology, QiGong_Kundalini Yoga_LGATS mental breaks, Two sources to verify SD, Georgia Tech College Suicide, Culture Bound Syndromes, Sudden Violence- PekaEric Auvinen computer picture

PTSD  The diagnosis may be preventable if the symptoms are actually caused by Subliminal Distraction.

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